New Apple Watch 6, iPad Air and… NO iPHONE?! Sept 15th Apple Event Rumor Round Up!

the countdown is officially on it is apple season now in previous years we've all gathered together in cupertino at the steve jobs theater for the iphone ipad apple watch and the new ios release and at this point all of those things would have already been announced but this year much like pretty much everything this year that has been completely thrown out the window so wwdc was virtual so this is going to be very similar to that now most likely the rumors are suggesting that this time flies event will only cover the new apple watch ipad and maybe air tags maybe home pods or maybe some new airpods studio but we're not really sure but there's a really good chance that the iphone 12 event is getting its own at the end of the month since the supply and demand of resources has been pushed so significantly due to covid this is now potentially pushing the release of the iphone date to a later time in october so this does make sense to get everybody all hyped up about the new apple watch and all of the goodies and then save the best for last i wouldn't say the best for last because i love my apple watch so much anyway these are all rumors things that i've kind of pulled from the internet i will put all of the links to all of my sources in the description below i don't have any other crazy information that you guys can't just search for yourself but i'm kind of taking it all and recapping it all here in one video for you i also plan on doing a live reaction recap after the event and also a very special edition of our new podcast we just started our youtube channel this weekend so if you guys want to go check that out youtube.

com samebrain i will be posting a special apple event podcast there shortly after probably a little bit longer after because we have to edit it so just be patient so the apple watch i would say is probably one of my favorite tech devices almost of all time of course other than the iphone but this has helped me so much over the past few years really quantify my health now the leaks say that there has been some code found within ios 14 that can suggest that the apple watch is finally adding blood oxygen detection i actually use this o2 ring sensor and i test mine at least once a day to make sure that i'm least in the 96 to 99 range now with the integration of the sleep tracking into the new watch os i also think that this will have some sort of improved detection for that as well so many of these leaks have been coming from code that they are pulling out of the various watch os and ios 14 like this there's a possible new kid mode for kids now this could go hand in hand with this other rumor of a new cheaper apple watch se possibly made of plastic and lacking some of the features like ecg and blood 02 to cut costs i think this really does make sense because obviously if you are going to want to try to make a cheaper version of the apple watch you're going to have to use more inexpensive materials and not have all of the same features as the apple watch i wonder if they're going to call the apple watch pro or like the apple watch mini or the apple watch sc that's kind of what the internet is saying that they think they're gonna call it also looks like they might be removing the force touch on the apple watch as well but they do plan on keeping the general design sort of the same which i'm actually very glad about because i have so many apple watch bands that if they do change the design too much we won't be able to use any of our old bands they do always add some new finishes or some kind of visual cue on the newest apple watches to let people know hey this is the newest apple watch i just want to let you all know it's subtle but it's not as subtle enough that you're not gonna be able to see it and know that this is new next up is the ipad it looks like there's gonna be an ipad 8 and an ipad air 4.

now we did just get an update to the ipad pro like a few months ago with lidar and spec boost so unless they plan on releasing another ipad pro i feel like that's not very realistic these ipad air 4 rumors are based on a pamphlet that was leaked a few months ago or like last month or something now this looks like what is usually included inside of the box but it shows a more ipad pro looking ipad air with the possibility of touch id built into the side button with usb-c i love the ipad air but i also really love my ipad pro so kind of taking that form factor over the ipad air making it look a little bit more like the pro and adding a fingerprint sensor is just i'm i'm here for it the ipad air has always been a very popular choice for its size and its cost but it really desperately has needed an update as for the ipad 8 i would probably imagine it's gonna get an updated camera maybe dual cameras probably no lidar but maybe also touch id i mean if the air is getting that i feel like that's probably something that the ipad 8 should have as well i mean i don't really know this is just something that seems logical i haven't really seen any info that suggests that they'll be doing an update to the homepod but i do have my fingers crossed because i love my homepod i think if they did some sort of homepod mini or really just freaking updated series so that she would work would also suffice i mean like she works but then like she doesn't i mean the homepod has been out for a couple of years i feel like there's been some rumors of potential discontinuation of the homepod i mean like it'll still work but i just don't know if there'll be an update which i hope there is because i love my homepod so much i really do have them in every room so really no matter where i go in my house i'm never alone air tags could finally be making their appearance this week these are the long rumored tracker tags that they have supposedly been working on i used to always use towel trackers for all of my things but now the only thing that i'm losing is my sanity because i don't ever leave the house so if we can get an error tag for that that'd be great so that's what we potentially have to look forward to in addition to maybe another event later this month i mean i don't know who knows does anybody know i don't know i'm sure people that apple know maybe apple will be like xbox and see that everyone has already leaked a bunch of stuff and just troll themselves on twitter like xbox did and just give us all of the actual info to dispel all of the tornadoes of rumors speaking of which let's go through those really quick before i let you click off to another video so the 2020 iphone 12 lineup is supposedly giving us four new phones an all-new design a 5.

4 6.

7 and 6.

1 inch sizes triple lens 3d camera all ola displays 5g and an a14 chip here's the rumored specs from apple insider and here's what they might look like iphone 12 iphone 12 max iphone 12 pro an iphone 12 pro max i absolutely love this purple mock-up like this is beautiful it kind of looks like a brighter version of the iphone 11 last year it looks like it's going to be more of a flat stainless steel edge design instead of the curved which i really like and there's this all-new potential midnight blue color which is kind of a very nice contrast well not really contrast but it's a very similar shade of the midnight green from last year i actually think that i like the midnight blue a little bit more so i will be doing a full iphone 12 rumor video very soon unless everything is announced at the apple event and i will just then recap it for you so until then i will see you guys back here on my channel for all of the things okay bye see ya time sure flies when you're in quarantine [Music] time flies when you're having fun.

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