iPhone Users Vs. Android Users

oh my god finally got my new phone so excited okay so you got the new iPhone 11 are you dumb I'm not the Samsung Galaxy aka the greatest one of all time okay cool what nothing enjoy your phone no you what does it mean why are you laughing

well you said your Android was the best phone of all time when we all know that iPhones are superior oh you want to do this right now okay okay what's so special about the iPhone everything the features the lot the customer support you got to leave now iMessage

why do we need iMessage text messaging is free for like everyone text messaging what deliver 2002 iMessage is the greatest we are read receipts we have games you can see what we're typing I can go on for these but I'm saying iPhone is the greatest and Android loses

what you put your iPhone down on my couch really hard are you sure your screen didn't break your soul Tom I'm just saying I can't remember the last time I saw an android screen crack but an iPhone everyone I know with an iPhone has a cracked screen and

they cry about it doesn't even matter we have an Apple care whether you have an Android again no we don't have to be an extra $300 for a warranty because our phones never break they're bulletproof you know what you're right Andrew it's might not break is often valleys

iPhones don't start exploding and get banned from airplanes that was it tablet yo just do me a favor and keep your phone like 10 feet away okay you're just mad that all the new features that iPhone comes out with have been stolen from Android phones oh you want

to talk about features yeah let's talk about it okay we can talk about it yo Danny yo what's up yo remember those pictures you took of me can you drop them to me yeah for sure man all right there you go and yo can you send Jaz her

pictures to yeah cool um Jess you trying airdrop oh I don't have airdrop okay I can email you the photos shut up Johnny you know Danny why don't you print them out and just give them to her you know like it's 1995 or something yeah or or better

yet why don't I print out the photos mail it to her and then she'll get them in like two to five business days oh come on it's like the fourth time this week stupid are you sure you don't butter up your phone very funny dad ha ha oh

why are they charging 90s you guys have only had that for like two years right so what's your point my point is that everything your iPhone just got my old phone had so in conclusion androids are a light years ahead of iPhones okay so if androids are light

years ahead I phones then why do your snapchat videos and look like garbage no every time i watch your snapchat it looks like he traveled back in time 20 years took the oldest phone ever invented made a video with it came back here and posted it for me

to watch okay okay good point hey uh hey many what month it is it's December Do Androids not have calendars oh no we have calendars but that makes it nine months until Apple releases the new iPhone which means that yours is just magically gonna malfunction and not work

anymore and you're gonna have to buy a new one iPhones don't start malfunctioning when new ones come out oh they don't then why do you my new one every year because after a year the battery starts like darn quickly and oh what a coincidence you know what I

don't think that can date someone that thinks androids are better than Apple then let's just stop talking great idea Jaz maybe we should okay sounds like a plan yo is everything good oh thank god somebody with a brain can you please tell her G that androids are better

than iPhones are you dumb just tell her that it's iPhone over everything bro you guys are arguing Bob and reverse Apple come on guys we all know blackberry is the greatest phone ever invented what's good yo let us know right now in the comments if your team Apple

or team Android comment below but we're gonna get straight into the giveaway I know that's why you're here in last week's video we announced a giveaway we were giving away air pods and all you have to do was follow our instagram and comment under the last video so

we have our little youtube random comment picker loading load is at 1700 comments pick a winner the roast kid I need air parts because I likes them and you didn't put his Instagram sorry man next person in Syria I know but you didn't see why they wanted it

anyway you know man right yo follow the rules baby okay we got the Nash dot r o6 would love to whenever possible Christmas it would be amazing as fuck I cool okay follow mint he's following you he's following me night is the Walmart counter left let's go yep

let's go let's go we have a winner done – don't know if you're a boy or girl you DMS are you TV and I cool yo make sure you follow us on everything tick tock Instagram Twitter all that stuff thank you for watching our video you have anything

else to say quick bio to say Sion so yeah I got Chatterjee yes booth I wear the pen and it's ours to unleash underscore one two three four if you want to get a shout out at the end of the next video make sure you tweet this video

right now stop everything you're doing tweet it but that's all we have to say thank you guys so much for watching hope you have a great holiday and we'll see you guys next yeah [Music]

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