The Snake Girl and the Silver Haired Witch 蛇娘と白髪魔 1968 Noriaki Yuasa

” Daiei Motion Picture Company ” Hello?Who's there? Lady! Lady! – What's wrong, Shige-san?- One of the servants.






What’s wrong with her? – She’s dead! ” Snake Girl and the Witch with Silver Hair ” Directed by Noriaki Yuasa Children's home” Megumi ” – Who's there?- This is Sayuri.

– Please come in.

– Okay.

As you already know, your dad came for you.

– Did they take good care of you?- Yeah.

From now on you will have a new name.

Your last name will change.

Because you always lived in a torn family, butnow you are finally coming back to your own blood.

Isn't that wonderful? Listen to your mom and dad, okay? You are a good girl, right? I am.

– Tatsuya, is that you?- Are you calling me?- Come on.


Nanjo, this young man, even after he left our walls, continues to provide uswith all possible assistance.

His name is Tatsuya Hayashi.

All the issues related to themove of Sayuri will be adressed to him.

I really thank you for your concern.

Sayuri, here's your stuff.

And this is a gift for you, becauseof this special day.

Thank you, brother! Take good care of yourself! Thank you for everything!You've been very kind! – Say goodbye to the director.

– Good-bye, Director! Good bye! Sensei, everything was settled! Indeed.

Sayuri, I wanted to tell you something:before we get there.



You probably know that in my family, well, stuff happened.

Six months ago, your mothersuffered a car accident.

Her head was badly hurt.

After the accident, she didn’t remember anythingthat happened in the past.

That’s not a bad thing.

You don’t have to worry about it.

– Okay?- Yes.

– Welcome back.

– Thanks.

What happened? One of the maids, Kaei, had an accident during the cleaning.

– She died?- Yes.

The doctor said shesuffered a heart attack.

That was… Oh, poor thing.

– But there’s a young woman here.

– Hu.

Sayuri, is our housekeeper, Shige-san.

She has long and faithfully serve to our family.

– Nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you, too.

Well, let's go into the house.

Lady! Lady! Sayuri, your mother.

Aw! Tamami-nano! Tamimi, when you have time, I wantto talk with you.

Such a nice Little face.

We are very lucky, aren't we? Yuko is not Tamami.

Her name is Sayuri.

Sayuri?Sayuri is your name? I’m so sorry.

Okay? You're right Shige-san.

– Please take Sayuri to her room.

– Aye! Go, my dear, take a warm bath.

Yuko, Sayuri lived by herself for so long.

– It’s necessary to properly take care of her.

– Of course, my dear.

Your mother used to stay in this room.

Now, it belongs to you.

You can dress in anything you like.

– Dinner will be served in 20 minutes.

– Okay.

My dear parents… Mom just called me Tamami, that’s a bit weird.

Well, I'm dying to see mom and dad!How happy I am! Dear God, if all this happiness is but a dream, please, I don’t want to wake up! Hey! How do you do?! Come closer.

Daddy! Mommy!Thank you very much! You’re gorgeous!You’re our beloved and only daughter! Well, we are late for dinner! Sir… – Sir, a telegram for you.

– A telegram? Oh, this shouldn't happen the nightwhen Sayuri is back home! What’s up.

This is from the University in Africa.

They found a poisonous snake, the one I'vebeen looking for.

They asked for me to go there.

– Poisonous snake?- Indeed.

Your dad is studying differenttypes of venomous creatures.

The study of that species…My biggest dream.

What bad timing, just now, when Sayuri returned home.

Dad, don’t worry.

Mom and I will take good care of each other.

– Yes, of course.

But still.



– How many weeks will it take you to do the job? Two weeks, at most.

If you have something to do, do it right, ah? – Mom and I will be looking forward for you return.

– Really? Well, well.

I have to leave tonight.

It has to be.

Sayuri has to promiseto wait for her old man.

Yes! I promise! Excellent! Let's have some dinner, then, I have to hit the road! Is this my mother?What is she doing up so late? Eat it.


Is it too late for her tocome here and pray to the Buddha? Also, why did she bring that food? See you tomorrow, okay?Good night! My bad!I don't have the right to snoop! What? What happened?There was food on that plate! The Buddha didn’t eat that meal.

Perhaps mother returned andtook it back! Of course! Nite! This morning, I woke up earlyto tour the house.

Wow! This is certainlymy father's room! How dark! – What are you doing here?- Well, I'm.



It’s not safe here.

There are all kindof poisonous animals, among other things.

This is your father's study, where he's engaged inimportant research, you should not be here.

– Agreed?- Yes.

Excuse me, please.

Who’s there? Hold on! This room is for prayingto Buddha; show respect.

I understand.

Well, that's okay.

Come on, you haveto pray to the Buddha.

You're now a part of our family.

Yes! Her name is Sayuri.

Now, turn your face to the Buddhaand pray to him.

Please be kind to me! – What happened?- There was someboby! Sayuri, what happened today.



Let's keep it a secret.

Don't tell dad when he comes back from Africa.


From now on you'll begoing to a new school.

– Go ahead, hurry up! You can’t be late!- I will! Why do we have to keep it a secretfrom my father? A new school, but I can only think aboutwhat happened back in the chapel.


Big Brother! Oh, there you are! I brought your documentsat the request of the Nun.

– How are you? Are you OK?- Yes.

No too bad.

I thought you might be lonely there.

Oh, no! I’m not alone, I have the doll you gave me.

– I guess the doll is probably getting bored.

– How come? – She likes when you sing.

– Oh, that's why! If you're feeling bad, you just sing along withthe doll and think about good things.

That's it.

– Really?- Mhh.

Well that’s enough.

The visit is done.

Good! Give my regards to the teachers! It seems, in fact, like someone was here.

What? I’m feeling worried once again.

– Little lady, what happened?- There's a snake.



in my bed! – It can’t be!- The Truth! It’s true! Is it? -It’s nothing- There, under the pillow.

That was nothing but a dream.

All right, I’ll go back.

Good night.

Turn off the lights.

This is odd.

If you're feeling bad, you just sing along withthe doll and think about good things.

Who’s there? Mother! Mom! Mother! Mom! Mom!Mom! Sayuri, what happened? Back in the room! I saw somebodyvery much like a monster! – A monster?- Yes! – Are you sure it wasn’t a dream?- I am.

Well, I guess we may goand take a look together.

– Come with me- Okay.

Hey! Come here.

What happened, Tamami? Tamami? – Tamami, were you in Sayuri's room?- Well, I just wanted to make friends.

– Oh, that's why.

– Mom, who is this? – Your sister .



Your older sister.



– My sister!! Yes, your sister.

For some reason, she can’t learn a thing in school, so that’s why she neverleaves this very room.

That’s a terrible thing to hear.

Why don’t we all livein this same room? Sayuri, you wouldn’t mindliving with Tamami, would you? Of course not! And after all, she’s my older sister! All cleared up! Thank you, Sayuri! For once, everything turnedout very well, right, Tamimi? Now you will live with your sister.

“But only if we keep it asecret from your father.

” Why is that? Since that morning, I'vebeen secretly living with her.

I made my mother a promise:to help that poor girl to make friends.

– But.



– All right then, Tamami, come on.

What cold hands! What a kind grip.

Tasty, indeed.

This seals the friendship.

Now, let’s go to bed.

Mom, nite! Night, Tamimi! Tamami! You have some sort ofscratch on your cheek! – What are you staring at? Sleep already!- Yes.

Sayuri! Sayuri-san! – Oh, honey! Come to see your father's lab?- Dad's lab? Yes! I bet that you're dyingto take a peak inside, right? Something that has been botheringyour mind, right? ” Let's keep it a secret from yourfather all that happened today ” ” As well as all the.



other things.

” – Come on, hurry up Tamami!- But I'm not dressed up.

Do not worry! Leave it to me! Now become a bird and fly!One, two, three! How nice! Sayuri! Sayuri! Sayuri, Sayuri! Sayuri, where are you going? – Let's run away!- No, we can't! Come here.

Hurry up! How could you still be asleep?Get up already! Oh! Sister is getting angrier.

What’s this?It looks like scales.

Why are those on her bed? Yes, it's a scale.

I can say for sure: this is not from a fish.

It's a snake Scale.

A snake's? – Where did you find it?- Where ? I Just found it in The swamp! You must be very careful.

-This thing feeds on frogs, right teacher?-Indeed.

– They are cold creatures?- Oh yes.

Snakes, are cold-blooded reptiles, so theycan survive in any temperature.

Also, snakes don’t attack at first, if they are not disturbed, or beaten with sticks.

They are venomous, they can easily hurt you.

So, promise not to approach snakes.

Yes! -Who’s next?-I am! This is the main source of food: frogs.

This type is simply called “common frog.

” Frogs are cold-blooded, too.

Where did you find it? There are some in the swamp.

Yes, there is water there.

They need some water, like you.

It can not be!Is Tamami a snake? Mother, I'm here! -You came late.

-Yes, today we have a circle of biology.

Yeah? What’s that? – A frog, that’s what my friends have brought.

– Don’t touch that thing, take it outside.

-You are going to have a hot bath, Okay?-Okay.

– Where’s Tamami?- She’s hanging out with Shige-san.

I felt very sorry for thinking thatmy sister was a snake; a silly idea.

Welcome back! We have no time to lose.

Quick, get dressed.

Oh, I forgot a sweater! What happened?Why were you screaming? – She is a snake!My sister is a snake! – Don’t be silly! Don't lie.

– But on her back.



scales all over! -You keep lying.

-No I mean it.

This is true! Now, I can’t believe you anymore.

– You've already lied once, when you said that a snake was in your bed.

I didn’t lie! You can try to fool me all you want, but I will not allow you to lie to your mother.

-Your mom isn't right in the head, understand?-Yes.

Why does no one believes me, even though I only say what I saw? What's that? It's a frog.

I’ve studiedabout them in class.

Where did you get them? My peer said he got themfrom the swamp.

Oh, “The swamp”.

Shige-san! Shige-san! Shige-san! Why such a fuss!It's late, you know.

Tamami just went out of the house! Out of the house? Yes, I’m sure; the door was opened.

Where could she go? – She just went to the swamp!- Why would she go to such a place? – For the frogs.

she went after frogs! I'm sure!- Again, are you kidding me? I don’t lie! She asked me in the afternoonAbout the place where I found the frog.

In any case, her shoes are here.

She can’t go too far.

I told you! I'm not lying! It's all true! Why are you making such a noise?Surely there is a night watchman.


Sayuri says that Tamami left homeand went to the swamp.

-What reason would she have to go to a place like that?-She.



– I was going to go after her.

– I'm going, too.

I can’t remain calm, if she is not at home.

Sayuri, I'll be back.

Here, this is a key, lock the door for us, okay? I just went out for a while.

I've been been lookingfor some things.

Check this out! Mom! Damn! Where is the key!? Don't yell.

Nobody can hear you screaming.

Did you loose the key?Is this the key? Come and get it.

Listen carefully:yes, I'm a snake.

I just want to taste yoursoft little hands, again.

Your soft little hands… Mom! Save me! I’m sure she is at home.

I hope you’re right about that.

What's up with Sayuri? And the door wasn’tlocked as I asked.

Sayuri! Sayuri! Mom! – What’s happened?- Ms.

Tamami, where were you? Oh, I was in the toilet.

– All this time? You were at home?- Yes, I didn’t leave the house.

When I came out of the room, the girl went and got scared for no reason at all.

Ah, now I understand everything.

Sayuri, from now on, I will not letyou fool yourself.

Good people, stay away from here.

Shige-san, do not say such things.

You just messed up, right, Sayuri? Okay, you were onlyplaying, right? Come on, let mothertake you to your bed.

I decided not to say thingsthat have never happened.

But… .



but at the end, my sister never left.

Perhaps, you havebeen imagining things.

Brother, you do not believe me? Yeah, well do not worry about it.

I know you're not a liar.

There’s something strange, the director didn’t sayanything about you having an older sister.

Because of the things you said, I thinkYou should see the director.

– So do you believe me?- Of course! Thank you! I'm in school and I can’t tell anyone.

What can I do? Talk to the director, but don’t speak nonsense.

If you need me, I can be with you in a blink of the eye! – So don’t be discouraged! Okay?- Yes! Well, I have to go.

So, if I understand correctlythere is another girl.

According to what the father said, two years ago, they suffered the death of a daughter.

Then, it looks like father lied to you, Director? The document should mention onlythe father and mother, but.



– But?- Hmm… We shouldn’t be Talking about such things;But, this girl named Tamami loved snakes.

She was busy all day with snakes, and learned all about them.

One day, she brought the snake that she found in the road, and handed it to the smartest, most beautiful girl in the class.

The snake, feeling itself in the wrong hands, had bitten the girl in the neck.

An act of envy.

The girl wasn’t killed, but experienced a great shock.

On the other hand, Tamimi thought she was actually a snake.

For this mental disorder, the father had to placehis daughter in the hands of a specialist.

He couldn’t keep her at home.

That explains a lot, but, do you think, can a mental illness, trigger physical ailments? This question is difficult to answer, without consulting an expert.

But, you know that elephantiasis makes a person’sskin thicker and thicker; like real elephant skin.

I see.

I hate you! I hate everyone! Why don’t you do as I asked? If I had done, poor thing Sayuri.

– Is there anyone who you love more.

– No, you dear, no one in the world! Then, do it! Sayuri, what are you doing here? I… Come quick! Sayuri, from tonight you’ll be by yourselfin your old room.

Got it? Do you want to sleep elsewhere? Tamami.



Shut up! And calm down.

I will not allow her to take my place! – But, Tamami.



– Stop it! Mom! All right.

From now on, I'll besleeping in the attic.

– I don't have to bother you again.

– Is it true, is it? Are you going upstairs? Go on, I'll bring you up some food.

Take her upstairs.

Mind the stairs.


Excuse me, there's nothingI can do.

No, really, it's okay.

I don’t want to cause any problems to Mom.

That’s only the attic, but it's so goodjust to live under the same roof with you! Thank you, Sayuri! Why are you standing here, just procrastinating?Quickly, let's move! Just as I thought .



We have to keep an eye on her! Tamami! It must be lonely.

I would like you toshare a room with Tamami.

But you should not have beentelling those lies to everyone.

Shige-san doesn't believe in me anymore.

Sayuri! With this, you will not feel alone.

It is the perfectcompanion for you! Oh, Miss.






– But.



– Come on, I said! You are on your own, now.

And the doll no longer sings.

For what? Why do I deservesuch treatment? I put on my clothes.

That’s all that I need? My… my real face.

I wish… I could be beautiful.

Suddenly, I felt sorry for my sisterwho is constantly agressive to me.

Will I still endure? Mom, nite.

Tamami! Sister! Tamami! Sorry, I couldn't help it!Tamami! Mom! Mom! Mother! Sayuri? Sayuri.

– Sayuri .



– Top of the morning!- Morning.

Sayuri, look, now my mother is going toSee the doctor along with Shige-san.

I wanted to ask you not to go to school todayand take care of the house with Tamami, okay? – Agreed?- Yes! Forgive me, Sayuri;Tamami is so selfish.

No, that's okay, my sister Tamamiis such a poor thing.

Thank you, Sayuri!You are so kind! – Madam, the car is ready!- Coming! I left the key at the bottom, now it can’t slamand it will always be open.

Thanks, Mom! Breakfast is served, I left it onthe table in the refectory.

Well, here I go.

Have a nice trip! – Come with me.

– No!-Come on, I said! People think that allsnakes are poisonous.

The most beautiful snakeis this: Euprepiophis conspicillata.

After the bite, the skin all over the face is coveredwith coarse wrinkles, like after burns.

Scary? I'll show you somethingreally horrible.

Look out! The poison burns away everything.

Only bones remains.

And if you hold out for longer, even the bones just melt.

Scary? If it's so bad, then get out of this house! If you go, don’t you dare tocome back! Got it? What is this?Why don’t you just go? – No, I'm not leaving.

– Why not? – “Why?” Because I promised towait for the return of my father.

– My promise stands.

I'm a good girl.

– “Good girl” Sick! You call yourself good?Just a little cute, damn you! If you don’t leave, who knows what terriblethings can happen to you.

You'll stay here, despite the risk? I am.

“If you don’t go, who knows what terriblethings may happen to you.

” It happened already, last night.

As my sister said, there was something terrible.

Damn! Stop, please! Stop! – Please take me to the station! There's a strange woman.

– A strange woman? Come on, sit down, quickly.

– Thank you very much!- Watch it! – Brother! Brother! Sayuri? Is that you?What are you doing here so late? Step into the house!At once! She says that she was stalked.

Of course, I don't believein witches, but this is weird.

And then, Tamami and Sayurihave been fighting, like two sisters.

Do you think she must leave? – You know.

They’re not really sisters, in the flesh.

– What? So, am I an adopted daughter? No, you're the one andonly daughter of the Nanjo family.

Then, explain why Sayuri ended up in the shelter, When she was just a baby? It’s better for you to ask Sayuri's father, but the only thing I can say is, On that day, back in the day when Sayuri was born, a confusion caused the family to keep the wrong child.

Well, your adoptive mother died prematurely.

The family Nanjo took Tamami; theywere not aware of that mistake.

They’ve raised Tamamias their own daughter.

However, time passed and some blood test revealedthat she was not the real daughter.

And then your father lookedfor you everywhere.

So, knowing that you were here, he came and took you home.

That's the way it was.

But, Sister, is there any evidencethat I was the right baby? Of course, there is.

Remember I once askedyou to pass a blood test? The analysis showed that there is no doubt thatyou are their real daughter.

That’s why Tamimi wasalways bullying her! Yeah, probably so, but I think thatwe should not disturb the father, who is now occupiedby serious studies in Africa.

That’s why I didn’t write back to him; here is a letterfrom him, in which asks if everything is OK with Sayuri.

– But, let's send him the whole truth as it is.

– Sensei, thank you! – I'll write it, very fast!- Please! But it’s getting late.

Tomorrow everything will be clarified.

Tomorrow it is!Come on.

– Good evening.

– Good evening.

– Bye.

Tatsuya? Come in! – I’ll stay here tonight.

– Where will you sleep? I’ll sleep on the couch.

Wait up.

Sister! Please talk to me, Sister! Brother, what happened? Quickly! Quickly get some help! Police!The director has been killed! Who could have done such a horror?Why kill such a virtuous nun? She was holding a penwhen that happened.

Without a doubt, she was goingto write a letter to your father A letter that someonedoesn't want to be written.

Exactly!Your life is in danger! Mr.

Kazukai? – What happened?- Just came to say that we received aphone call from home, Sayuri.

Your mother suddenly became ill and asked me to askyou to return home as soon as possible Mom! I have to go home! Wait a minute! – It may be a lie and a trap- A trap? But why? She knows that you're here.

She is a witch!Well, there is no escape.

Let's go together.

This puzzle requires a solution.

What are you doing? I hate that face!I hate the cute face of Sayuri! Stop it! I will not! I’ll not restuntil I destroy it! You look so pathetic.

But you are not to blame, because it’s so painfulto live, carring that curse.

All those scars have marked you, have brought bitterness to your soul.

if you think you are a normal girl, then you’re a nice girl.

When your parents raised you, they strove to see your beauty on the outside.

And in return, you get ugly from the inside.

– It's a scary face but a reflection of your inner self!- Shut up! I'm not going to listen to anything! Wait! If you're going to do evil things, start with me! Tamami, you can help it.

What do you want, bitch? What a shame; you betterstay away from it all.

But if you set fire to the boiler room, the police will think that you were accidently burned.

Okay, listen.

Why do we have to kill? It’s a natural thing to do.

Because they know that you'renot their real daughter.

They'll have to kill.


I don’t want to kill anyone.




Why do you say that? When your father returns from Africa, they will all tell him the whole truth.

And what if this all happens.

Do you care? You can’t stop playing with people! Look at this uglyness!Anything you say will not change this reality! – Stop it!- Go ahead, kill them both, quick.

Then, just start a fire, and all will be over.

Free! Forever! And then the parents will appreciate youand love you even more.

That’s it.

now this puzzlemakes sense, you bitch! Tamami! Do not let yourselfbe fooled! She's using you! Shut up! Can her face be healed? No way! There’s only one thing to do.

– If now we try and do as I say, we will both be happy!- Both? But of course! I'm always there whenyou need me.

I'm worried about you.

It is my will, to makeus happy at any rate.

Come on, this is the mostimportant thing to do! Even if you just say “no” It doesn’tcleanse you from the other things you did.

Stop it! Stop it! Enough is enough!You can still fix it! Brother! Hold on! I'll save us! Devil! Damn you! Shige-san!What happened? Just run!Nothing can be done.

I will not leave my daughter! Mom, it's dangerous! Leave her.

If she burns, one problem less! – Brother! It’s getting so hot!- Hold on, I'm about to break free! – Everything will be okay.

– Brother, quick! – Do not worry!- Hot! How hot! Where is mom? You go upstairs and wait outside the house!and I'll go for your mom! Why is it so hard to get rid of this crap! Let me go!Let me go! Sayuri! Sayuri! She’s in a safe place, let’s go! Let me go!Get your hands off! Help!Help! Damn! – Shige-san! Shige-san, stop it! Do not!- Die, creature! You filth! I'll kill you right now! I'll kill you! Brother, help me! Stop it! Stop it! Tamami! Sister! Stop it! Please, stop it! Please! – What are you doing? I'll kill her!- No, stop it, please! – Hold it! Do not move!- Shit! Take your hands off of me! Sayuri? Be strong! Brother! Oh, she is.



She was not seriously ill.

– Brother.

–That woman is responsible for all this.

Oh, you are Okay! – Where am I?- At the hospital.


Who are you? – I’m Sayuri.

– Sayuri? Sayuri? Right!How happy I am! You are my real daughter!Are you not? Dear Mom! I knew.

All that your father saidwas all true.

Our real daughter, Tamami.

Tamami?What happened to her? Madam, Tamami-sanhas passed.

-Did she die?-Yes.

Where and when? – Tamami looks so different.

– What do you mean.

What I mean is, Tamimi is different fromthe one that I remember.

Now she is sweeter.

– it's just all the dead, look so peaceful.

– But it's so weird .



Now I understand, that's whatwe wanted to say, Tamami.

That last thing she did.

In trying tosave another person she redeemed herself.

A human face can express the emotionsIn the right way.

Real beauty lies not on the face, But inside of the soul.

After father returned from Africa, we went to visit the grave of Tamami Mother's memory, slowlybegan to return.

After everything, today I am really happy! But I can’t lose the thought, Perhaps, Tamami gaveme this happiness? With Her last dying gift.

Tamami, dear sister! Tamami! Sister! I promiseI'll be a good person.

No matter how I look.

I will keep the beauty from my heart.

Yoshimi .












TranslationFearlono .














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Timing * Fansubbed for Cinemageddon *October, 2012 T H EE N D.

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