Toon Story 4 (The Hannahschmidt229 Show Style) Episode 10

Antique store, here we come! Bo, why do you ride around in a skunk? -Whoa! Skunk!-[people screaming]-A skunk! -Oh, I get it.


-Corn dogs, corn dogs, corn dogs! [Oh and Twilight] Woah! -[all exclaiming]-[Oh grunts] -Why are you so bad at driving? You got six eyes.

-[honking] “We don't know, it's hard.

” -Thanks for the landing.

-[Oh] Uh.




Come on, follow me.

[Oh and Twilight screaming] [all laughing] -I'm fine.

-[Judy] His face! -That's hilarious!-I'm fine.

Don't worry.

Happens all the time.

Tape! -Not a bad hiding spot.


-Leave the skunk.

We'll fix it later.


This will be more fun.

Let's get you to that store! -Okay, spill it.

The Boov, what's the deal?-There's no deal.


Don't do this to yourself.

The Boov's got a kid.




-Trust me.

I've been there.

You know about me and He-Man.

I'm not proud.

Shh! Here he comes! [laughs] Oh, man.



-What?-[Judy] No, not you.

-Second Chance Antiques, straight ahead.

-[Judy] Heavy foot traffic at the entrance.

-[Twilight] Easiest way in is… [Twilight and Judy] The roof! Let's go antiquing.

Hold on! Huh? Whoa! How did you end up here? I thought you were given to a new family.

Oh, you know how it goes.

Their little girl grew up and didn't need me anymore, so.



[sputters] Oh, I'm sorry, Bo.

Eh, who needs a kid's room when you can.



you can have all of this? Whatcha looking at, Sheriff? What? Oh, uh.



N- uh… That wasn't.



No, uh, nothing.

I w– Well, I was looking at the store.

Right there.

Th- I was looking at the antique store.

Giggle, count us down.

-[Babies honking] “Whoo-hoo!” -[Judy] Five.


-Countdown for what?-You want to get to the store, don't you? -Three.


One!-[yelps] -[Oh screaming]-[Twilight whoops] The highway exit has to be somewhere.

Where is it? [Voicebox] Meteor shower! Look out! Woody? Good work, inner voice.

So, how about you? How's your new kid? Bonnie? Oh, she's great.

Jessie is loving it.

-Jessie's still with you?-Oh, yeah, the whole gang's still together.

Well, I mean, most of us.

-What about Rex?-Yeah, yeah, Rex, Bullseye, Slinky, -the Potato Heads.



-Buzz? Yeah, Buzz, too.

I cannot wait to see his face -when he hears that I found.



-Bo Peep? -Buzz! My old moving buddy!-[Red laughs]-Buzz? -It's so good to see you!-Woody, it's Bo Peep! [Oh and Red] What are you doing here? -[Nico & Pedro grunting]-[Voicebox] Buzz.















Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! -Three years!-Three years! That's how long we've been hanging up there waiting for a kid! Look, I'm sorry about that.

You ruined our lives.

Shame on you! [sobbing] -Who are these guys?-Lightyear promised us a kid.

-You did what?-I did not.

-[Nico & Pedro grunting]-Hey! Wait a minute! -[Voicebox] I am Buzz…-Eat my plush!-All right now, come on, stop it! Cut it out now! -Come on, guys, break it up.

-Guys, I have a kid! -You got a kid?-Like a kid-kid? Like a human kid, not a baby goat? Yeah.

Now let go of Buzz and come with me.

I'll take you to Bonnie.

-W- We’re getting… We're gettin' a kid? We're gettin' a kid?-Yes! [both singing] ♪ We're gonna get a kid ♪ -♪ We're getting a kid ♪-All right, let's go.

-[Nico] ♪ We gonna get something, oh ♪-[Pedro] ♪ We gonna uh, uh, uh ♪ -Where's Forky?-[sighs] Long story.

-♪ Kid, we get a kid ♪-♪ Kid, kid, kid ♪ [Cameron] He's not anywhere.

-[crying] Forky's gone!-Oh, honey, I'm sorry.


Let's look outside one more time.

But then we have to keep driving, okay? [door closes] -They're about to leave!-[others] Leaving?-[Larry] They can't do that! -The panic is attacking me! Aah!-Hey! Watch it, buddy!-What do we do? -We have to stop them!-How? We could frame Dad for a crime, so he goes to jail.

Or go back in time and warn Woody about the future.

-[Ruby] That's crazy.

Time is a flat circle.

-[yelps] Jessie! -[Helen] I'm sorry, Bonnie.

We looked everywhere.

But we need to get going now, okay? Can we please leave a note for Forky so he knows where we're going? -He has to go to kindergarten.

-[tires deflating] Huh? [groans] Are you kidding me? I can't.



I just.



Everything is going perfect.



I just bought it.

[growls]-[Rainbow laughing] Gotcha! Ha-ha! How's that for effort? Okay! Daddy's going to use some words.

How about we go to the carnival? Or maybe check out some of those shops in town? [gasps] What did you do? We're not going anywhere.

If you get my point.

-[Surly] Brilliant!-[Mater] That was genius!-Nice work, Jessie! I'm sure Buzz and Woody are on their way back right now.


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