MOZA MINI MX with Iphone 11 pro and Android Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. Full review

Ahoj! This is Zdenka.

I can't keepquiet anymore.

It's got only few buttons on a gimbal but you can change all themodes, you can totally operate it just from the gimbal.

You don't have to go tothe settings, you could film in 24 frames per second, it's got slow motion.

You caneven film with all those 3 lenses at the same time ultra wide.

You can even create those little moment stories.

It tells you what to do, step by step, itadds the music, cuts it for you in a matter of seconds.

You can even edit thewhole video in a video editing app.

Its built-in in the Moza and it's a greatvideo editing app.

Zdenka be quiet.




This is supposed to be Moza Mini MXreview.

And if you are new here, welcome.

My name is Zdenka Darula.

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First of all, this is not a sponsored video.

Moza has sent me this product to try and review.

Moza Mini MX is foldable3 axis gimbal.

It fits in the hand and it weighs 412 grams.

It is a very solidbuild, its durable and comes with tripod, carrying bag, hand strap and a charger.

The fact that it is not the lightest gimbal already promises steady footage.

Supportive phone size is 60 – 88 millimeters and from testing I noticedthat bigger phones like Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus do really well with thisgimbal.

Maximum payload is 280 grams.

It has built-in battery, full charge takesabout two and a half hours and battery life is unbelievable 24 hours if you areusing the gimbal when it is well balanced.

Mechanical range of pan motoris 340 degrees, roll motor is 300 degrees and tilt motor is 140 degrees.

It is timeto put the gimbal to the test.

Now, I've been using it with two different phonesbecause I wanted to see the difference.

One is iPhone 11 Pro and the other oneis Android Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus.

Now right at the beginning I can confirmthat the Moza genie app offers a little bit different options for Appleand Android but I'm gonna be showing it throughout the video.

All the shots youwill see, all the footage you will see is done with the iPhone 11 Pro.

This is howwe unfold this gimbal.

Before using it you need to unlock these two locks.

Theyare here to prevent the gimbal from swinging around when you have it in yourbag or carrying it.

To easily attach the phone, I'm going to place it on a tripodand as you can see it's not a typical position for mounting the tripod on agimbal.

I asked Moza about it.

Why? And the answer wasn't very clear so myunderstanding is pretty much for the look.

So far I haven't found much of a benefit but my thoughts on the tripod, I'll definitely talk about it more at the end of the video.

Balancing thegimbal is quite easy and very straightforward.

Design leaves your portsnicely open so you could attach external microphone if you want to.

The buttonsare also quite standard.

You have here power button which is also your functionbutton.

You've got here joystick, power light indicator, zoom buttons andsmart trigger, reset button is here and type C charging port is here.

You'llconnect Mozza mini MX gimbal to your smartphone via bluetooth and like I saidbefore, you will use app called Moza Genie.

It's time for the first test.

Let'ssee how smooth this gimbal really is.

Let's just start with a regular walk.

And let's go to full speed run.

Let'slook at the buttons and as I said at the beginning, you can operate modes from thegimbal.

Power button is also your shutter.

If you double press the power button, youcan switch between video mode and photo mode.

If you press 3 times, you canswitch between horizontal and vertical mode.

Joystick is straight forward.

Up-down left-right.

Zoom buttons is where you do a lot of stuff.

If you press andhold, here is where you can just zoom in and zoom out.

Zoom is up to 8x.

When you press the zoom plus 2x, it will zoom in and the same goes for minus.

Press 2x to let it zoom out on its own.

When you press zoom plus 1x, this is where you can change gimbal modes.

You can choose between pan andtilt or pan follow.

Under zoom minus you can choose between pan follow or FPVinception mode.

Under FPV you would use joystick left and right to roll themovement.

Let me remove the tripod so I can talk about the trigger here.

If youpress 1x and hold, you can move around but your camera is always goingto point to the same spot, all the motors are locked.

When you press 2x andhold, you will get to sports mode where you can record fast-moving objects.

Thegimbal reacts very quickly.

When you press 3x and hold, you will bein fpv mode.

If you press 1x, you will turn on face recognition.

So ifI'm recording someone or recording myself, press 1x and the gimbalstarts following me wherever I go.

Let's see how well it follows.

I'm gonna press1x and it did recognize my face.

So I'm just moving around and it follows pretty nicely.

If youpress the trigger 2x, you will recenter the gimbal and if you press 3x you will switch between rear and front camera.

Thank you Moza, finally agimbal with only few buttons but it can change all the basic features and modes, everything just by clicking the buttons.

That's actually very well thoughtthrough and that's something I really like on this gimbal.

That's actually ahuge plus.

I would like to see the range of the motion so let me select pan andtilt follow mode and let's go up and down first.

The range is 140 degrees and it's pretty good.

It cannot go more because ofthe motor here.

Let's look at the pen and that is 340 degrees which is quite good.

It's almost 360.

Let me switch to FPV and inception mode.

That is 300 degrees.

Sowhen I move joystick left and right, I can control the roll and that motion isquite large too.

So in terms of functionally and all those buttons andrange of movement, this gimbal is very good.

Now it's time to look at the appand as I said we're gonna be using Moza Genie and this app is a whole differentlevel of app for gimbal.

And I know because I got seven other gimbals here.

Once you open it, it doesn't look like much.

It looks quite simple actually.

Well, let me start from the left.

Smartphone andgimbal battery levels are there as well as gimbal modes.

In the lower-leftwe have gesture control.

So let me turn it on and now what I'm gonna show isstart recording gesture it should start record.



and is recording.

And now to turnit off, I'm just gonna show another end shooting gesture.


Below you have your gallery, gimbal parameter settings where you can customize everything.

Speed of motors, calibrate gimbal and right next to it we have object tracking.

One thing I noticed isthat in automatic mode you can't select brightness when you tap on the screen.

I don't see a way of locking it which is too bad.

So if you tap, when youwill go from bright to dark, it will automatically change, it will not be thenice steady shot.

On the right top is M moment feature.

There are a lot oftemplates already edited with music.

All you have to do is choose one fromdynamic, soothe, relaxed and travel.

And then you just follow steps, it will navigateyou to get results which you can share right away.

So let me go ahead and createone.

Next we have frame rates and resolution.

You can film in 4k 60, 30 or 24 frames per second.

If you're gonna be filming in1080p you can do 240, 120, 60, 30 and 24 frames per second and you can do allthat in 720p as well.

Next you can turn on the light or flash.

And then we haveshooting modes.

You can take photos, videos, slow motion and time-lapse.

Thetime-lapse is just very basic.

Just press and record.

Slow motion is automaticallyset to 240 frames per second in 1080p.

Below we have zoom slider and at thebottom we have shutter.

You can switch between front and rear camera.

And a lotmore, so let me select that.

From the bottom here we have camera modes, lenssettings where you can shoot with telephoto, wide-angle which is thestandard lens and ultra wide lens.

You can also shoot with dual lens when it usestelephoto and standard lens to give more deeper look.

Dual wide and even triple.

Itried the triple look filming our deck in the back yard and I was also tryingit to film indoors of our house.

I can tell you right now, that our deck andindoors of our house didn't look, doesn't look that great in real life.

Thefact that it shoots with the same, all three lenses at the same time, it justkind of looks like a 3d.

It's just very deep and very sharp.

It looks amazing.

Above the lenses you have flash, you canturn on anti-shake, you can use manual mode, you can select your frames, focus, zebra pattern, full screen preview, reference line, gradienter which showscalibration status, sound meter, it allows you to use Bluetooth microphone as well.

You can also livestream or reset camera.

Now, this is all available with Applephones so iPhone.

I tried Android as well and this is what isoffered on Samsung Galaxy s10 plus.

You cannot do 24 frames per second, you canonly film in 30 frames per second.

You can do slow motion, 240 frames per second in 1080p, manual mode is called professional mode and is limited.

You canselect white balance, zoom and exposure.

When it comes to time-lapse though, youcan also do motion time-lapse, so with Android, you can do more when it comes to time-lapse.

So yes, creatively you certainly get a lot more if you arefilming with Apple smartphone versus Android.

You could use another apps forfilming.

You can also use native camera app but as Moza says, you are not gonna be able to use any of the buttons.

You're not gonna be able to switch anything.

Itis highly recommended to use Moza Genie app.

There is one more feature which isquite big and that is built in video editor.

When you go to gallery, selectclips, you can edit your video.

The app is actually very good.

It has many filtersto choose from to change the look of your video.

Lot of transitions tochoose from, you can edit sound, add music, add text and graphics and all of it isincluded with Moza Genie app.

Let's talk about smartphones and let's talk aboutthat little tripod.

First of all smartphones.

As you know I tried thesmaller phone which is iPhone 11 pro and it's got those three lenses.

And Ialso tried it with the larger phone Samsung Galaxy S10 plus with alsothree lenses.

My opinion is that this gimbal, if you have those three lenses isa little bit better for the larger phones because when I perfectly balancedit and turned it on and I used the ultra wide-angle, I didn't see the motor in theshot.

It doesn't go the same for this smaller phone though.

If I have itperfectly balanced like this and I turn it on, I can see the motor with theultra wide shot.

I asked Moza about it, they said simply justmove the phone to the side.

So when I do that like this and I don't have to moveit much, it's no longer perfectly balanced but the motors on the MozaMini MX are very strong and it can certainly handle it.

When I'm operatingit, I don't hear anything, no sound, so it's not an issue at all.

But keep inmind that you need to move the phone a little bit to the left.

If you only have onelens, you don't have the ultra wide-angle lens, then it doesn't matter.

You can useany phone you want.

Something to keep in mind.

I also know that some of youbecause I already know you will ask me if you can attach extra lens to thesmartphone.

Now, if you look at the other side, there is no opening, there is noscrew to attach counterweights, so my thought on this is that if you want touse extra lenses, you would have to attach some sort of a weight right onyour smartphone on the other side to help balance it.

And as long as you don'tcross the 280 grams payload, you should be fine.

Lastly, my thoughts on a tripod.

If I'm using it, to be honest, I prefer removing it because I can always feel it.

I mean my finger always touch it.

I have pretty big hands for a woman, I gotbig fingers and I cannot even imagine if there is a man like for example my Dadwith very big fingers.

He would even have a hard time to actually getting thefinger there.

So if I'm filming, I do remove the tripod and it feels alreadyso much better.

And I think it's probably gonna be meant that way, that if you are using the gimbal, you're using it without the tripod.

If youwant it to sit on a table, you just attach it like this and then sit it down.

Another thought about this tripod isthat some people like to film themselves when they're doing stuff like forexample cooking in a kitchen.

And if you have it on a table, you are getting awrong angle.

It's just filming up which is not very pleasing.

A lot of peoplelike to use big tripods like this and mount the gimbal directly on a bigtripod.

My issue with that is that my tripod has quite a small hotshoe thereand when I try to mount it on a gimbal, it was okay, it was fitting.

I could stillget that going but if you have a tripod with bigger hotshoe, you might not beable to even get it there because this leg here is in a way.

So that'ssomething to keep in mind if you are planning on using this gimbal with a bigtripod.

Overall, this is by far one of my favourite gimbals for sure when it comesto functionality.

All those buttons and especially Moza genie app, I actuallyreally like those three lenses to film with them at the same time.

That wassomething which really caught my attention.

If you want to see the pricingof this gimbal in your currency based on where you live, the link can be foundjust below the video in a video description.

Hit the thumbs up if youliked today's the video, if you found it informative, subscribe to all futurevideos.

If you want to say hi, you have any questions or comments, you can leaveit in a comment section below and I'll see you all of my friends in the nextvideo.










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