ROOT Samsung Galaxy A71 Android 10 (subtitle) (work to root any samsung and one ui + one ui 2)


How to root Samsung A71 the first, we open the settings we slide to the bottom, about the telephone software information.

here is the basic ribbon version, version number and service providers XID state and security level 1 April 2020 First, we first download stock rom according to the HP version number open Chrome then Enter the address samdb.

org or Whatever you want to download.

we search enter search here Galaxy A71 Select Samsung Galaxy A71 there will be plenty of room stock we will search my country uses XID many pages then we search using the Asia XID country filter adjust it to your device There are two versions, namely ATD2 and ATE8 and mine is ATE8 Android 10 XID version and the ATE8 version already appropriate just click for free download.

Once downloaded, we get a file like this As for the other material, you can download it in the description Install Samsung USB Driver install 7zip make sure to right-click and there is a 7z option then we extract these three files we will get 3 folders like this back to lz4 folder.

PIN lz4.

exe to the taskbar by Right Click and select PIN to taskbar return to the stock ROM XID folder click AP and 7-zip Right Click Open Archie select boot.


lz4 then extract it then there is a boot.


lz4 file drag this file to lz4 that we pin on the taskbar choose boot.


lz4 we will get a new file called boot.

img back to the download folder Move Magisk Manager to the XID folder Open XID.

Select Magisk Manager + boot.

img + AP file then copy it to the telephone device just delete the boot.


lz4 file Return to HP settings about the phone device information and click the version number 5x and we return to the settings we see at the bottom there will be a developer mode menu Enable OEM unlock remember to simply activate the OEM unlock no USB debugging, just unlock OEM Okay after copying to the phone is complete before we move the new boot.

img to the download folder and there is a shared folder with the busybox file And for this file is stock ROM that you can use someday to flash reset returns your device's original ROM check whether the phone storage and there are 3 files there Then we go to the cellphone and install Magisk Manager.

if permission requests occur we allow it then we go back and install there are options “finished” and “open” we just open it Magisk is not installed we click install and click install again and “select and patch a file” then we look for the AP file and boot.

img we will patch both of these files but if we don't meet you guys must display storage first by clicking the dot three in the upper right corner and select enable storage I will patch the boot.

img file first there will be a notification to download Magisk version 20 and if the download is complete he will immediately patch the boot.

img file do it also for AP if the process was completed For the patched file we can check in the download folder in internal memory we don't just delete the patched file Open the download folder in the internal memory of the phone storage we got 2 files here magisk-patcher.

img and Magisk-patcher.

tar we move it again to the computer put it in the download folder on the computer then we go back to the computer download folder and there is magical-pactcher.

tar just move it to the Odin folder then we open the Odin folder and there is a magisk-patcher.

tar file Right-click> 7-zip> extract Then we open the extracted folder earlier Select all files except vbmeta.

img and recovery.

img Besides these two files, just delete them We return to the Odin folder and we rename the magisk-patcher folder so as not to be confused later after the rar file We return to the download folder and there are three files there we choose busybox and we Right Click and choose Run as administrator after we finish Right Click in any place and we select “Open command from here” and enter the following command (for commands you can copy it in the video description) after the Open command prompt is complete then we can move the boot image to the Odin folder and put it in the Magic-pacher folder in it shared vbmeta files and recovery then select the three files and Right Click select 7-zip and select “add to archive” and select “format as” TAR and click ok then we will get a new file called MAGISK-PATCHER2.

TAR and we put it in an outside folder or in the Odin folder The next step is we will activate the bootloader key on the device if it is locked OEM has been activated then we must unlock the bootloader so the device can be rooted First, turn off your device by the way push the power button and volume down or can go through the menu on the top bar of the screen by rubbing it down after the device turns off we take off the data cable then we press the volume buttons up and down and hold reconnect the data cable until the download menu appears then you can release the button We can pay attention there is an order “top button to continue” and “long top button to open the bootloader” then we choose long press the top button until the screen is off we just let go After that we confirm by clicking the top button and wait for the process to run until it's done in about 4 minutes After the device lights up again please connect your device to the internet or wi-fi network and confirm until successfully entering the main menu After successfully entering the main menu we reactivate developer mode and we check OEM unlock is active and gray or you miss this option directly to the process of turning off the device The next step you guys turn off your device disconnect the data cable then press the volume up and down together and hold while connecting the data cable again until the download menu appears then you can release it Then click once on the volume up to enter download mode then we return to the computer and to the Odin folder open Odin, click “option” to turn off auto Reboot and click AP select MAGISK-PATCHER2.

TAR and fill in CS CP CP BL with stock ROM then click start until the process shows RESET and PASS After the flash process is complete we return to the device we will turn on the cell phone by the way Click the power and volume down buttons together and when the screen turns off quickly we move to press the power button and volume up continue to hold until entering the recovery menu Select the data type or factory reset by clicking the volume down then click power to select and click confirm to wipe data if it's successful we immediately select reboot system now Wait for the device to restart until it turns on itself After it lights up, you turn it back on until you enter the menu Don't forget to connect your cellphone to the internet or wi-fi And after you can enter the menu you can transfer Magisk Manager from the computer to the device and reinstall it on the device and if it's already installed you can open it immediately or you can check the developer mode is still active or not here I will check in developer mode first and I will turn on USB debugging We open the manager's magisk the first time we open the notification will appear “requires additional setup” we click ok after successful then the device will automatically restart itself let it go until it lights up again and after it lights up congratulations the device has been rooted and you have successfully rooted without interruption and ROOT can be opened at any time without fear of bootloop without any key combination enough power button There are questions please leave a comment If this is useful .



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