Merekam Video dengan Android – Tutorial Aplikasi Open Camera

hello YouTubers! for now, the best and free app for recording videos with full features is Open Camera I will show how to use it, so you can get a good quality video content creator, if you want to grow your YouTube channel, make sure you subscribe to this channel

why do I recommend using this app? because it has complete feature it's like using a DSLR camera because we can adjust the configuration we can even make movies with great results with this app This time, I will discuss about the important features step by step for the best

results when recording using Android Smartphone this is Open Camera display first, press settings then, video settings choose the top one, video resolution, this is the quality of our video if possible, use the highest resolution so we can get a better result with maximum resolution I use Asus Zoom

S Smartphone with 4K camera, the resolution will be adjusted to the specifications of your Smartphone Next, the stabilizer feature, if you're using a tripod, just turn off this feature if you're recording while moving or walking, activate this feature to minimize the shake in the video for this video

bitrate, the higher the number, the better the quality but it will affect file size if the memory card capacity is not too large, choose 50 or 20 but if your memory card capacity is large, choose the largest number according to your smartphone's capability here, I will use 50

Mbps then, the frame rate, this is the number of images each second for standards, choose 25 fps if you're shooting in slow motion, choose the largest number supported by your smartphone This smartphone can be up to 120 fps, but because I don't need slow motion, I choose 25

check the maximum video recording duration make sure to select unlimited don't let the recording stops because of this setting also check the restart on the maximum file size and set it off don't restart no need to restart in the audio section, select enable so that it can record

sound if you want to use an internal or additional microphone, enable this section then, audio source is to choose the source of your audio this camcorder, if we use the mic from the smartphone external mic, if you use an additional mic this default audio source is like auto

detect if there is an additional mic, it will detect the mic if no additional mic, it will use the one from smartphone it's better to decide whether you want to use smartphone or additional mic because I use an additional mic, select external microphone you must set this for

the first time in order to get the best results then, return to previous display here, there is an icon to change the front or rear camera then, this is to choose photo or video mode video, photo, we set it to video mode next, select the white balance setting

press the three dot icon select white balance this is the default setting, try changing the white balance and see the differences flourescent, incandescent, warm, adjust to the lighting try to get a natural image if it's white, then it should be white, Avoid using auto because when the camera

moves in the same place, the white balance will change here, I see the most suitable one is warm, so I just choose this next, there is a scene mode, landscape, snow, beach, you can choose auto then, at the bottom there is a color effect this is to give

effects better not to use this, you can add effects later in the editing process the third, the important part is to set exposure this is to adjust the brightness of the image press this plus minus icon and slide left or right to adjust the brightness my advice is

to specify which object we will want to expose for example, we choose this light after this, adjust again by pressing the icon slide left or right to adjust if it's okay, press the padlock to lock the exposure setting so it doesn't change Next, select the focus section, press

this three dot icon there is an option to focus A for auto, ∞ to focus on distant objects, macro for close-up, and a padlock image to lock focus for example, I focus on my hand, the camera's focus will be locked to that section so, whatever changes and moves

inside the camera, the focus will remain locked there to record object that doesn't move too much, use the lock focus when everything is ready, try to record 10 to 15 seconds to check whether everything is good audio, image, focus, white balance, and so on that's the setting to

maximize video recording with open camera if you are still confused, please comment below I hope this is useful See you on my next video

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