as you can see we are running Doom 2016 inthis console as if it were a gamer pc at a good performance Very good Viejuners! welcome to my channel today lands on the channel a very peculiar device it is ahybrid between smartphone and console The moqi i7s notebook is a console thatYou had asked me a lot in the last weeks and courtesy of asubscriber called deenox has me borrowed the unit it has for youdo a review and show some what does linux fit me with has ablock which made a review is console that is highly recommended is whatleft in the comment posted so that you see and also a telegram group inwhich we have met several master race laptop chargers as wellwhich I also recommend now let's see what this mocchi 7s looks likeI'm really looking forward to the box with the next one is pretty good is veryminimalist in its decoration is of a very elegant black color very in lineof other high-end consoles that have shown on the channel in the part ofback we see an explanation of the product that only those who are versed in theChinese language can you understand if we open the box inside comes as the mocchiand 7 s the screen even if it appears in our broken plastic protectorthat comes on top we can also see a card that a girl loins of acool dinosaur worthy of the wonderful fluoride film and apart we can seeThe manual written in Chinese is a manual which is not translated therefore noit will help us a lot and finally we have in the northern hermitagethis device is clear that although has smartphone functionality isworld oriented devices portable gaming carries a crosshead twoanalog sticks that are quite noticeable good which doesn't have a buttonincorporated but well the truth is that they are of quality and comfortable to wear it has alreadymore sl buttons and be but they're not physicists are tactile as you see areintegrated a screen ab buttons x xii are named by cartoonsmountain water moon and sun also carries a front camera if we look through thisside we will see the buttons lr we take to missing some more but for someplatforms this will be enough though this can be remedied since they give usthe option to customize buttons from the system software itself toowe have the buttons to regulate the volume and power button orunlock on the bottom we have the usb connector type c and a connectorheadphones or microphone on the part rear we can see the rear camera of16 megapixels with corresponding flash and we also see the zones herewhere will the audio from the speakers come out internal system sizeof the 17s is quite large as you see if we compare it with a rege console350 the difference of done if we compare it with a p seavoid also observe the same comparing it with other consoles that youhas brought to the channel like for example the gp of x ofplus or windows gp also note that it is a devicefrankly big compared to these gpd consoles by the way bothconsoles are super interesting and quite powerful I leave them up herethe link of the analyzes I did to them and you will see how far thefeatures in detail of teramo key or mochi i7 s are as follows and acpu snapdragon 718 cores 6 of them to 1.

7 gigahertz and two of them to 2.

2 thegpu is a mother no 615 to 650 megahertz with vulcan thing supportinteresting for certain emulators it takes 6 gb of ram ddr 4 to 1.

8gigahertz the screen it carries is of 6 inches at a maximum resolution of1080p in 16/9 camera format front is 5 megapixels and therear is 16 megapixels and goes to internal storage of 64 gigabytes andwe can expand with storage external with micro sd up to 256 gb theoperating system as standard 8.

1 i will be output to type c usb connectorto charge and connect it to the pc to exchange data and so on the batteryyou take 6000 amps well hours it can last us up to 6.

5 hoursto current games the battery is removable and we can replace it in thecase it will be spent or broken but we will see this better ifwe gut the patient once raised the lid as you can seethen we see here the battery that if the we withdraw because it is exposed whatwhich is the micro sd slot this I consider it a bit awkward becauseif you are continuously taking out and putting the micro sd because you canfind it a bit awkward to have remove the battery cover and so on but goodnormally people don't usually manipulate a lot of this so it's nothing serious eitherhere you can see that it also has to put two micro sims and here we havethe speakers the speakers the truth is that you will listen to laterfrankly well it's amazing that speakers so tiny they canlisten to the quality that is heard the operating system as I told you isAndroid 8.

1 and the truth if it moves acceptably well openingapplications browsing or watching videos from youtube with the truth is that it worksperfect for normal use the cinema very well and it shows that it is a devicefast as you see the use of 7 is exactly like a smartphonestandard android because in fact it is a smartphone but then adding theanalog crosshead and two typical buttons that has a console controller if notwe do the tutu performance test gives us a performance more or less of asmartphone current mid-range so we are going toto be able to do many things with him as per example play console platformsretro 8 16 bits without any problem we can also playNintendo sold out with performance exceptional in almost any game thisplatform as you know is hard to emulate nintendo 64 but it seemscomfort us problem whenever we tested their devices on the channel meask stimulators use in the case from nintendo 64 i use mup 64 on thedrink us case we use the red trim as you can see the emulation of thisplatform is fluid and if I do very well if we raise the bar and try l aside of sega saturn he carries san siro as you can see you canperfectly and with a softness exceptional lately on the channel we have seenconsoles that were able to emulate play station2 perfectly like moving tostage 7 s this platform according to the emulator for about 40 framesper second well I think it goes a little slowed down is more or less playable butin other games this platform shows a little bit slower and worse byso much there are ps2 games that yes that they can play and others who have not just gonewell seen this let's go for something else fat to emulate p esp and we will use in theemulator that suffers use that is the pp pp to make it look better I've set theresolution twice the original in other machines this would sink into themisery but for this x 7 s it's brutal you play at 60 fps is that I know all the timeit goes very well if we switch to another game of this platform more of the same theconsole bar smartphone runs perfectly new psp gamesthings that caught my attention of this console is the sound qualitythey have the speakers i don't know if it appreciate in the video recording butthe truth is that they are brutal best speakers I've heard aportable console today testing this platform you can see alittle where is lost and our console is very powerful indeed of theandroid things that I have shown you the channel this is the most powerful daytoday I taught you and now you will start to shake mother god old nerd have youbrought something here that will cost me three payroll turn it off to see is not worth 600 eurossuch as windows gp but neither is it worth 100 voucher is in betweenthen you go to the video's mind we'll see the price it has and well see ifreally worth it or not let's not go wikileaks now for itwe will use the dolphins emulator observe 9 game club pretty good metroid ofabsolute quite well perfectly although he has broken some small break butwell no not bad and so for lots of games you always have to playa little bit emulator settings but well in the end and you come to powerplay most games although there are games such as mario sunshine asometimes has frame drops but quite a few titles moves frankly wellwhen the end we can also play nintendo wii and well testing somegames we can see that depending on the game has uneven performance there aresome that goes pretty well but in the most popular games therun quite badly a little slowed down so we can't saythat nintendo wii emulates it perfectly this consolea console like this doesn't stay only in what you have seenwe can also move android games the last batch and we can also playto triple to pc games via streaming such as with the service and forcenow of envy the truth that deserves the pity is very curious try it come on come onlet's see if you didn't know, nvidia just launched the service ofstreaming video games geforce now en a kind of google competitorstadium with this service we can play from many types of devices instreaming this means that we can play triple pc games at aresolution and level of detail quite good on very weak devicesthat otherwise they could not run those games since whoever runsreally the game are the servers of nvidia as you see we are running 2016in this console as if it were a pc gamer and classes without messing up whatWhat I have to say is that it has it was impossible to configure the sticksanalog and crosshead to play as God sends the giffords games nowI have to say it about this machine the mapping of the controls it carriesintegrated with the programs it carries that although I play your program is aauthentic torture is very complicated apart from the bad service jeffers none andwidth 20 hours it is impossible to disconnect and if there are many people in the gameslows down a little I guess but they just boot just left and well it will havemuch demand to play by many usersapart from this where 2016 we can play any other game that has put thevideo at our disposal or games of style indeed this geforce servicenow runs on many android devices even the one run on the gp x ofplus I'll show you a few days this console is much less powerful than that of7 s but to run games from force now it really works well newit works perfect is normal because as I already told you who really runsthe game is not the console but the nvidia cloud servers foruse these types of devices yes that is true that the fact of going by wifipenalizes enough and at times we can be a little long some breakbut if we have a wifi connection acceptable we can do well onservice apart from juanes trading we can play many android gamescurrent as for example our friend four night observes that it is very fluidand it is quite playable it has no problems let's see it call of duty yields verywell also to this machine as you can see and pukki it is also very playableif we play another game relatively famous inside the devicesandroid el raid sound legends well we can see that it is going pretty well andmoves it without any kind and the truth is that the controls he carriesthe console quite accompany any kind of game we canplay in steam or key and 7s stage analog are very comfortable to use and arequite robust are made for last i never try car gameslet's try this alpha the 9 ellis in yes the truth that goes quite fluid and goesvery well behaves quite well the feeling of speed is quiteachieved in this game and it is very appreciated well on this screen the game as you seeis left over in this machine and is perfectly playable the isie ts valebetween 340 and 420 euros I leave the link purchase in the video description byif you are interested in how I see him which is very powerful and you can reachplay almost everything but as a contrast I see the size is very large and the priceit shoots a little bit we can say that it is a console that is between the ge pxof plus that I brought you and the windows gp but we can also use it insmartphone and that gives it a plus that others do not have then ship hoeness wesee you in the next video see you later Luke.

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