Opposite Best Friends SWAP Fashion Styles?!

– Boy, did you pick agood episode to click on.

– I'm very nervous because I know last timeit just didn't go well.

– What's in here? Where are the clothes? – Loryn, don't put me in tie-dye! – She's gonna hate me.

– They would look beautiful on you, just never on me ever again.

– I'm styling Loryn!- I'm styling Drew.

(beep) – What's up, you guys? And welcome back to Clevver Style! – If you're new, that'sawesome, we love new people.

Nice to meet you, I'm Loryn, that's Drew.

– Welcome.

(beep) So today we are doingsomething very exciting.

I'm styling Loryn!- I'm styling Drew.

– This is gonna be fun.

– I've been hounding theproducers to do this forever and we finally get to! (cat screeching) – Loryn and I have picked outthings for each other before.

Just recently, we picked out each other's Savage X Fenty sexy boxes.

– Before that we styled each other in each other's dream outfit and now.



– We are literally styling each other as each other, as ourselves.

– We do a lot of buying outfits that we hope the other person would like but this is not the case this time.

It is literally– – Literally.

– Dressing the otherperson like we would dress.

– And we will be pickingout three different outfits, no categories, no rules, no stipulations but then at the end wewill have to take a picture and that picture will go on ze gram, so make sure you werefollowing Clevver on Instagram, that's where the photo will be revealed.

– So something you wouldnever ordinarily wear, you gotta put it on theinternet for internetters.

– Freaking excited! (upbeat music) – Let's break down Loryn's style.

I think Loryn looks adorable, always.

I think everything shewears looks so cute on her.

I love her headbands, I like, I say florals, even though she says shedoesn't wear florals often but when I think offlorals, I think of Loryn.

She likes a lot of tie dye andI also like her accessories.

She looks just like, brightand summertime, all the time.

– This is a secret, come here.

Come here, closer.

I think of all the Clevver hosts, Drew's style is my favorite.

(audience gasping) She can do elegant, she can do sporty, she can do sexy, obviouslywe all know that.

Any category of style thereis, she could Drewify it, you know what I mean? – You know you don't likeyour heels to be sky high, you like to be comfortable.


I'm nervous about that, you're gonna put me in akitten heel, aren't you? She likes headbands, but where is it? You're not going to beable to see it in my hair.


I am not a tie-dye personat all, at all, at all.

– I hope Drew puts me insomething tight and short.

I want Drew to make melook so freaking cool that I don't even recognize myself.

– Who am I? I don't know.

– Shopping.

– Get in loser, we're going shopping.

– I think my game planis to put her in stuff that is just true to me.

– What I'm gonna do is go tosome of my favorite websites and see what speaks to me.

I'm gonna not take into consideration something that she would absolutely hate.

So this would be really cute, this is actually an outfit thatI have been staring at for probably two years.

It's sexy, it's got like cross tied back, the shorts are nice and short.

I think this would look great on her and it's still very me at the same time.

– I am going to head to ASOS because they always havefun like, statement pieces.

This fedora situation, love that.

(Loryn gasps) – Okay, the other thing that'svery Loryn is headbands.

So I gotta get her a headband! Windsor Store is another one of my faves, so obviously I gotta go there.

Tropical, oh, this is really cute and then I can put her in some wedges! Oh, she's going to hate me, yay! – So I wanna find Loryn a dress.

Like, Clueless vibes.

– As if! – So maybe like a cute mini dress with some chunky heelsand some skinny sunglasses and a cute little handbag, you know? – Oh, I think I found a winner.

Okay, this is like tie-dyemeets ombre and it's a dress.

– Loryn, don't put me in tie-dye! Ooh this bag, this blue teal situation.

Oh, I love that.

Like, this paired with a pink outfit, like a pink power suit situation.

Loryn, you gonna look cute, girl! – I was really excitedfor Drew to dress me and now I cannot wait tosee Drew dress like me.

– I'm very nervous.

Like, I'm really just nervousto be dressed as someone else because I know last timeit just didn't go well.

I almost cried.

I think I'm bad at this, I think I'm bad at this.

(beep) – The best part is I getto be styled by Drew.

That is what I've beenwaiting for my whole life, for a moment like this.

♪ Some people wait a lifetime ♪ ♪ For a moment like ♪ (beep) – [Spongebob Narrator] One eternity later.

– Just had a few boxesdropped off at my house.

What's in here? Where are the clothes? Am I just wearing shoes and a purse, Drew? That is what Drew would do, isn't it? (upbeat music) – Okay I am in Loryn outfit number one and I feel brunch and breezy.

It's a top and a skirt witha very, I love this slit.

The slit is way down here but you know me, I couldlike, hike it up for a photo.

I got my furniture shoes on, I got my.



(Drew laughs) It's actually really cute.

They're like infused with rose gold and then I have thesignature Loryn headband on.

This is Loryn's signature, she has this in every single color.

When I see this headband, I think of Loryn.

I saw this headband forthe first time on Loryn, so this is the Loryn headband.

You can name it on the site: Loryn and also of course, Loryn is so good with accessories, always.

So I have these reallycute little heart earrings.

I don't know if you guys can see but they're cute, they're gold and then this layered goldnecklace that's also a heart and just like a little cute gold circle.

This is cute, Loryn.

I feel like Loryn.

(Drew laughs) – Oh, I'm sorry.

Were you looking for Loryn? She's not here.

I feel like someone else, I feel like I'm playing acharacter and I love it! I am rocking a nice black fedora, round sunglasses, black denim crop jacket, which I love! Got this little bookbag, cute, cute, cute! Silver hoops, big ones, the only size.

Stiletto boots withlike, purses on the side.

I definitely wouldn't wear this as in my own personal repertoire.

I like the crop top, I could probably pair that with leggings.

Crop tops, in my mind, come to like, here.

This is like a Hooters shirt.

These are mid-rise jeans, Ishould've seen this coming.

These are immediately goingin the bonfire, sorry Drew.

(beep) This feels like a character, I just can't be her all the time.

It is exhausting being this cool.

(upbeat music) – This is cute, Loryn! I like this outfit.

This is my favorite so far, for sure.

I love the print, I love lovelove that it ties in the back.

This is such a cute summer outfit, summer barbecue, goingout dancing, you know, back when we could go outside, it will happen again one day.

♪ Who can say if your love grows ♪ (beep) And then of course, I have thesignature Loryn accessories.

I have ze headband, I knowyou can barely see her but she's in there, I promise.

I have these star earringsthat are just very, they remind me of Life Size.

♪ Eve's great ♪ ♪ No matter where she goes ♪ ♪ Dress her up from her head to her toes ♪ (beep) And then also there's stars on my choker.

They're rhinestone, which I love.

I think this is so cute.

I love these like, subtle dainty accessories and I think Loryn is so good at them but Loryn, I never want to see these shoes ever again in my life.

(beep) They're too low for me.

I don't like, oh, no, no.

They would look beautiful on you, just never on me ever again.

– It's not you.

– It's not you, it's me, right? (beep) – I can just see you inthis girl, I see you in this but I would totally wear this.

Pumpkin spice, White Claw, Sean! – This was the one where I wasnot sure where the outfit was 'cause the purse and the shoes were bigger than the tiny little dress but I love how sportythis very sexy dress is.

This is really interesting 'cause she took like, a sporty dress and thenreally like, dressed it up.

The shoes are very hard to walk in.

Drew is a professional, okay? Like, in the dictionarynext to platform heels is a picture of this andprobably Drew wearing them.

She really elevated itwith this little handbag and these super cute like, cat eye retro glasses and little studs.

I do appreciate Drew's lovefor sparkly things and glitter.

I just feel like I should be doing hair flips in slow motion.

(dramatic music) (upbeat music) – Last but certainlynot the least Loryn is this tie-dye number.

I knew she was gonna do it! Completely paired with reallyfreaking cute accessories and a rose gold wine tumbler.

It can't get any more Loryn than this! Even though I hate tie-dye on myself, this has to be my favorite because it's so Loryn that it hurts.

Can we talk about how cutethese accessories are? They have these clips, they came in like, four different colors.

I didn't put them all in but I love a layered clip situation.

Also this really cute choker, which is just you know, Loryn is good for a cute choker.

Can we talk about these really cute personalizedearrings, they're Ds! That was a really nice touch, Loryn.

I appreciate ya.

(drumroll) – Check me out! So this is like a two piecepink blazer short set.

Cute blue clutch, white heels, gorgeous like, drop earrings.

Oh, what's this? Do you need the time? It's midnight.

But Drew didn't give me a top! – [Spongebob Narrator]A few moments later.

– Okay, so I put the little crop top fromthe first outfit on, I feel like open jacket is the way to go.

I love these shorts, Ithink they are so flattering and holy crap! I understand why she loves heels so much because damn! They just made my legs look so long! I love these, like thelayered necklace trend I'm obsessed with, so this is awesome.

I, for sure, would wear this.

Drew is really good at combining things you wouldn't think to combine, like the pink suit with thewhite shoes and a blue clutch.

I would wear this maybe togo to a town hall meeting and take my points I wanna bring up.

White Claw at every corner.

(upbeat music) – I have to pick thetie-dye dress as my favorite because it's just a trueLoryn, a true Loryn original.

In honor of Loryn andbeing her for the day, this is my favorite.

– This is my favorite outfit, platform heels and all! If you don't follow Clevver on Instagram, definitely make sure thatyou go check out the account to see how we're feelingin our new Drew life.


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