The ALL-NEW Android Auto 2019 Update is Better Than Ever!! | In-Depth Tutorial


Hello everybody and welcome to this tech help video! Today we're going to be looking at the brand new version of Android auto so it's definitely a nice thing This is the first redesign since it came out back about four or five years ago actually So this is a big change and hopefully we're gonna see some of the things that we had issues with addressed So we'll go ahead and dig into all the different changes So we'll go ahead and launch into the system here.

Of course, you do get into it the same way as you always have and You'll notice that it launched straight into Google Maps.

Now that's actually one of the new features of the system.

It's called auto launch basically, Google system is It knows what type of apps you typically use in the car And the emphasis is in the car.

It actually is not even thinking about the apps that you use on your phone Normally, it's thinking about the apps you use in your car frequently so Google Maps of course would be a Frequent use for my phone as well as most people so it launched straight on to the Google Maps display With our music down at the bottom There also keen to point out that the music starts Automatically and as you can see it is playing right now It just switched to a different song But both those things basically happens simultaneously and it knows what type of apps as a last app that you used in your vehicle Now of course what I'll start out with here is basically the most obvious thing and that's the new visuals This is totally redesigned.

It looks nothing like it used to So one of the main things they've done is going to a muted color scheme We now have a dark black and gray kind of look with little splashes of color in the app But the actual backgrounds and stuff are all black Previously we had kind of like a really white and blue really colorful interface You know whether or not what you prefer I don't know but what they did do this because in most cars including this car Usually the surrounds of the infotainment screen or black as well as most of the interior and it this just kind of integrates it in Makes it look like it's more built in.

It's a little easier on the eye Now, of course as far as this home screen, you will notice it looks nothing like it did before What we've now gone to here is basically a list view of your apps kind of like apple carplay does as a matter of fact So now it's not just a random list.

There is some context to it So this little bar here this symbolizes your recently used apps.

So what's above it or your most recently used apps So in the top left corner here, it's going to be your most recently used navigation app The next two will be your most recently used music apps or media apps and then the next one will be your phone app Underneath that you have all the rest of your apps, of course, you can just scroll between them You know One of the things that Android auto is best at is having a massive amount of app support more so than apple carplay So you still have all the random things like? Like what we showed off in one of our previous Android auto videos like the scanner radio where you can listen to like police scanners just kind of interesting things You still have all that stuff available on Android auto So the little dot there, that's the home screen and you can tap that kind of two times.

So it's a multitasking button basically The one thing you might be noticing is missing We no longer have any cards So we don't have like the little predictive cards that pop up to kind of tell you like.

Do you want to navigate home? I think you're about to go to this calendar event.

Do you want to do that? No, those are no longer there but what we do have is these Google assistant apps and these are Noted here by having the little assistant emblem over top of them So what happens is instead of me launching Google assistant asking it a question This basically already does that for you so when you click on it, it's going to read you Some of the information that you could have requested via the Google assistant Here's the latest news by the way, you can control the news by saying skip or stop the news From Reuters TV us at six fifty-two p.


Today So as you can see, this is a pretty interesting thing to have today's top stories playing here on the news I still have these navigation buttons down at the bottom So I just get four or ten seconds play it skip to another news story I mean, these are very interesting things that apparently you know Probably could previously do but you'd have to know a specific way to launch it with a phrase or whatnot And now you just have this available.

There's a similar one down here for weather So what you can just have the weather go ahead and read you what's going on without you having to ask it Right now in Lexington it's 85 and mostly sunny the forecast tonight is 75 and partly cloudy So right now, we just got a text message I do have the option to play the text message and listen to it.

Nathan Byrne also mute, the conversation reply not interested Yes Sorry reply repeated or is that it for now reply What's the message hello there Here's your text to Mason hello there, do you want to send it or change it send it? Okay message sent and One of the other big changes with this Android auto system is that we now basically have a notification shade So you just hit this little bell right here and this will bring you to your recent notifications.

Now, this is nice, of course because You can't always Respond right at that moment as soon as you get like a message for instance So if you were like navigating previously, you got a message Then it disappears and then I'm left with having to go into the phone section go find the you know Try to track down where the message is.

That's dangerous now I can just conveniently head right here to the notification see okay.

Someone's texted me You know a couple minutes ago now I'm ready to get back around to that So now I can click on it and go through the whole responding process And it is nice at least while we're in park here It is written out visually so you can actually read the text.

You don't have to click on it and listen to it You can just look at it Now we go ahead and jump into some of the finer details of the system here so those are kind of the main changes But of course we do have Google Maps as well as all of our other navigation applications So this does work the same as it always has it can be three-dimensional We do have the satellite maps an able and you do have pinch-to-zoom as well now some of the nice things you can click on that and you'll be able to find your recently used Locations as well as some predictions where you might want to go you've got categories As well as personal things that you may have saved This places you like to go So the purpose of demonstration here we will find a gas station All right, so I'm going to go here Of course you can't call them as usual or click that button there to navigate you'll notice Or draw clean, you know using the power of Google Maps.

We even have like things like the fuel price, you know So there's a lot of power built into that with the traffic and ways and whatnot Now one of the other biggest features is this new adaptive taskbar down here at the bottom So basically what it does is it has contextual information about the app that you're not currently on So more or less you can basically bounce back and forth between the navigation and your audio So right now we've got I turned on some music here that we have playing So when we're on the music, we have our navigation down here So this is telling me my next turn, you know straight.

This is where I'm heading stuff like that I can click that and I'll shoot back to my navigation Well now this down here at the bottom has now changed to my audio information So now I have the all the options here to play pause and skip the song straight from right there And then I can click that.

It'll be back into my music.

So basically it's kind of a multitasking Yeah It's kind of like in Android your most recent app where you can kind of double tap and Quickly switch into that app that you were just on and go back and forth really really fast.

Certainly a nice feature And keeps things from being very distracting Otherwise most of the features here are pretty much the same.

You're just going to notice again different graphics different fonts Things are easier on the eyes things are laid out a little differently So you still have things like your favorites your contacts you have the option to search by letter I don't think that was available before So we can hit like s we'll go straight to this part You can you know, click on any of these things and quickly go into them very easily The music is very similar you have upgraded graphics as you see it's actually a very nice look we don't have a very fancy yeah, graphic here because of the song but you do have basically kind of faded out in the background as well as up here the art The artists part and then you have the little thing that shows you your status around the pause button You can also kind of minimize what's now playing and you got the little graphic here so you can go quickly now playing and back To searching for different things on whatever type of function you're using whether it be Spotify or google play music or whatnot Now I did just click the settings Interestingly enough.

I don't know if it's just because this is a new version.

It's not even fully rolled out yet But when I hit the settings, it just opens it up on my phone.

It says check your phone, but you do have different settings You can use okay Google detection So you can just say those words without pressing any buttons.

It'll go ahead and pick that up as you just saw right there You can actually toggle back to the old version for now You can also lock the phone while you're driving or allow it to be able to continue using other applications while also using Android or on the system So if you want to hand your phone off to a passenger or something like that, you do have the ability to do that But anyways, that's pretty much all that.

I want to cover with the all new Android auto system edgings totally a ground-up redesign Very different and It has a lot of new and very useful features to make things safer as well as a little bit more pleasing to the eye Definitely stay tuned for a future video where we'll be comparing apple carplay and android auto since they're both Happen to be all new in the same year so that definitely warrants a revisit of our previous video To see which one is the superior system now that they're totally different again But anyways, thanks for joining us and see you next time!.

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