THINKING LIKE AN ANDROID | Detroit:Become Human – Part 4

Top of the mornin' Laddies, my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to detroit Become human Last time we did.



Was it Kara's thing that we did last? Why is this all blocked off? What? reach the train safely.



oooooh It's showing me stuff that I haven't even done yet.

Look at all this chickens.

Okay, moving on Who are we gonna get back to *jack cut off by the obscenely loud games report* scared the shit outta me ooooh That's what Connor was watching in the police station Okay, Markus is coming to terms with a lot of things.

Is Markus our Sonny? Is he going to become like robot messiah? He does have a very hobo Jesus look about him right now He and Bart.


He imparted the Ferndale on me Check symbol? That square thing? K, Look for the graffiti.

There's graffiti everywhere oooh.


But look at this That's our symbol! Oh I thought look for this like this sign in it.

Not the actual aaaahmm Graffiti itself.

I didn't realize it was showing me the entire thing.

Okay, big yellow one.

K, none of these.

What's up, sir? Can't I, like, spare him some credits? or something? Okay, bye Tech addict, I always liked these books.

It adds a lot.

Cyberlife has unveiled a new quantum supercomputer capable of “exaflops” I love that kpop band.

1 billion billion operations per second.

The equivalent of several human minds in a single machine The computer was specifically designed to analyze vast data from various sources and generate predictions.

Philip Saymor or seamore, cyberlife's director of futurology is highly confident We've been testing for a while and the results are going to wow people The computer will be used to calculate the probability of mass extinction events.

Otherwise known as “mee”s Such an aggressive alien in, Such as aggressive alien invasions or global climate disasters Like meteors or super viruses.

Can you actually predict that? The computer can then help us to anticipate and prepare for such calamities ensuring humanity has never caught off guard Despite doomsday predictions from those fearful that AI is gaining too much influence already, many exports “exports” are hailing this as quantum leap in applied artificial intelligence What if they build the computer and then it's like yeah, you're already fucked.

The computers are AI is gonna kill you all Half the planet is already like AI is running around doing the wrong thing But you guys have no idea because they don't have the LEDs anymore and you made them too good No, no, no don't go back.

I want to go down Android astronauts to explore IO That's interesting stuff.

NASA announced the launch of a five android crew to explore “IO”, one of Jupiter's satellites The journey will last three years and is expected to teach us much about the formation of our solar system though Not the first androids in space This is the first all machine crew proving that androids are sufficiently reliable to be entrusted with the entire mission Where page 2? “Androids are an extraordinary asset for the conquest of space”, said Michael Shelley, director of NASA cosmic radiation destroys human DNA Humans suffer many effects from long-term space travel while androids are immune to most of these issues.

NASA confirmed no return journey was planned and that the androids would work on IO for several months before being destroyed by the extreme Conditions of the planet.

That's another thing to think about as well is that if in this universe, they're Equipped enough and capable enough to make these types of AI then what's the say like what's inside your phone or what's inside a computer or what's – Like what type of AIs are in the rest of the world? so obviously if technology is improved to the point where you're able to make Androids then obviously our space travel is going to be a lot better and the thing about androids is that sure the computational side of it is a really big factor like actually Getting the processing done and getting AIs to look human and sound human and interact with everything That's a very complicated task to do.

But one of the bigger factors is POWER sources the reason we don't have like nano armors and like Iron Man suits and Exoskeletons for the military and all that kind of stuff is that it's just impossible to power that shit At least efficiently without weighing it down Also, it worries me that in this universe that The androids, it doesn't take a whole lot for them to become deviants, and once they're deviants.



Wait a minute, he said sorry and excuse me treated me like a person because he didn't know I was an Android Interesting But yeah it's worrisome that androids can just flip on a switch like that like Markus It didn't take a whole lot for him to suddenly become rogue Thanks, I know the graffiti is right next to me, but I'm trying to just look around It's here there's one And there's another one up here.

Boom baby, clue updated.

Follow on the clue Aaaw, they're talking about an Android I was able to sprint there for a second Oh “Sprint”.

I'm able to jog around I want to see how far I can explore I'm gonna take Markus out in the road open up his bad-boy wings Oh Can't go that way Surveillance drone operating on these premises That's also another thing is that Right now CCTV is everywhere already.

You're always being watched Almost everywhere you go.

If not Physically, then digitally like your footprint is everywhere.

You're you can't hide in today's society.

It's literally impossible You're going to be leaving some sort of trail somewhere But The thing about that is that now like cameras are everywhere Looking at you no matter where you go, but nobody really cares because they're not really doing anything It's when drones start coming in that everyone's made more aware of how many there are around Like you kind of made aware of how many cameras are actually around because they're making noise and they're more intrusive Sorry, don't run me down.

I'm a nice robot man.

Okay, it's over here We do it all.

Do you? Do you really? Antic games.

nobody plays video games in this future There it is oh wait, there's a second one? Got such a raging clue I also feel like I've had to sneeze since this episode started and it's not coming out This also looks like the exact same area well, I mean it is all Detroit But as know it looks like the exact same area that Kara and them were just in Okay, I have to search for little robot men [odd accent] Not really seeing him around, man if there's robot man around I can't see 'em Ahhnnhaha! Not today disco lady.

Alright, my robot boys are somewhere else ah, just let me cross the street for fuck's sake Red light! Green light! haha! It happened right as I said it! awwesome, I can predict the future Look at those boys playing turns out they're just throwing rocks at each other.

damn it! Oh, haha I'm drinking a frothy coffee Man, future cop cars have weird sirens I think I've already passed the area I'm supposed to be in but it's nice to explore Okay whole system almost broke there that's fine just keep going power through These're li'l robot boys, I'm looking for right Oh beside a fence.

I just saw a fence.

Hello fellow humans it is I rk400 I mean Mara coos (poorly pronounced “Markaus.

“) Nah, sorry.

Robot boys! One on his belly and there's one in the other guy's chest I see it you can't hide from me Okay, let's count that from here It looks like it's doing that Is that really the one and I just can't get to it right now if there's one like right there oh They'll never suspect me in broad daylight Plus would they really care you just look like an urban explorer Get out here you damn palette.

Oh Wait, oh, wrong one! (laughs) Okay next to a big giant face that doesn't feel so good.

Okay got it Anything down here worth looking at I Can I hide in the dumpster? That's really where I belong There it is About a shark, man All around me are familiar faces There's the last one Point away to reach the roof.

Ah, okay.

I can use the bin I (Singing) I can show you the trash Shining shimmering splendid What oh I'm sorry watchdogs who? Sparkle Don't get down yet.

Ooh How hardcore you Marcus how hardcore can you pair a core reconstruction Am I gonna wall run? What's the probability my might I do all we're doing it Oh, Marcus I'm so glad you're free from mankind's oppression Cuz know you're badass you can do what you want, fly where you want, kill who you want.

I mean what? Sparkle City Sparkle Cit, bitch, I see three of them already One of them hiding in the same colors, My god, this is such a long-winded way to get to where I'm going I Don't even know who Jericho is Wow, okay, can hop up there or I could do some sort of like parkour backflip on this That's not that cool Would be too unstable Thank you computer brain you saved my marriage Okay, let's go all the way back.

Can I just exit out? Okay, what if I go this way like a spry cat man Would not be solid enough.

Oookay Are these the only two options? Okay.

Well, I guess I'm going this way That's a good start, hahaha Yes I'm sorry Markus, I only know Batman Would be too high now.

You just don't got the stones to make the jump man Sweet now run simulation I like how it basically shows it to you and then it SHOWS it to you I'm glad they didn't do that whole like Cuz after seeing something like that the urge to want to do like *Panting* Or something would be probably really high and I'm glad that they don't do that It was the same with the jogging guy at the start Because they're Androids.

They're obviously not gonna need breath.

What's the next one I need? There it is Wait it is this, isn't it? Maybe you have to line it up That's literally it There's the giant symbol got it The other side of this Ok, can you move in that direction? All right, yeah, I can't move at all oh there's a dead person in here Well, it's an Android What happened to him, is that Jericho eyes dead Oh, I just had to do this though, I had to go around and look at it from the other side Jericho was the sunlight Jericho is a boat It's a thing not a person but a person is a thing they're all nouns but See the plot she thickens like a good soup That way and something that way Way, I don't go up there unless you're gonna collapse or something hey Gotcha don't follow the death trail.

Oh scared the shit on me Are you okay? What's the scene a lot to talk about some of my decisions in this game What you mean I expected because it's it's one of those types of games that I'm never gonna get the decisions, right? All the time or right? There's no right or wrong decisions You just play the way you play the decisions I get are my decisions.

They're what I do in the spur of the moment I do have some issues with the way the game sets up the choices and the way it contextualizes them it the way it portrays them and everything I get to that eventually that's like a game design thing that I want to Talk about but um, I think that goes wrong or goes right or go sideways or goes indifferent.

It's just the way it is Let's just live with it and go with it.

And I know I'm slightly later to the game than other people So a lot of you know exactly how the game goes by now, you know what happens, you know, what's supposed to happen? You know the ins and outs all the story and everything I literally have no idea and I'm playing it for the first time.

So I'm going in blind to a lot of these things So if you don't get things in the first go, that's fine We'll get the path that we get and then at the end we might be able to go back and see all the different eventualities Because I'm very very curious.

Normally I don't do that.

So I'm like, well, my story is my story But this is a lot of twists and turns and I'm I'm very curious to see how different outcomes play out So let's just have fun with it on the first go let's feel some feelings Wow That's gorgeous Oh god Markus, oh god don't look down.

SHREK, I'm looking down This gonna be a ship full of Androids What? Oh Markus Sploosh And you lost your trendy jacket.

I really liked that made me look like Neo.

Hello? Housekeeping.

Did say find a way to see and this is a flashlight so Sound designer this game is really really good as you know, that's the stuff.

I'm a sucker for That door there's this way Really you can't open that you're a strong Android man.

Use the power of robotics Sorry, I was just dicking around man Now it's Detroit: becomes scared Jericho: becomes scared, the sequel I'm guessing all of these are locked We're being very loud There's nothing in here except rA9, rA9, rA9, rA9 Is that another android? Blocked path, open path Nope That was an Android lady, right? Well Markus, there's absolutely no way back now This sucks This place is horrible Coming back in Detroit, please.

Well if we're still in Detroit.

You know what I mean.

Marcus I know you're a freaking robot.

You don't get scared But I'm very scared.

You okay? Did you break your synthetic spine Oh God That's a Daniel? Ha that guy is the same model as Daniel, what did I miss? Just another option to cross the gap I like those ones Okay What is Yericho are we with my boy again Oh Khan Khan and Hank, man my two favorite duo's My favorite duo Reconcile with lieutenant Anderson, okay So I'm trying to figure out I'm in my head I'm trying to game the system all the time and like I Want to go through my thought process for some of the things like when Connor got shot that time Like in my head that was like, okay And I didn't even realize at the time that the stress level was supposed to go up Because they had said stress levels high means the robots gonna self-destruct and I need information out of him So I thought I was supposed to keep the stress level low and I didn't even realize it said too low and I was supposed to get it higher and it was red and everything and to me stress levels are like they're always supposed to Be kept low, especially in a tense situation So I was like, okay, I I should keep it low and I didn't even read what was supposed to happen that's on me and then afterwards it was like give up or intervene and I didn't want to give up because I thought Giving up is failure Like in in the context of a game giving up usually means you fail that section you give up on that section I was like, okay, I don't I give up I'll Intervene because I'm an Android and who can stop an Android bashing its head in but an Android So that's my thought process.

I ended up messing it up, but that's what went on in my head.

Good God Look how pretty this is The lighting is astounding The reflections are nice The shaders are really nice The materials are really nice, good job Chicken Feed So in my head, I'm trying to game the system.

Like how does the game prioritize? options of choices But I like you.

Apologize for behavior Just guys being dudes Hamburger 1680 calories, carbohydrates water salt Okay, cool An XL soda 710 calories.

Hanky boy You're about to consume almost your entire thing.

Oh, it's pineapple passion though.

Go for it Hank.

Okay, I don't know why I'm scanning the Hank again.

I know Hank.

Hanks my buddy Gary K's criminal record resisting arrest breach of hygiene regulations So they don't have visa they have Viva and Detroit card Anything else against scanneroo? Think that's the whole job lot Cause I like you.

Hank be nice to me we're buddies were bros.

I would like one American cheeseburger, please While I watch the hockey game Cholesterol Yeah, you fucking eat it Hank don't let that Android tell you even know Connor I love you but Habit? Poor Connor, I think you're great He lost somebody to an Android didn't he? Yeah, had my fair share Wonder if that's the same Daniel then? Yeah? Sincere, psychological or cold? I'll be sincere Wait Making a report to cyber life.

Is that what he was doing when he was talking to Amanda? Okay, through.

Okay pigeon feathers You can Hank, report in your mind's eye.

Just go to your Mind Palace like Sherlock Question the subject Ready Hank, let's do it Hello, it's me Android Connor.

I love these guys.

They're so cute Okay Hank, be careful I don't want you getting shot Oh, Connor's rubbing his hands together.

I thought he was going in like this Stick him up robbers.

I've got a gun What if he did that his fingertips just came off and then he had guns underneath Okay.

I know we're chasing bad guys and everything.

I'm gonna read a book real quick Read I SEPA Demick, okay.

This is it because this is my theory that Didn't it say that red ice also has Thirium in it and Thirium is the blue synthetic blood that runs through the Android? So what if they're interacting with each other and people who take? Thirium Or take red ice are messing up the Android circuitry or something like that I don't know the synthetic stimulant informally known as red ice has become the drug of choice for Detroit's growing underclass analysts of print Paula analysts have pointed to Detroit status as the epicenter of Android production suggesting the drug flourishes in the dissatisfaction caused by androids taking human jobs Sociologist Dr.

Julian Carter has drawn the same link with androids a cyber lights Android spread across the country They will bring red ice with them poor men and women desperate to make ends meet are vulnerable to become users or even dealers Not only is the popularity of this drug spreading rapidly But its chemical composition is uniquely dangerous.

Thirium The main ingredient in Android blue blood is among the active agents in red ice and has a highly destabilizing effect on hormone production bing-bang-bong The National Association of narcotic prevention say the problem is going to get worse The purity of ingredients is very low and deteriorating America's biggest narcotics industry is only likely to grow Red Ice dealers are reported to have an unofficial motto where the blood is blue.

The ice is red.

And the money is green It's actually pretty good So even they're pointing out that there's a correlation between it.

Passed the tipping point environmentalists have long warned us about a tipping point the moment at which global warming reaches a level that is irreversible.

Scientists are now saying we have officially passed Global rain-forests have been reduced by 79 percent since 2000 and coastal corals by 58 percent.

Jesus That's scary Polar ice has melted to such an extent that rising sea levels have Many states struggling to keep the water out of their coastal towns with these cooling factors So diminished, there is now too much carbon in the atmosphere for the environment to ever absorb Yikes, Global Warming is scary man Is this just me or do these symbols look like this stuff from the Dharma Initiative from Lost? Is tha a little easter egg? I would love that.

I love Lost Okay, go Hank, wait, what about this room Pigeon coop, oh my god so many pigeons, holy crap We didn't came for nothing Look at all these birbs.

Yeah to hangout with the pigeons all day Urban farms of Detroit Appeals in the heart of the city 265 acre, okay Why is that relevant to us? Oh, it's hiding something Okay can make back out of this I Like I don't want to do these things I'm trying to make back out and explore the rest of the place Okay, here's a lot of that ciphers and stuff The correct answer is yes because you technically did find something.

My god so many pidges Little pidge little pidge, let me in Okay, mind getting out of my way there Hank? Thank you.

Are you feeling it now, Mr.

Krabs? Cuz he plays mr.

Krabs and SpongeBob that was the joke, I'm very clever They're all out of food Suspect doesn't eat suspect ate everything.

Oh my god There's those drawings are all over the wall, but that you perfectly drawn That sounded a lot like Mr.

Krabs So an Android lived here Military jacket Rupert Travis I never come for nothing Get off there pidge Okay Don't let Hank see ya Hank doesn't like it when I touch the thing.

Blue blood.

He took out his thing.

There's the re9 again That was also at the Jericho location So am I the only one mildly concerned by the fact that they androids are just able to take out their LEDs and that's it Then they just look human.

Quick maths Obsessive cumpulsive writing Hold on a minute Sorry pigeons But I have a job to do find cause of loud noise Okay.

Oh the pigeons merging with me.

It makes it look like have a wing.

Do I get to reconstruct something? Wooden stool.

Got it, that must've been very hard to pass.

Wait, where's the next clue? A marker, still wet, used recently.

Okay, you fell off Suspect ran to the living room Oh, that was the loud noise then.

Him actually falling off the chair so he was here like two seconds ago.

I love Connor section of this game.

I want Connor section to be the only section But I guess we get a fuller story the other way, but you know what, I mean.

Recent skidmarks Metal hock recently broken.

So he hit it on his way out? Seems that way Johnny Suspects heard us enter.

Secret hidey hole man Again.

Music's so good Jesus Get him Hank! Oh pigeons lend me strength.

Oh God You're not gonna run away from Connor He's got the power of God and Jack on his side.

Oh, this is dope Fast but risky, easy but slow.

Fast but risky.

That's my motto Fast but risky.

Always fast but risky Haha Direct but crowded: safer detour, okay I don't wanna hop anything's gonna slow me down Dude this is fun.

Go Connorr your fucking bad-ass Oh God Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh.

Go this way.

Into the lavender Direct but slow: Fast but risky, that's the name of this episode I'm not gonna call you Connor anymore.

I'm just gonna call you fast, but risky.

Fucking flawless send me in coach.

I'm ready for nationals This is really cool Connor's a beast.

Safe but slow: direct but crowded.

Direct but crowded.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Everything's scary and I don't know.

Chase him.

Chase him down.

He can't get far.

Uh oh he ran into the corn.

I'll never find him know.

There he is.

Hank! Chance of survival 89% Oh fuck.

Hank you.

Got this.

Oh Please don't tell me I fucked up Hank.

89% is a high chance of survival But I might have fucked up my relationship with him Hey Hank Sorry Sorry.

I should've saved Hank I didn't think I should have fuck I should have saved Hank because He didn't like Androids to begin with Rupert committed suicide See this is the thing because I don't know where this story is going so I don't know what the best path forward is.

I don't know what the outcome for Connor should be But that that was a good situation because in that moment you become the Android you become that statistical analysis kind of person and that's where video games very good at this because like one of the pathways in What remains of Edith Finch it puts you in that scenario of what it's like to be that character in that moment and in that MomentI became more Android than I was human basically because I was going through gameplay statistics in my head rather than Thinking about what the story had to be at that moment That's very very clever I want to figure out who this rA9 is Because he said rA9 saved me so clearly he's like a Jesus character to them.

(Game:Who are you?) or a messiah Not Daniel.

Jericho Uhhh what? I never asked for this.

Oh, Lucy Settle in, find Lucy, explore Jericho.

Can I talk to my boys? Start fire? Explode place I'm assuming to start fire like Everyone gather round and I'll tell you a story Did I just have a lighter? Okay Okay, I want to explore this place this place is interesting.

What happens if I light fires all over the place? Accidentally burned the whole ship down.

At least if I light the fires I'll be able to see Big question.

It's a very impressive visual effect on the hands.

Wonder how they do that? It's the next guy you can talk to Oh No, ah dead child Android I don't want to see this Why do you all still have your LEDs in? Oh it's a little helper man.

(Sings) We didn't start the fire I'm still upset that I didn't save Hank.

rA9 again.

It's cool, she's processing something CyberLife warehouse and docks west Torrance Avenue, Detroit, Michigan Okay There's something very creepy about it All just hanging around.

Not really saying anything to each other not really doing anything with anyone.

Can I talk to the Simon guy Nope This guy's dying as well Hey buddy.

He has 4:20 on him.

That's sad.

My poor little robot babies.

Lucy? She's got no head That's creepy Okay Show you what? Oh.

No, I'm okay actually Forgot you don't feel pain Thank you It just occurred to me as well that Like everyone's like prophesizing and like being Oracle's and all this kind of thing.

It just occurred to me that we read the cyber life Digest whatever and I talked about the supercomputer and how it's got to be able to do billion of billion Computational stuff what if one of the androids had that kind of stuff in them if they were able to do that? Cuz it talked about being able to Predict outcomes and then how to prevent them and things like that So what if like Connor is one of those? That's why he's a prototype.

It said that Americus was a prototype as well So what if he's like a supercomputer? Android and he's able to do that kind of stuff and then to all the others he's gonna seem like a messiah.

Just like theorizing.

What's up Simo? Thank You North God there's character models are so good.

It's a shame that sometimes they the lip-synching lets it down Talk to Android, talk to Josh I miss talking to someone man.

How hard I try I still miss something.

Okay, I'm gonna leave this episode here that was a good one, I like that There's a lot of stuff that seems like it's gonna start coming together and stuff.

That's gonna work its way out And again, like the The Hank Android thing in my head.

It was like Amanda told me to finish the mission go get the robot Hank's going to survive but in like because it makes me choose so quickly I never even think about oh, yeah shit Hank doesn't like androids.

If I save him he might trust us a bit more Missed opportunity.

I'm gonna bond with Hank.


He's my boy Connor and Hank.

My two dudes.

Just two guys being dudes really really liked this game so far though, and I'm already in my head like oh I can't wait to go back and figure out how this situation can play out Can't wait to figure out all these different things gonna be so much fun But for now, thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face Like A Boss!! And High five al'round.



But Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes in the next VIDEO!! Outro music “I'm Everywhere” By Teknoaxe Blessed be rA 9 whatever it is.

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