Lineage OS 17.1 review latest build Android 10 Rom for oneplus 3t | (Android 10) for Oneplus 3T

Hey whatsup guys its Kaustub hereand as perthe title guys in this video I will be telling you my thoughts as well as some of the topfeatures of this rom which is the lineage OS 17.

1 and this is a nightly build guys andit is based upon Android 10 this video will be looking at that ROM also guys before startinga video make sure you hit that red subscribe button down below and also turn on the notificationsso that you don't miss any of my upcoming videos so without wasting any further timelets role the intro and let's get video started this is the phone which I am using this is the oneplus 3T and flash tool and edges 17.

1 acustom rom on top of it and I will get quickly show you the about in the ROM itself we cansee the current Android version is Android version 10 so that we get and this is a coollogo which I really like both Android and the next thing on the list is the Linux OSvarjan which is clearly written here it is 17.

1 nightly build for oneplus so what nightlymeans that you will get daily updates like in 324 days interval time are you will getdaily updates that the wrong becomes more stable and usable if you can tap on that youget this original lineage OS logo which looks really really great and really with some poppingcolours in the background So Ja So that the white cool animation on next thing is thebest Android security patch level so here we are getting the 5th June at which is areally great so it is the latest update from Google Show that for developer is providingwith from other than that the Google Play System update version Eastern as well as ifwe take a look at the kernel then we are getting the latest kernel which is the lineage OSkernel itself which is 3.

18 dot 124 so guys if you are using this from this don't messwith the kernel let it be the talk about the customisation that it from provides and thereare a very many more customizations that are available so if you want to go into the displayhere we get the dark theme option show the custom the complete system UI will go intodark mode basically then the next thing in the display is this live display feature whichhas a couple of colour profiles which you can choose I prefer using dynamic criteriaand also there are some colour calibration address picture at the adjustment settingspresent in the next thing is this this is what the speciality is about Linux OS we getsome basic customisation Surya Residency there are a couple of times set the custom stylehere if I go into the edit option here I can change the font to whatever I want I havethis food options from that only I could select swam selecting respond then also the iconscan be changed so I am keeping up with this action colour can also be changed their arenot a lot of Accent colours but it's ok like the it has at least some of them and thisare the concepts this also can be changed to whatever you want I am keeping the squarecircle once and the here is a customer can put on to the time so I have applied the customstyle and this is how it looks now I can just square circle and also the Quick setting tilesare they have been also modified as per the set design so that's there again I will showyou another thing in settings is if we go into the system option here we get the Spartansso in this week and select the onscreen navigation bar so that still present on this from otherthan that this are the navigation bar customisation features over 10 get and call feature longpress for torch please explain a tree self explanatory than in home button we get othersanswer call option and buttons also we have a couple of customisation options presentand in volume buttons also we can it can be customised especially like this one this isthe control playback speeches by pressing the volume button you can forward or reversethe track that's also there as well as default guys it is coming to this left side and ifI have turned on the selected option if I close it then it will come to the right sideso that's also and DPI prefer to the left if we take a look and is battery section thenI am getting I have been using it about a copper rod is this from my music for whatfood is right now and I was average getting out two and half two three hours office soit is not that great if you compare it with any other stable ROM that is compared withAndroid Android 9 base from there I was getting around 4 2 4 and half hours 80 where is onthis from I am getting about capacity so that is a downside of this from other than thatin this battery section we get manager with auto detect and optimisation of battery usedas well as we have this power profiles in the battery options nursing as the cameraperformance of this from by default is it comes with this app this is the USB cameraapp and it is quite city I should say like it has very basic UI with very basic featuresand uses so I don't cry for using this Rada I have I am using this gcam Mod which is presentfor oneplus 3T and it just watch Wonder If you are using this wrong just install gcamword and you will be good with the camera department also sitting on the list pricesare launcher itself by default it comes with this stock launcher which is The Tribune checka launcher so it is it has any a lot of customisation options in it so if we go in this room settingwe have this allowed it take to move the icons then add icon to home screen all the optionsare pretty sulphate in nitrite I will not going to tell so this is the stock launcherwhich it comes with and by default the animation zabit slow so right now if you can see thephone is working really fast and furious that's because I have changed the animation settingsin the developer options is finally concluding the video what I would suggest is that allthis Android 10 ROM setup come out recently they are not that stable at least in the caseof oneplus 3T so I would not suggest you to daily driver Android 10 buy from brother youcan go for AC are dried Android Pie ROM which I made a video card by popularity as you cancheck that also if you wanted a diverse stability as well as the complete customisation featuresas well as a lot of customers to show that is also what something is missing customizationsare not that but I get it because this is the stock Android ROM it is pure Vanilla Androidand it works really well I should say it is pure pure pure Android So Ja So this is myreview and my thoughts I hope you guys like this video and if you like it then pleasedo it like button below Kaisa and also please to get subscribe to my channel for more upcomingcontent this is your work out so we are from tree to assigning of you guys have a greatday.

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