iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max Design – First Look!

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech andthese are the iPhone 12 models or their prototypes used to make cases from andthanks to sunny Dixon for helping me get my hands on them and so these come outevery year and they're a pretty accurate representation of what we can expectwhen Apple finally releases what they really look like so for example if wetake a look at what we had last year with the iPhone 11 pro max this is theprototype for that and so it doesn't work obviously but it gives us an ideaof what it's sizes what it looks like where ports will be located and so if wecompare it to what we have with the iPhone 11 pro max you can see that it'sbasically the same dimensions with a camera cut out or a camera bump that'sjust not accurate and that's what we can expect on the iPhone 12 models as wellso you'll see here the cameras look like they could be accurate especially on themid middle size version here and we will have three different sizes so this iswhat you can expect as far as its dimensions in the way it will look ofcourse Apple could change any of this but they're pretty well finalized atthis point so that they can start working on manufacturing them now thethree sizes are five point four inch six point one inch and six point seveninches for the largest iPhone 12 pro max or whatever Apple decides to call themyou can see we have two colors here and I would expect Apple maybe to even putout a blue color this year although there's no hundred percent confirmationof that information now you'll see this is a glossy finish as well I wouldexpect it to be more of a matte finish like we have on the 11pro the 11pro Macseries so expect that although we could see a glossy color on the lower end sizeso in general the overall build is a squared off edge just like we expectedand it's a nice feel around the outside edge all of these are really nice tohang on to and I think there'll be a lot harder to drop with those squared offedges it's something I really liked with the iPhone 5 Series and the earlieriPhone 4 and 4s series where we have the squared off edges so I'm really happy tosee Apple going that direction now as far as the overall size of the phoneswell if we take a look at the smallest version first the 5.

4 inch size phone issomewhere in between that of the iPhone 5and the newer iPhone se so you'll see the iPhone 5 5 s here that I have you'llsee it's a little bit bigger and also if we compare it next to the iPhone se it'salso a little bit smaller than that phone so you'll see the size is a littlebit different here it's a little bit smaller but in general I think that's anice size the more I hang on to this the more I think it's a good size for a lotof people that like the smaller phones and so if you're going on from this sizeand maybe this is too small for you and maybe it doesn't have two cameras it mayhave three cameras I've seen some people that have these already and they'reshowing three cameras on here so I'm not sure if we're going to have two or threebut with the next size up the 6.

1 inch phone you'll see this prototype here orthis model has three cameras it's got the same flattened out side edges andfor the higher-end models I would expect them to be built out of stainless steelas well so stainless steel around the outside edge glass on the back glass onthe front just like we have now but would that more squared-off design andso if we take a look at the overall size comparison of all three you'll see thatit's a nice gradual sized step up just like we have today from smallest tolargest so you've got different options and hopefully Apple only limits us downto three options this time four sizes there were some information there wererumors that were saying there will be five sizes I would like to see three newones and hopefully not a whole lot more but you'll see there's a nice gradualstep up from size to size so I'd be really happy to see that and then if wetake a look at the outside edge they're a little bit different depending onwhich one we're looking at so of course we have our power sleep/wake button onthe right side edge like we normally do if we take a look at the right side edgeof the largest version though we have a little slot here now this could be aconnector similar to that of the iPad pro for example or it could be used forsomething else we're not really sure but it's interesting that they've put thaton there on the bottom we have our speaker and then asymmetrical microphoneas well as our lightning port in the middle I expect them to keep lightningport and then on the top of the iPhones there's nothing else so iPhone 12probably won't have anything on the top and then on the other side we have ourvolume buttons at silence which as well as our SIM cardtray location now one thing to know is on the smallest size the SIM card trayis not present and I saw that on last year's models as well so that may or maynot mean anything but there's no SIM card tray on either side so I wouldexpect maybe Apple will either make the smaller size available in a sim or maybeit will just be there and they haven't put it on these early models of them soit's hard to say at this point now for a general size comparison of the largestone something I noticed is that it's much larger than I expected in fact it'sa little bit taller than that of the iPhone 11 pro max so it's not only alarger screen but it's also a little bit larger physically it seems to beslightly taller and if I put it next to it here line it up you'll see that theedge hangs over ever so slightly so it seems to be a little bit taller it'sabout the same width now as far as the internal specs I would expect an a 14CPU with a neural engine of course maybe 6 gigabytes of RAM like we have in theiPad pro it's really hard to say but it's possible we'll see that and thenwith the display on the front I would expect them all to be OLED this yearthat's what most information is saying although Apple could change that up andthen of course it looks like at least according to these we're going to have anotch you can kind of see it here they've just put four little camerasforward-facing cameras and a microphone or a speaker here and the same thing istrue on the middle size you can kind of see it a little bit better where they'veactually have a notch here whether or not that changes it all is still up inthe air it's really hard to say but hopefully we see a 120 Hertz promotiondisplay on the higher-end models there's no guarantee of that but I would love tosee that personally the notch isn't a big deal to me but if they shrink itthat would be great now one reason I mentioned the larger size of the the 6.

7inch display model is it makes a little bit more room for battery so if it'sslightly taller maybe they could fit in a little bit bigger battery and we couldget even more battery life than we get with the 11pro max the 11pro max I canget about 10 to 12 hours of battery life so maybe with an iPhone 12 pro max orwhatever the call it you could get even more thatwould be incredible with maybe a more efficient CPU working alongside that asfar as their prices go well it's hard to say what Apple will price these atdepending on whether or not they have 5g and millimeter wave or sub six hopefullywe'll have at least sub six millimeter wave is sort of being rolled out veryslowly at least in the United States I know it's a little bit different aroundthe world but in the United States it's rolling out incredibly slowly so it'shard to say with that and then as far as the cameras well expect at least what wehave today so that means on the higher-end models at least three cameraswhere we'll have a regular telephoto and an ultra wide camera so maybe a largercamera module on the iPhone 12 pro mats would that light our sensor just like wehave on the iPad pro 12.

9 or the newest line of iPad pro so maybe not so much onthe lower end models or the less expensive smaller models but it's hardto say what Apple's going to do we may not get a lidar sensor altogether we'llhave to wait and see as far as that goes and then finally as far as release datewell expect them some more time in at least late September maybe October thisyear every year Apple puts them out at that time and I wouldn't expect anythingdifferent there but the way they feel in the hand I really welcome this I don'tgenerally use a case and this makes it even more grippy and of course when youdon't have rounded edges you can stand them up just like thatso if you want to stand your phone up take some photos of it it's much easierto do that if they just stand up on their own so it'd be great to see thatbut let me know what you think of the iPhone 12:12 Pro 12 pro max of models atleast in the comments below and what you think they'll have as far as displaysand camera modules as well I would expect on the lowest model just to havewhat we have today maybe just two maybe three cameras it's hard to say whatApple will do but expect at least a normal and an ultra-wide and then somereally high-end specs and a nice setup for the phone in general and all thesame features we have today with maybe some new things as well but I lookforward to this design hopefully we'll have that new blue color as well but letme know what you'd like to see in the comments below and of course I'll link anew wallpaper for you as well if you haven't subscribed already pleasesubscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanksfor watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time.

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