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hey guys today I'm using my streaming setup to make this video I was like why do I ever make videos here it's all setup it's lit and I can do things like this now yeah the green screen it's not T but it'll do this article was freshly posted this week iPhone 12 sizes compared with the iPhone se 7 8 se 2 10 11 11 Pro at 11 Pro max so it looks like Apple is planning on launching three different sizes a 5 or a 6 1 2 6 7 so you guys can see from this image here in the lineup we've got our iPhone 12 the 50.

4 and the iPhone 11 and 12 right here which is basically going to be the same size the 6 1 and the 6 7 the iPhone 12 big boy so what I'm wondering is are they going to be calling at the iPhone 12 the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 pro Mac's again I'm gonna put a little YouTube pool here so if you guys want to take that I would love to hear what you guys think the new iPhone is gonna be called so these models are based on the leaks that we've seen over the past few months actually over a year I feel like it is great to kind of see these all in a line up so that you be able to kind of get a better sense of what the size looks like in comparison to some older versions so this is super helpful analyst believes iPhone 12 pricing will star $50 higher even without earpods or charger in the box this has been some really big news a lot of people have been talking about how the newest iPhone might not come with a charger brick is for me I mean kind of sucks because I actually do love having the charger brick but in reality I hardly ever use that charger brick to charge my iPhone I use it to charge pretty much everything else usually all this time I have been waiting and hoping and wishing for the iPhone to finally be USBC so most likely it will still have a port to be able to charge with but will it come with a brick no will it come with a cable I would imagine it would still at least come with a cable but no ear pods no charging brick and still 50 dollars more so I guess most of the recent news because a lot of the specs and of the things that have been linked previously the one thing that is kind of been held a little bit closer has been the prices but this is sort of what the lineup is saying the five point four inches 649 the six point one is 749 a 6.

1 inch 12 Pro would be $9.

99 and the six point seven inch 12 purl max would be 1099 so it does seem like these are the same naming conventions as the previous iPhone which I think would actually make sense because I feel like they finally kind of have a name that fits it makes sense for a while it was getting incredibly confusing I feel like we had the iPhone 10 are maybe iPhone 10 but yet people kept calling it the X something like this makes sense you'll have two different sizes of the iPhone 12 and you'll have two sizes of the pro that just makes too much sense that I feel like they're probably they're gonna change it because it makes too much sense this is funny because they believe that the price will be accepted by consumers and will not affect demand but the move would generate controversy nonetheless of the earpods and wall charger are removed for the box as rumored I have another question for you guys do you actually use the earpods or do you use something different because I have not used a set of the earpods since the air plots came out even then I feel like I never really use them we do use a very old version of the earpods with a 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack for some reason those are Tyler's favorite headphones to use when we're monitoring audio well the new ones are lightning cable specific so you can't use those with anything else so along that same prediction they're saying the 6.

1 inch iPhone would likely start at $7.

99 or 849 so if you would want to stick with the same display size as the iPhone 11 you could be facing a larger $100 to $150 price increase my phones are expensive they are very expensive when you start going up to these higher end models but when I think about the amount that I use this phone for so many things on a daily basis when I basically run my entire company from this I know it's weird to say that I'm a company but I am strange I know if I had nothing else I could exist with just this might not be able to do all of the things that I've still been doing but I can still do it I could do live streams I could edit video I could record audio really can do everything on this that is a pretty big price increase and the fact that 5g isn't really everywhere yet that is kind of a hinderance especially since I haven't gone anywhere in months I've just been sitting here in the house bored that's one thing I haven't been I haven't been bored in the house or actually I have a little bit but now that I have all these new hobbies I'm gonna get a drum set because I want to learn to play the drums my sister I have a podcast now I've started live-streaming video games I've started playing call of duty again this porn team has definitely had a lot of ups and downs probably more downs but I feel like a lot of us have tried to make the best out of the situation so for you guys has anything good actually come out of quarantine for you I would love to hear about it in the comments below and if nothing good has happened I'd also like to hear about that because I feel like you're not alone and we should all discuss see we've house if we got here oh this is pretty cool so they saw in the announcement that they were talking about the new clips app which is basically a mini little app that's under ten megabytes that you'll be able to download just by scanning a QR code but this is kind of cool code payments so you can now use Apple pay to make payments with QR codes you guys would probably use venmo before and it's really great because they have a little QR code that you can scan and then pay someone does right here references bound in the iOS 14 code reveal that Apple is working on a new method for letting users make payments with Apple pay by scanning in QR that's a good basic wait what we just said I'm just rereading it don't you – too bad the one thing that is gonna be kind of interesting that a lot of people have been discussing and this has been a problem throughout this entire year is the supply and demand of parts to make things there's been a lot of holdup in production because things are made overseas and we're not able to actually get those parts to complete projects so this isn't just an iPhone specific thing this is pretty much a worldwide issue because of the pandemic although at least one model might not become available to order until October or November I feel like this is a very realistic thing that could happen I mean it's going to be interesting to see how they even reveal the iPhone because still people aren't traveling every single event has been canceled this year I think a lot of companies have been doing a really great job of stepping up their game and really trying to make these virtual environments and press releases and press announcements even extra-special because the fact that people are actually able to go there and see the things in person like we used to I'm gonna miss it so much and I think Apple has been doing a great job of sort of pushing that envelope and showing people with what they did with WWDC that it is possible to do an incredible keynote and still kind of make people feel like they were there and a part of it this design I think looks really good this is what I hope the iPhone Falls looks like I like the fact that they kind of went back to sort of the squared edges I love the way that these four cameras are laid out I'm assuming that that fourth one is probably the lidar sensor what is this mask do I need to buy this now this is crazy I mean I'm a little bit hard of hearing and I never realized until people were wearing masks how much I rely on reading people's lips to be able to understand what they're saying so I can only imagine how hard this is for a lot of people when they solely rely on being able to read lips so this is really I mean this looks ridiculous but okay that's but that's a little much we don't need that but having this clear opening it looks really silly but this is incredibly helpful it's done it's so good on my runs so here's some of the specs based on leaks for the iPhone 12 12 max 12 Pro and 12 Pro max the two lower end models will be OLED where the higher end will be the XDR OLED super Retina the processor a 14 biotic across all models four gigs of ram in the lower end six gigs in the higher end and it looks like they're only going to be going up to 512 I kind of think they might do a one terabyte phone I'm hoping because I've filled up my phone new phones typically launched in September multiple reports point to a delay will there be a delay or will there not oh wow look at this pink this is nice and like a nice salmon I love this I love this squared look I'm so into it I hope that they do this I really hope they do oh wow look at this Oh some schematics this was back in April I've not been doing much research on my iPhone 12 rumors because I've been playing a lot of animal crossing in Call of Duty can you double base play that huh yeah have you seen anything so talented where you to think did sort of an ombre color like that midnight blue hue that green looks really good I love having the silver iPhone again but it's been it's been really great what a great look you you look good Apple could ditch ports altogether and skip over USB see I really think it's possible like if anybody is going to completely ditch having any type of way to plug in their phone it's gonna be Apple here's another leak with the potential lidar camera this is a great article tom's guide hello here's a list of 120 Hertz phones for 2020 are we missing any I'm excited to check out the new note 20 plus very excited iPhone 12 touch ID in display at least one model of the iPhone 12 could offer an under display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which would bring touch ID back after using the iPhone se doing a review of that phone I have missed the fingerprint sensor so much mostly because now everybody's wearing masks and if you're not wearing masks I know where you can get a really good one yeah what was I looking I've lost my page as possible.

the 2021 iPhones could feature both face ID and touch ID that mean we'd have to wait until next year the teeth I do feel like the touch ID on this latest phone is probably not actually going to be a reality I mean maybe it's something that they can throw together quickly but I feel like it's not gonna be up to apple's standards if they were to release it right now because it looks like this is something they probably planned on releasing in the iPhone 13 it's probably not ready but due to the current climate of everything that is happening right now the fact that having that fingerprint sensor would be will be actually pretty pretty huge I mean I like face ID but it isn't freaking work when you're wearing a mask so what's the point so I guess that is where we currently are at with iPhone 12 rumors and some of the things that I've read online I'll put links to all of the articles that I talked about in the description if you guys want to check those out and read some more in depth this was really fun I have missed making these types of little sit-down videos here and I'm so excited to have this little streaming setup if you guys haven't already go check out my twitch channel twitch comm /i justine my channel over there on twitch is like 13 years old when I think about that it's really crazy but I'm having so much fun over there doing some live streaming of games mostly animal crossing but sometimes mariokart and a little bit of Call of Duty so I gotta check it out if you get a chance and that's it you guys haven't subscribed to my youtube channel make sure you hit that subscribe button hit the bell and you'll be notified when I post a new video I hope you guys are all doing well staying safe out there wear a mask and do whatever it is that you're doing to pass the time we'll see you later bye [Music].

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