iOS 14 Beta 2 is Out! – What's New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTechand today Apple released iOS 14 developer beta 2 this is available todevelopers only at this point and maybe the public beta will be out by the timeyou're watching this but you just don't know what Apple's going to do until theyrelease it so expect public beta 1 either later today tomorrow or maybe alittle wait a week or two it's hard to say what Apple's going to do with ithopefully it's out by the time you're watching this now this came in at eighthundred and thirty one point five megabytes on my iPhone 11 pro max and itwas similarly sized on all of these devices it's a pretty large update andI'm still having that storage bug I'll talk about that in a moment now alongwith iOS 14 beta 2 apple also released iPad OS 14 beta to Mac OS Big Sur betato watch OS 7 beta 2 TV OS 14 beta 2 and while home pod OS did not get updatediOS 14 beta 2 now allows you to select default music apps for itso I actually am not at a place where my home pod is but you'll see you canactually select default music apps on your home pod let's take a look at thebuild number and then talk about everything new the build number is 18 afive-three-one 9i and the last build number ended in V so we've come up quitea few the closer we get to the letter A the closer we are to a finished productso that's quite a lot of progress in a couple weeks and there's quite a lot offixes in this particular update the first thing is there is a modem updateat least for the iPhone 11 Pro max there may or may not be depending on whichdevice you have but I have one on this device also there were 55 known issuesthat still exist according to apples notes so just keep that in mind this isstill in early beta there's bound to be bugs but so far it's been pretty goodbut there's 43 resolved issues so one of the resolved issues is this weatherwidget should now show up properly based on where you're located it was kind ofdefaulting back to Cupertino so they've resolved that and also ar7that makes wallpapers that sometimes I use in these videos has said that thefaded wallpaper problem has been resolved for him so I haven't seen thatissue myself but hopefully it's resolved for you now the first feature I wantedto talk about isn't really in the area I live but if you go into Mapsand you live in an area that has congestion zones that charge tolls suchas maybe Paris or London those will now pop up in maps also there will be alertsfor license-plate restriction zones if your country has that as wellso we don't have that at least where I live but if you're in a country thatdoes have that well that should be available in Apple maps for you to testout now reminders has been updated with those emojis Apple talked about thiswith iOS 14 beta 1 but we never saw it and you can see we now have emoji herethat you can update so for family for example if I want to go in and changethe name and appearance I can change them to whatever I'd want change theactual color change it to an umbrella whatever you'd like it to be you canchange it and then when you go back to your lists you'll see the differentemoji so those have been updated now in the control center the actual button forwhatever you're controlling has grown in size some people are seeing this somepeople are not but you'll see mine says office favorites I can tap on this andsee my different lights for the room I'm in and it's just gotten bigger somepeople are not seeing that there's also a new option for the control center soif we go into settings and then the control center you'll see we now have anew show home controls options so this is all new as well and if you don't wanthome controls we turn it off they disappear in your control center turn iton and they're back so I like that they've added that option back and it'snice to have that now if you're using a camera within the home app there's a newoption so you'll see I have a camera says circle view camera it's a Logitechhomekit camera I'm testing out and it's actually open on another device so youcan't actually see this but if I go into the camera and within the camera we nowhave an option for picture in picture now the actual picture and pictureoption was there before as far as swiping up and it would give you alittle picture in picture but now we have a physical button to make it dothat so after we hit the button it will shrink into a picture in whatever corneryou'd like and you can move it around now within widgets there's a few newthings as well so if we go over to our widgets press and hold and a widget willscroll down and you'll see we now have files so we now have a new files widgetif we open this up you'll notice here as well down at the bottom the coloractually matches the icon so if we go out of this maybe we go to Batteriesyou'll see the battery widget icon down here to add a widgetnow matches now we also have an update as well when it comes to the photos ofwidgets so if we go into photos we now have a larger size for photos as well soI just have it blurred out since it's family but it's a larger photo size thatyou have for a widget option apples now updated the calendar app so it shows theabbreviation of the actual weekday so you'll see here it says Tuesday or tueand on the old version with beta 1 it has the full word written out so you'llsee here it's abbreviated in beta 2 it's the full word in beta 1 this couldchange of course in the future now with the app library apple makes it superconvenient to find your apps and everything else but one thing youcouldn't do before is if you added an app specifically directly right into theapp library and not on one of your screens you couldn't delete it beforeand so if we go into productivity for example wherever that is we'll go intoproductivity tap and hold on the calendar you'll see it says delete appif I do the same thing on beta 1 it's not going to let me delete it the sameway so we'll tap and hold and you'll see it says add event to screen or to thehome screen or add an event you can't delete the app so if you added itdirectly to the list you can now delete it like you should be able to from thestart now there's a couple updates for musicone is a new option so if we go into our settings and then scroll down until wefind music under music we now have an option for motion and it says animatedcover art won't be displayed it's currently turned on we can have it onfor Wi-Fi only or have it turned off altogether this just uses a little extradata so they're giving you that option within the music app they've alsoupdated haptic feedback so that it responds when you press play or maybeyou press next or back or fast forward or rewind you press those buttons youget a little haptic feedback from the phone itself letting you know you'vepressed it it's a nice little touch it's been updated it's very subtle but it isthere now within settings if we go to settings and then our ID at the topyou'll see family sharing and family sharing has a new icon so it says familysharing and we have a new icon here it's just been updated with a little new looknow the iPad does not have a whole lot new but theresomething new specific to the iPad and that's under photos so if we go intophotos and then bring over our sidebar here we now have a utilities sectionthat has imports hidden and recently deleted so that's actually been updatedand that wasn't there before it's just a little addition to the sidebar and Iimagine we'll see more of these things later on with the iPad but the iPad getsall of the different updates that I mentioned already although some of thehaptic feedback won't be there there's a couple other little changes one of themhas to do with the health app so if we go into the health app we'll scroll downa little bit and there's a new article for hand-washing saying hand-washing canprotect your health now if you're running watch OS 7 you'll have theoption for hand-washing if you have a series for series 5 and you can go intothe article learn about this and also turn it on from the health app if it'snot already turned on so you have that option it's something I've already goton I'm not seeing the option but some are seeing that option now somethingelse that's very minor that's been changed is the clock icon you can seethe hands they're slightly bigger than they were before so if I bring in beta 1here let me bring it over and you can see side-by-side that the clock handsare slightly different so they're a little bit different on each clockthey're a little bit thicker on the newer version it's a minor update andApple could change it back before it's released to the public now one finalthing is the shortcuts app will no longer open that shortcut files anymoreso I have a few shortcuts I've made I did a video on this some time ago let'sdownload one it's from my website as you can see we'll go to activity open it upand it says shortcuts cannot be opened importing shortcuts as files is it notso currently supported please share shortcuts using iCloud hopefully theybring this back it was working before and it's something that they definitelyneed to update but it could just be a bug for now and then finally many peoplehave been complaining about using email for quite some time but one thing thatreally bugs me is I actually can't highlight and then drag my finger todelete the email anymore this was true with beta 1 they haven't fixed this somake sure to report it in feedback it's definitely something I'd like to seebrought back you could use you used to be able to just tapand then slide your finger down and select all of them it was a really easyway to select a lot of email now that's it for this particular update there maybe a few other things but I wanted to talk about performance we'll talk aboutbattery and take a look at some of the Geekbench scores now the first thing isthe battery battery life on iOS 14 beta 1 was not fantastic for me so if we gointo the battery you'll see my battery health is at 97% completely normal forthe age of the phone 80% after two years is normal and updates don't degrade thisthey just simply check for it again but if we take a look at the last ten daysI've been running this every day let's take a look at yesterday you'll see Iused almost 50% of the battery and only got 2 hours and 23 minutes of screen ontime 5 hours and 15 minutes of screen off time that's not really that good Iused to get 10 to 12 hours of screen on time and then maybe five hours of screenoff time right now the battery life isn't great although it may be a littlebit better than it says because right now it says I have 61% of my batterylife left and for today it's 2 hours and 49 minutes it's really hit or miss I'mgetting about 6 hours most of the time maybe eight hours at best but hopefullythey'll update it with this particular update and it will fix that issue nowother than battery life my storage isn't great so maybe there's somethingcorrelated it's maybe filling some cache up or something like thatso if we take a look at my storage you'll see my storage is still using ahuge amount 250 gigabytes of 256 gigabytes are used previous to this I'musing about 60 gigabytes on a 256 gigabyte phone 60 to 80 or somethinglike that right now I'm using a huge amount in other so I was hoping thisupdate would fix that automatically you can fix it by restoring on a computerbut I really didn't want to do that if I don't have to now as far as performanceI've noticed a couple things so far on the older phone and so for example onthe iPhone se when I was typing in a password when I was setting this up withthe latest update it wanted me to Rivera Phi some things the keyboard wouldfreeze quite a lot so if I go into music and then go to search and type in maybeI guess an artist here capitalize it a lot of the times the keyboard will justfreeze and not work properly I noticed that when putting in my password acouple of times so it was really kind of a pain the performance wasn't great butmaybe it was doing a lot of things in the background as far as the camera andeverything else it's fairly responsive scrolling seems to be okay so far it'sfairly smooth but if you're having issues make sure you report them infeedback because new updates do not tend to slow down iPhones anymore they seemto be pretty solid that way so just be sure to check that battery life willimprove over time it's not a priority with early betas until it's out – maybepublic beta testers and out to the public in general apples focusing onfixing all the bugs that they have with this particular update now if we take alook at the Geekbench scores you'll see the iPhone 11 Pro Mac scored 1338 forsingle core 3000 387 for multi-core that's actually pretty good and muchhigher than I've seen before now unfortunately this particular benchmarkdid not save what I had before it only has two days but that may be because theapp had to be reinstalled at some point or maybe with the update now let's takea look at all of the different devices here and see what they scored now on theleft is the 2020 12.

9-inch iPad pro in the middle is thefirst generation iPhone se and on the right is the iPhone 11 Pro Mac's all ofthe scores are pretty decent this time around and if your scores are anywherein this general range expect similar performance and sometimes these willincrease a little bit too as time goes on and background processing hascompleted so that's it for iOS 14 beta to expect a beta every couple of weeksright now and then it will probably pick up in August to a weekly schedule alsowe may see iOS 13 point 6 beta 4 or a final release as soon as tomorrow soit's hard to say I think we're going to see beta 4 tomorrow and then maybe afinal release the week after that but it's kind of hard to say at this pointalso I recently had the iPhone 12 prototype units and here's one of themso if you haven't seen the video about that I'll link it in the description aswell be sure to check that out and let me know what you think of those as wellif you'd like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I'll link it in thedescription as I always do and if you haven't subscribed already pleasesubscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like asalways thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time.


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