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just when we thought we knew who is going to be the first hearing aid company to develop hearing aids that can stream directly from an Android phone into both ears Phonak comes out of nowhere and beats everyone else to it that's why in this video I'm talking about the Phonak Audeo marble hearing aid coming up [Music] hi guys cliff Olson doctor of Audiology and founder of applied hearing solutions in anthem Arizona and on this channel I cover a bunch of hearing related information to help make you a better informed consumer so if you're into that make sure you hit that subscribe button and don't forget to click the Bell to receive a notification every time I post a new video a few weeks back I released a new video talking about the first hearing aids it will be able to stream directly from an Android device but I want to apologize because I was completely wrong you see Phonak has been laying in the weeds waiting for the right time to release their new hearing aid the Phonak Audeo M which stands for Marvel hearing aids that they're gonna release on November 30th and these hearing aids do exactly that here's the new lineup as you can see they will have the 312 which will use a disposable battery they will also have a 312 version that will have a telecoil but that won't be available until February of 2019 they will have a rechargeable version which is slightly thicker than the 312 at 8 millimeters versus 7.

1 millimeters the rechargeable version will also have a telecoil option to accompany their size 312 and size 13 disposable battery models here's an up-close look at the audio m3 12 devices that I've been playing with for the last week they're very similar to the audio B devices but a couple of the main differences here is that they actually have a switch that lets you increase volume or decrease volume or change programs at the same time something that the audio B devices only add a single push button in the middle for so that's a really nice feature the battery door here on the bottom there's your size 312 battery they've also changed the receiver wires I find these receiver wires to contour a little bit better than the audio B devices and they've also changed the dome and the wax traps on these as well other than that they fit very similarly to the audio B devices from the previous generation this is what they look like on my ear so you can see that that contours really nicely they are extremely comfortable and they won't get in the way of even the thickest of glass frames I've been able to demo these devices for over a week now and you can make the argument that these devices have every single feature that is available on the market today so go ahead and settle in for the long haul because we have a lot of things to talk about now let's start talking about some of the major features of these hearing aids and the first one is connectivity these hearing aids will connect with literally any phone that you have I don't care if you have a brick phone I don't care if you have an iPhone I don't care if you have Android because it uses Bluetooth classic not Bluetooth Low Energy so there is no restriction on the capability to connect with traditional Bluetooth inside of pretty much any device that has bluetooth and when I was demoing this in my office streaming directly to both of my ears from my Galaxy s8 phone I couldn't get the smile off of my face because it has been four long years for me waiting for this feature to arrive Phonak fixed one of the major flaws they had with the audio be direct hearing aids which was they could only stream audio into one ear the new hearing devices now stream audio into both ears and it still uses the microphone on those hearing aids to pick up your voice to send through to the person on the other end of the phone so you can literally have your phone sitting on the kitchen table walk into the living room keep talking to the person you're talking to and they will hear you just fine because it's using the microphone on the hearing aids and you can still answer the phone on the hearing it itself so you don't even have to pull your phone out of your pocket or your purse when I say it streams all audio I mean it streams all audio whether it's telephone calls whether it's a podcast it's music an audio book a YouTube video you can even stream directly from the TV as long as you have the TV connector box another absolutely crazy feature of these hearing aids is that they will have an integrated roger receiver inside of these devices even the very smallest size which is the audio m 312 device that i held up to the camera earlier has an integrated roger receiver inside of it now if you don't know what roger is i highly recommend that you google it because the roger accessories from Phonak are some of the greatest accessories you can possibly have to cut through background if you have a lot of difficulty in background noise situations the reason that the integrator receiver is so crazy and I'm still just shaking my head wondering like how the heck is this even possible is that we used to have access to integrated Roger receivers with the Phonak hearing aids all you'd have to do is pop off the battery door pop on the integrated receiver and then you would get access to whatever Roger device that you want you can see how big these integrated Roger receivers were by switching out the battery door and adding these onto the bottom of the hearing aids and on top of that you couldn't even do this for a rechargeable hearing aid eventually everyone no matter what size of a day OEM hearing aid that you have will have access to this integrated roger receiver it will just require a firmware update in the fall of 2019 and as I mentioned before from a connectivity standpoint you are going to be able to have a telecoil in the size through 12 the size 13 and the rechargeable version of these hearing aids while still being able to stream as much as you like from whatever type of device that you like now if you're not familiar with what a telecoil does it basically gives you access to a looped facility some of these loop facilities are churches or conference centers and it will let you gain access to the audio directly from that facility so if you go to a movie theater for instance and you have a telecoil in your hearing aids you'll be able to pick up the audio from that movie right into the hearing aids as long as that movie theater has a loop installed the telecoil versions aren't out yet though you're gonna have to wait until February of 2019 all right now let's talk about recharge ability and yes the audio and hearing aids are going to have lithium rechargeable technology that means that these hearing aids will be able to get you a reliable 24 hours worth of battery life per day on a single charge and they will be able to give you 16 hours of battery life if you stream up to four hours a day they have a new mini charger that now has a lid compared to their first-generation mini charger that did not so it keeps your hearing devices more secure if you need to plug them in while you're on the go they will still use the same charger as the audio BR devices now it's almost like Phonak watched the audio be are rechargeable review that I did because one of my biggest beefs with the rechargeable hearing aids was is that when you pulled it out of the charger you still had to press the button on turn them back on which proved to be a challenge for a lot of individuals who don't have good finger dexterity well Phonak has fixed that flaw in their system now when you pull it out of the charger the hearing aids turn on the audio am hearing aids will also give you access to a variety of different apps including the remote app the remote app will let you control the volume it'll let you change programs that will let you control the environmental balance when you're streaming audio directly from your phone it will also give you a battery readout for your rechargeable version of these hearing aids the my phone a cap will provide a patient portal for each solutions that will give you access to a hearing diary and it will also let you have live time adjustments made by your hearing care professional while you are sitting in the comfort of your own home so no longer do you have to go all the way across town or across the country to see your hearing care provider to have them make little adjustments or tweaks inside of your hearing devices these devices will also have called the text now I'm starting to lose my voice because there's so many different features inside of these hearing aids but the call to text feature is basically like a caption telephone when someone calls you it transcribes what they're saying right on your smart phone so no longer do you have to just rely on the audio inside of your hearing aids you'll be able to read along with it on your smart phone as well and of course they will also have the tinnitus app that you can use for your hearing aids if you're someone who suffers from tinnitus it gives you the great ability to adjust what you're hearing to mask over that tinnitus and Phonak has also been able to include binaural voicestream features inside of these audio and hearing aids which is really good news for Phonak and for the user of these hearing aids you see previously they had to make a decision on whether or not they wanted to keep the by neural features of their devices intact or whether or not they wanted to do streaming from external devices well now they have the best of both worlds which is terrific because it brings back some of the great features that they had to leave out of the audio be direct hearing aids this ability for your hearing aids to communicate back and forth with each other using the binaural voicestream technology allows the hearing aids to create what we call beamforming which is the microphones can actually hone in on main talker that you're trying to hear this feature gives rise to the stereo zoom feature inside of the Phonak hearing devices which Phonak claims can improve your speech understanding in a complex environment by up to 60 percent and I thought it'd be fun just to go ahead and throw in a video of an example of how stereo zoom works you could really get lost in your thoughts what a beautiful trip being so close to nature Phonak also decided to update their Auto sense OS to auto sense OS 3.

0 now if you would have seen my video talking about my favorite features of 2018 you would have seen that the auto sense OS the previous version of it was my favorite feature and this is because this feature allows you to go into different environments and have the hearing aids automatically detect that environment that you're in and kick your hearing aids into the proper settings for that environment I also love it because as a hearing care professional I can see which environments that you've been in so it can help me counsel you accordingly even though the previous generation of auto sense OS was already better at identifying different environments than a human being was they've still improved upon that and made it more robust in the new Auto sense OS 3.

0 Phonak has also made the claim that it improves speech understanding and sound quality inside of their devices they have also said that it can adjust automatically whether or not you're streaming audio that is speech based or whether or not you're streaming audio that is music and putting you into the proper settings for each one of those inputs they've also said that you get variable compression speeds on any type of audio coming into the hearing aids which is supposed to reduce your listening effort now I just have a feeling when I make my video talking about the best hearing aid features of 2019 it's going to be really hard for any other feature to even come close to the autosense OS 3.

0 now it is obvious that Phonak has made a huge leap forward with the audio Marvell hearing aids but there are still a few things that bother me about these devices a few little things that I don't like the first one is it is not compatible with Kross at least at this time if you have a single-sided deafness issue that you are gonna have to go with the previous generation of devices so you can get access to the cross transmitter because it won't work with the audio and hearing aids the other thing is about the recharge ability of these hearing aids even though they fix the issue of wear when you pull them out of the charger they automatically turn on it still has the issue of using the old charger case the old charger case at least the newer versions of the old charger case they're really hard to get those out of that case anytime that I have someone with poor finger dexterity I always break out a demo kit of the audio be rechargeable hearing aids and they can hardly get them out of the case in most cases so going with these devices for someone who has really bad finger dexterity might not be a good option the other thing that I don't really like about the rechargeable aspect of these hearing aids is that it doesn't really give you that long of battery life yes if you don't stream it all it gets you 24 hours in a day which is great for almost everybody because almost nobody stays away for longer than 24 hours at a time but if you start to stream a lot with these hearing devices for hours of streaming will pull that down all the way to 16 hours which is kind of on the verge for some users depending on how long they actually wear their hearing aids throughout the day now this isn't really surprising because they have to use Bluetooth classic instead of Bluetooth Low Energy so that is the trade-off that you get when using a rechargeable hearing aid that it also is able to stream from any device the other thing that I'm not really a big fan of with the audio and hearing aids is that Phonak has chosen to try to improve the sound quality of their devices but by doing this they are lowering the amplification in the high frequencies on their first fit settings meaning the auto program settings of their devices in my opinion this is catering to hearing care professionals who do not use real ear measurement to verify their hearing aid fittings adapting the high frequency amplification is absolutely critical to maximizing your performance with hearing aids and in my opinion this reduction of high frequency amplification in order to give the perception of better sound quality at the initial fitting puts you at a higher risk of an improper fit from a hearing care profession who doesn't perform real ear verification now I would never recommend you go to a hearing care professional who doesn't verify your hearing aid fitting using real ear measures but some people might not even have the option now if you want to learn more about real ear measurement and then why it is so critical to maximize your performance with whatever hearing is that you have I highly recommend that you watch my video that I will link in the card up here and in the description below despite these little flaws that exist in the audio and hearing aids for neck has moved itself from the bottom of the list when it comes to connectivity and firmly placed itself at the top of the list even though there are other hearing is that do some things better than these hearing devices you would be really hard-pressed to find a device that does so many things as well as the Phonak Audeo Marvell that's it for this video if you have any questions leave them in the comment section below if you like the video please share it and if you want to see other videos just like this one make sure you hit that subscribe button I'll see you next time [Music].

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