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Hello friends, this is Rajeev and today weare going to do an unboxing of Apple Airpods you can see the box is in frontof me, I recently bought them from flipkart and these are original you cansee the serial number which is written and you can check the serialnumber through the Apple website whether they are genuine or not so I am usingthese Airpods since a week now and they are working pretty fine with myandroid phone since I don't have our own an Apple iPhone and all the features areworking with my Android as well let's check it out how it is.

Let's open thebox, let's keep it aside you will see some paperwork designed by Apple inCalifornia the Airpods again long list of papers, let's keep it aside.

This isthe product, Apple Airpods, let's keep it aside as well.

Let's dig in what is thereinside so yeah the charging port the lightning cable that's it guys so thesemany things are there in the box now let's open the Airpod This buddy has you know attracted a lotof people across the globe but I feel the quality is pretty nice and yeahwhich is why I think this is the highest selling product across the world sowe'll see today that how can we pair this Airpod and in my android and how thefunctions are working so let's see.

So now we will see that how to pairthese Airpods with my Android phone so let's see how we can do it so we cansee that the Bluetooth is already on and my phone now I just have to long pressthis button behind for a while 3-4 seconds if you see that there is white LED lightwhich is blinking that means it is ready to pair now we will go and just scan forthe airpords.

You can see the Airpods are reflecting here so I'll just push itand to see that this green LED light is on and this white LED blinking wasgone that means they are paired now.

Let's take these airbuds off, let's seeif they are working or not.

Let's go to youTube, now they'reconnected We're gonna need a voice now, so guys ifyou want to use all the functions which you know works with the iPhone andAndroid as well I'll show you how to do it there is a third party app called Podroid, you need to just download that So let's open it up so if you can see thatthe battery is all full in both the airpods and the case still not showingbecause what you need to do that you have to put these airbuds back in the case so that you know the battery of the case is visible here, so let's see how it works so now you see that once you close the lid theconnection will be gone no connection is there, now you have to just open it likethis to see that all the details are here can go to the setting here you cansee the first option music autoplay pause when Android takes off on the earso this is the feature that is functional when you use this on the AppleiPhone, but once you download this app this function will again work on yourAndroid phone as well so let's switch it on, warning, yeah you can okay thisshowing battery status yes yes yes so yeahso now let's see let's try it again let's go back I'll just close the lid, and you will see that the connection will go, oh yeah it is gone now let'sagain reconnect these airpods with my android and let's see the pop-up comesor not.

You can see that the pop-up is here and you can see all the details here soit is functional as iPhone, thats very easy, shut it & it'll go away.

It's gone, let's try it once again.

ittakes a little while I mean it is not as fast as Apple but yeah, you can see that.

So let's see all the other functions are working or not.

Let's try to see thisdouble tap is working, so yeah I just double tapped it, yeahgot paused, double click, on, double click, paused, double click on.

Now we'llsee when I take this Airpod off my ear that function is working or not.

Let'ssee, you see that I've taken this off so it is now paused, I'll put this on again This again started, again I've put thisoff, put this on again, you see all the functions are basically working.

So youcan use the airpod just as you using on the apple iphone all the functions areworking and it's pretty good.

The sound quality, everything is really fine Ireally love this gadget and I think this is one of the best airpods I have everyou know in my in my shelf.

So thanks for watching guys I hope you like this video.

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Thank you very much.

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