I'm Switching BACK to Android! Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 Pro: 40 Pros & Cons

what's up guys i'm Ben from authentechand this is 40 pros and cons of the new galaxy s20 versus the iphone 11 pro nowI've been using the S20 since it first arrived that was about four weeks agobut before that I was a daily iPhone user back when they released inSeptember so that's five plus months now is the as 20 good enough to switch meoff of the iPhone back into the Android light well in today's video we're gonnafind out hit that thumbs up for the YouTube algorithm and let's jump rightin I bought both of these phones with my own money let's just start rattling themoff beginning with the pros of the S 20 number one it has USB type-c like therest of the world come on Apple the iPhone is still stuck with the Lightningnumber two it feels great in hand it's a little bit less in width so it's easierto navigate with the thumb number three it's lighter weight and it feels muchlighter in hand especially over the iPhone 11 Pro I'll take a lightercheaper and more durable phone over a heavy glass breakable sandwich like aniPhone any day of the week number four I appreciate there's a little screenprotector included on the s20 and even though it's plastic and kind of cheapit's a nice gesture and I know plenty of people out there will leave it on tohelp prevent some simple scratches like keys in the pocket and the purse numberfive one UI – it's the worst naming scheme ever but it feels great so farhas this fresh interface over iPhone tons of advanced features in thesettings plenty of quick toggle panels up here add remove or a reorder and afew other tweaks I always like to apply on a fresh Android we go to font sizemake it tiny screen zoom tiny screen resolution well normally I Jack it allthe way up but here on the s20 number six we have a hundred and twenty Hertzdisplay which means the resolution needs to be brought down a little bit to fullHD plus but it's still plenty sharp in my opinion and then we unlock the 120Hertz which feels so sweet now funny side story when I first set upthe s20 I was telling myself stick with this 60 Hertz for as long as you couldsee if I could really tell the difference well I could only last about30 minutes and sweet Moses when I switched to over you could definitelyfeel the difference between 60 Hertz which the iPhone has versus the oneit makes interacting with your device much more realistic and tactile andenjoyable and I honestly can't imagine not every major flagship in the nearfuture having a high refresh rate display number seven on another settingI always like to modify unlock developer options scroll way down then switch allthree of these animation scales to 0.

5 X or even turn them off if you'd likein short this basically makes every single little animation and flicker yourphone feel so much faster and snappier than before when we compare to theiPhone sure iOS is fluid and smooth but just too slow for my taste and I wish wecould speed it up number eight is face unlock now sure on the s20 it's lesssecure but it's much faster than the iPhones face ID which I find unless I'mlooking at it from that perfect angle it doesn't always work so yes I'll take thefaster unlock on this xx number nine there's a fingerprint reader under thescreen which is very awesome to have now to be honest on my s20 I find it prettyinconsistent and sort of slow to read what about you guysnumber ten there's different lock types on my iPhone about a hundred times a daywhen my face ID doesn't work I have to punch in my numeric keypad lock which isjust slow and kind of clunky but here on the s20 I can turn on the pattern unlockwhich feels a lot more fluid and faster than a PIN pad number eleven smartunlock is super nice it automatically keeps your phone unlocked in certainsituations like when I'm connected to a certain Bluetooth device or a homegeolocation no need to keep entering my password over and over again which savesme time number twelve always-on display it's very convenient to have forglanceable information like time and date and no there's no screen burninthere's pixel shift to prevent this number thirteen speaking of the displaySamsung makes beautiful displays and the s20 is bright vibrant and gorgeouslooking now don't forget to Apple use this Samsung panels in its iPhonescreens number fourteen pixel density think of it like screen resolution andis better and tighter on the s20 for example you can fit much more on thescreen over the iphone so here's a quick example of pixel density if we go tolet's say verge calm look at just how much morewe're able to squeeze on the s20 screen there's another two articles down herewe're on Instagram rebel to see some of the Commons already forming on herenothing on the iPhone and another small example on my Instagram profile makesure you follow me if not already at shrinky you can see we can see thiswhole third row down here whereas it's keen cropped way off now don't get mewrong the display on iphone still looks very very good but the s20 has someadvantages number fifteen screen the body ratio just look at the two screensside-by-side and the s 20s is pushing all the way out on all four edges iPhoneis feeling slightly outdated and man that notch at the top is giganticcompared to the tiny camera cutout on the s20 number sixteen I gotta mentionit Samsung finally removed most of those curved edges on the s20 and I'm lovingit it's much easier to type and tap things on the edges less accidental hitsand positives all around for me number 17 that keyboard and typing experiencefeels much better now both the default Samsung keyboard and Swift key whichI've been using for many years now has a ton more features on the Android thantheir iPhone app like floating keyboard resizing I find that I can tap fasterand more accurate on the Android now quick example under settings layout andkeys long press duration default is four hundred or something I always bring itdown to about 200 milliseconds again iPhone doesn't have this and I'm notsure why number 18 volume control feels betterit's like we can get a little bit quieter than the iPhone but it candefinitely get a lot louder as well number 19 the stereo sound is soundingbetter on the s20 as well it feels a lot more full sounding I was watching thisgaming video on YouTube the other day and I could literally hear the gunshotscoming from the left side grenade explosions from the right the iPhonethat I don't get that same feeling number 20 the buttons feel a lot clickhere over the iPhone number 21 even the stock dialer app is nicer only one tapfor speakerphone none of those two taps on the iPhone number 22 the built-inSamsung screen order is nicer we can include just mediasound or media and microphone plus we can turn on a selfie video camera evenannotation tools included number 23 same with screenshot tool includes morefunctionality like auto scroll down to capture long web pages with crop mode atAuto crops off the very top and bottom OS navigation bars super genius and sucha sweet little touch number 24 when I click a youtube link in Google Hangoutsit opens in a lower panel split-screen it's very easy to resize a great littletouch let's jump into the camera realm and I already shot a dedicated cameracomparison tests of the s20 vs.

iPhone 11 Pro check it out in case you missedit but this short list is more in regards to the camera app and thefeatures which I didn't include there number 25 there's a fantastic amount oftweaking under the camera hood and I've missed it so dearly on the iPhoneexample I can turn on HEV C for video but keep it off for photos to keep themin JPEGs which keeps the compatibility better for websites like Craigslist itwon't even read my iPhone hei C photos number 26 not only is a selfie camquality looking really good but I love this little selfie timer animationaround the camera cut up it's this genius little touch of clever app designreminding you where to look while giving you a visual cue of the countdown timernumber 27 I can keep recording a video clip while switching between the frontand back cameras number 28 I can pause a video clip mid recording wait for mykids to do that funny thing again and then hit resume recording to keep it allin one video clip rather than a mess of multiple video files number 29 doubletap the power button to quick launch camera app again I use this one probablylike 5 or 10 times every day number 30 there's pro photo and pro video modewhich again includes manual ISO aperture white balance shutter and even focuswith focus peaking now one major negative I found in the Profoto boatwe can't utilize that crazy 64 megapixel sensor major bummernumber 31 I think I prefer the Samsung gallery appas well over the iPhone and a couple examples here check out this gallery astwenty app if we hit play video the timeline scrubbing is super smooth hereon the horizontal on the left side we can bring brightness down or all the wayup on the right side is volume all the way down or volume up super cool here'sjust a few more camera items I don't think a lot of people even know aboutnumber thirty-two the s20 has a sixty-four megapixel sensor that canshoot a resolution of 92 48 by 69 36 it looks quite impressive when zooming itnumber 33 we can shoot photos in RAW DNG which is perfect for more professionalediting control number 34 we can record video up to 8k in resolution now sure ithas plenty of shortcomings but it's nice to have and I'm sure some people mightfind it useful number 35 shooting ultra slow motion at960 fps iPhone is maxed out at 240 one quarter of the speed so now let's focuson some of the cons of this 20 and I told you I'm being honest here no phoneis perfect and there's plenty of things I'm really missing from my iPhone 11 pronumber 36 the s 20 can only record 4k 60 video on the rear primary lens it's notavailable on the ultra wide or that hybrid telephoto however the iPhone canaccomplish this on all three lenses number 37 while on the note of thosethree lenses when recording a video and sliding through the lenses thetransition seems to be a lot smoother on the iPhone while the s20 sort of lookspretty abrupt and jerky sometimes number 38 I prefer the screen brightness slideron the iPhone feels more ergonomic in my opinion going vertical over horizontallike on Android number 39 the iPhone feels a little bit better at ambientlight sensitivity auto adjust seen the screen brightness whether you're in adark or super bright space number 40 apps are often better designed anddeveloped for iOS a small and simple example when I got my smart ember mugthat Bluetooth connection worked all the time with my iPhone when I switched itover to my Android I had plenty of connectivity issues and I know I'm notalone in this so there's 40 pros and cons of the S 20versus the iPhone 11 pro there's see I left out like airdrop on iphone isone of my favorite features and I'm gonna miss it dearly what are yourfavorite features or tips and tricks of iPhone or Android let me know down inthe comments thanks so much for watching guys and until next time let's live off.

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