Instalar Android 9 en un PC ¿Merece la pena?


welcome to a new video in which we are goinglet's see how to install android on a pc and I'm going test how pc applications work withandroid.

to install android first of all we goto need a pendrive or a recordable disc I'm going to use a flash drive and we're going to choosethe version of android that we want in this web and from here we have several versionsof android all in x86 architecture in format .

iso, there are older versions like nougat and above this android 9 rc version 2 that comparing itwith version one the truth goes a lot better and fix some bugs the pc that I am going to use has a processor to64 bits so I download the 64 version bits anyway if you see that it doesn't work for youok 64-bit android although your computer be 64 bits try the 32 bit versionthat may work better for you next step and not to spend recordable discsI'm going to use a pendrive to install android and for the pc to start with the programof android installation we have to use an application like rufus that is super easyof driving simply connect the pendrive to the usb port and we choose the iso image thathere I have several selected the rc2 and pulse to start, in this window I click ok and thenaccept and after a while we would have a bootable pendrive to install android on the pc at the time of starting we have topress a key that usually tells us at the beginning which in my case is f12 but maybe in yourpc be another key and ask us what unit we want to start the pc so I choosethe usb drive where I have the installation program of androidthis is the android installation screen and we have the option to try it without installingbut to go more fluid and with less failures it is best to install it this version that I am going to install is the rc1because I started recording this video in this version but then upgrade to rc2 withoutlose installed applications, to update click on the auto update optionnow what I'm going to do install of 0 like this what pulse in auto installThis will eliminate any information that you have on your hard drive, also if you havethe partitioned disk will eliminate the partitions so it will erase all thedisk so we chose the disk drive click on yes and wait for it to finishthe installation that on this pc took about 3 minutes to install now we disconnect the pendrive from the pc and pressin reboot this startup manager appears with severalpulse options in the first and we expect a little bitHere we see the typical home screen Android configuration as we can seedetect the mouse, the keyboard works, the Wi-Fi network also detects it, I say all thisbecause these versions of android may with some pcs as they do not have a compatibility100% and everything doesn't work for you.

Now you will see that there are some things that do notthey go quite well once we have done the first configurationof system here we have two launchers to choose I preferthis one called tasker that gives a touch more resembling a desktop computerthe first thing we will do is go to settings and activate this option is in android x86 optionswhat will make the applications work better Well, keep in mind that Android isbased on arm processors and pcs use x86 architecture processors these android versions have root permissionsas you can see with the applicacoin root checker like this that we can use applications that requireof these permissions and you will be wondering what we can dowith an android pc well it depends on the compatibility you haveyour pc with this system and the version of android you use here i am using the rc1which in theory is the one that must have more failures and we can install a lot of applicationsfrom google play or from alternative stores, such as WhatsApp or office applications do not usuallygive problems in the case of games the subject is complicatedWell, although the PC is powerful to move the games and start them then we can't playbecause sometimes the keyboard or a gamepad inside of the game does not detect it and therefore notwe can play, this as I say is very relative and it depends a lot on the pc we are using there are games like street fighter 2 or minecraftthat work well and some retro games what we see is perfect before opening a game we can choose thescreen size I usually choose to take up the maximum screen space in case you have an old pc, wellnot as old as the one you see it has a gigabyte of ram but what I wanted to commentis that you may have to install a version lower android like here you installandroid 8.

1 because if not the pc is not able to move the system and you will be super slowas is the case with this well, I hope you liked the videosee you in a next video.

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