PRO TIP: How To Record Videos Using Your iPhone


everyone always says that all you need is a cellphone and you can go and create these awesome videos well if that's the case then why is everyone always shooting on all these DSLRs well the answer to that is really that it's kind of hard to shoot on your

cell phone it's not as easy as it sounds i'm een it's easy to say that all you need is your cell phone but once you actually go and sit down and try to make the video with your phone you run into all kinds of issues so in this

video i'm actually going to show you how to set up your phone properly so that you're ready to go and you're ready to start creating videos with that phone and i'm bringing out all the secrets in this video so that you guys can be successful and get those

videos up on lines that you can get more views and make more money because money is fire and videos there are lighter what's up guys Auggie's johnson here with viscom we're we're here to help you create more videos and better videos through our flat rate video editing service

so if you're interested in that head over to vid shops dot-com otherwise stick with me because i'm gonna help you out and get you all set up today so that you're ready to create these epic videos using just your cell phone I mean why even use your cell

phone to create videos everyone always asked like hey what's the best camera I should use for my youtube videos and the answer is always the one that you already own because honestly when you're first starting out it's not really about having the most professional footage that you can

get because honestly your your camera presence your delivery and all that kind of stuff just needs a ton of work so my recommendation is to bust out that phone and set a limit tell yourself hey once I've created at least 50 videos with this iPhone then I'll go

and buy some more expensive DSLR or some other kind of camera that's a great way to do it and what you're gonna find is that you're gonna get better and better at creating these videos and with most YouTube channels the first like twenty to fifty videos I mean

not a lot of people watch and most people are actually embarrassed of these videos later in their YouTube journey because like I said your camera presence and your delivering stuff is just not as good as it will be in the future not to mention that your iPhone is

basically free if you already own it it's super accessible as it could just be in your pocket when there's any time you want to grab a quick shot of something cool that's going on you can just pop it right out of your pocket it's easy to travel with

and one of the cool things about it is that after you record your footage it can automatically upload to the cloud or to some cloud storage service online so that you don't even have to mess with memory cards and all that kind of stuff and you have to

remember that it's not just a camera phone you actually can edit your entire video on just your smart phone well like I said earlier the biggest problem is that once you go and you set your iPhone up and you start recording you're gonna start running into all these

different issues and we're gonna talk about how to avoid those issues in this video so if you do make the decision to start using your phone here's the first thing that I advise that you do so number one is to just factory reset your phone it's really not

that hard it's just a Google search away so if you were to search how to factory reset my phone you're gonna find some instructions follow those and what that's gonna do is it's gonna actually delete everything and that's off your phone so if you have stuff on there

that you want to save make sure you back it up but that's a good way to start because one of the biggest issues people run into when recording with their phones is they run out of space and once it's reset you can just install like your most crucial

apps that you use the most often so that you're not using up any other space with unwanted apps or games or other things that you probably should have deleted a long time ago the next step that I recommend is that you clean your lens I mean your iPhone

is probably in your pocket like mine just was and you know just bust it out make sure the the lens is clean before you record anymore the next thing you're gonna want to do is decide on are you gonna record your videos with the rear camera or the

front camera right so the front cameras on this side the rear cameras on this side and the difference is that the rear camera is normally better quality but it's a little bit more challenging right because you can't see yourself I personally if I were you I would start

off with just the the front facing camera the one on the front so that you're able to make it easy on yourself and then as time goes as you get more comfortable things are running a lot quicker your lighting is good you know what you're doing then you

can flip over and start using that rear camera and just get it set up you know in the space that you want with the right frame and then hit that record button and then jump right in front of the camera and start delivering your lines and if you're

shooting videos kind of like this one which are called talking head videos then you're gonna want to make sure that you get a decent tripod that's going to be compatible with an iPhone holder now most tripods are and what an iPhone holder is it's kind of something like

this where you're gonna stick your iPhone right in between these two clamps so that it'll hold your iPhone just like this and just like all tripods have that little screw or that little bolt that sticks up you can see at the bottom of this this will just screw

right onto that and now I can use my front-facing or rear-facing camera and depending on what you're shooting you're gonna want to shoot either in horizontal or maybe you're shooting like an IG TV and you want to make sure that you get that phone vertical and kind of

the last quick little tip is far as getting set up is to make sure that you turn your phone on to airplane mode before you hit record otherwise all these little pop-ups and push notifications are gonna be happening while you are actually recording and now the next thing

that you're going to want to do is choose a cloud storage service so for example if you have an iPhone you might want to use iCloud it's gonna automatically sync all your footage up into the cloud now one thing you gotta be careful of is when you go

and you record a video with your phone and let's say that almost all your storage gets taken up so it uploads it's on iCloud you've got to be careful because if you go in there and delete it off your phone it's also going to delete off of your

iCloud those things are like mirrors they sync to each other and the iCloud is gonna show exactly what's on your phone so if you delete it off your phone it's also gonna delete off iCloud but what I do is I record it on my phone and then when

I'm sleeping or whenever during the day it's just uploads to iCloud and then I go on to iCloud and I just download it later and just put it on my computer or on an external hard drive that way I have the footage I can go right back to

my phone I can delete everything right off of my phone and clear up all that space and not lose my footage other options are like Google Drive Dropbox or onedrive do your research and choose one that you like I personally use iCloud for this because I think the

upgraded plan is only like a dollar ninety-nine a month so at this point your phone is cleared off you got plenty of space to shoot all kinds of videos you got the cloud storage where it's automatically gonna upload – so you don't have to worry about plugging in

your phone and trying to remove it from your phone you can just download it later at night on your computer and the last step is to choose what kind of app you want to use to record like I said I have an iPhone so I normally will use

just the regular iPhone camera app to record my videos I can do slow motion I can record in 1080p I can do a lot of cool stuff with that app but one thing that's kind of missing is like more manual type controls like for example if I want

to shoot in 4k then I'd actually have to go into my settings and change to 4k and then change it back to 1080p and it's gonna actually take a lot of space on your phone if you do want to shoot in 4k so I recommend 1080p but remember

that camera app has like a lot of automatic settings so if you're going for like a certain look or maybe you just want to have like more manual controls then you're gonna actually need a separate app for that kind of the main app that everyone uses it's kind

of like the industry standard for mobile iPhone creators and that's the filmic Pro app and the cool thing about it is that it offers all those manual controls like you would have in a DSLR like you could increase or lower the ISO or you know change the exposure

you can do all these different little manual tweaks you know add filters all that kind of stuff to create a really good-looking and professional-looking video like I said with the regular camera app the you know the exposure is gonna be changing as you walk through different Lighting's and

there's all these different like automatic settings that it has which is great you know I like that I use them but sometimes you want to go for that different look and you're not able to do that with that actual app and kind of the last step in this

whole process is to figure out how you want to record your audio if you don't want to use like a mic that clips on to your shirt like a lavalier mic then you're gonna want to probably get a shotgun mic really the best one that you're gonna want

for your phone if you're gonna use a shotgun mic and that's the kind of mic that sits right on top of the camera just you're gonna want to get the rode videomicro the cool thing about recording like this is there's not like any external audio the the audio

that you record is gonna go directly into the footage and be synched up already Pro ready for you to start editing another way to record audio is by using a lavalier mic now these are these tiny little mics that you can clip right onto your shirt and then

plug into your cell phone now this one's actually from rode it's a very high quality one I like it a lot but the thing about it is it has a very short cord so what I'll do what I want to use this one is I'll actually use two

cell phones to record I'll use one for the video and then I'll also have my old phone in my pocket and I'll plug in this little adapter right into that cell phone that's in my pocket I'll hit record I'll hit record on the camera and then I'll just

for my video and then in post-production you can actually automatically sync that external audio to the footage that's on your phone and it helps you deliver very high quality audio you also can find lavalier mics they have a lot longer cords so you could just plug it directly

into your iPhone that you're recording from as well tag it onto your shirt and then that audio will already be synced up when you go to edit the footage and the last and final way is to just use the built-in mic that's on your camera that's fine you

can do that the only thing about that is that you need to make sure that you're pretty close to the camera so for example people ask me why are you seeing so close to the camera in your videos like I am right now and part of the reason

I do that is because I'm using a shotgun mic there's a mic sitting on top of my camera so just like with your iPhone you want to be kind of close if you're gonna be using that as your mic if you're too far away this audio is gonna

sound terrible and you know audio is super important in your videos I would say as long as you're like 1 to 2 feet maximum away from the actual mic on your camera you should be fine just make sure you're not in a room that has a lot of

echoes and stuff like that probably be best to record in a room that has carpet instead of tile that has curtains on the walls and if not if it isn't echoey room then you're gonna have to you know use some soundproofing kind of like I have over here

on the wall to help dead in that sound and make your audio sound better ok so to sum this whole thing up here's what you need to do number one you need to factory reset your phone number two you want to make sure that you're able to get

your phone set up in a good way on a tripod so that you're able to kind of record stress free the next thing I recommend is you figure out what kind of a cloud storage service you want to use I use iCloud personally then just make the decision

on what app you're gonna be using to record your videos and finally figure out how you're gonna record the audio whether that's with an external or internal microphone and that's it all you got to do from there is hit that record button deliver your lines do your best

have fun doing it and I hope you guys like this video if you did make sure you guys hit that like button if you're new here make sure to subscribe we release all kinds of videos to help you better in more videos my name is Auggie Johnston thank

you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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