Top 10 'OFFLINE' FPS Games For Android & iOS [2020] | Part 2


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Here we go again! So, Let's start our hunt with one of the slickestFPS games on smartphones right now, 'BRIGHT MEMORY MOBILE'.

Its a lightning-fast fusion of FPS and actiongenres, with stunningly beautiful graphics and a multitude of game controls.

The combat is a fusion of skill-based FPSblastings with hectic hack 'n' slash elements.

The first episode of the game offers aboutforty minutes of gameplay, however, as the time goes by, there's a lot to expect.

As of now, you can purchase this game fromAppStore.

Meanwhile, Android users will have to waituntil later this month before they can get their hands on the game.

Next up we have an Atmospheric horror actiongame set in the Soviet post-apocalyptic world, 'Dark Zone'.

Its a 150MB game from the Evo Games studioswhich will immerse you in the gloomy atmosphere of the dead zone.

After the disaster of 1986 in Chernobyl powerplant, scientists started a secret experiment in the ruins.

Something obviously went wrong but no oneknows what! And now, Its your chance to collect and relivethat history piece by piece.

You might find some messages left by the deadbut watch your back as no one knows what kind of dark mystery you are about to unfold! Next up we have a graphically soothing, lowpoly survival game, 'Tegra: crafting and building'.

Its a Hunt, Craft, Survive type game fromthe Avega Games Studios.

This survival shooter explores a magical cataclysmdue to which several worlds were mixed.

The portals from the world of Tegra openedinto our world and as a result, many creatures and zombies are now freely roaming aroundcausing damage wherever they go.

Now, it's up to you to return the order ofour world and kick out these evil but cute looking monsters to where they came from.

Next up we have an intense story-driven snipergame from the FDG Entertainments, Lonewolf: 17+.

It's a deep Neo-Noir FPS where you step intothe role of a mysterious assassin.

It starts off simple but soon you'll realizethat there's more than what you are able to see and the man that you are playing has hiddenmany mystery cards under his sleeves along with his equally mysterious past events.

This game is a perfect example that you don'talways need high graphics to grab a player's attention.

Its slick game mechanics and the intense storylineis more than enough to keep you on your toes.

Moving on we have one of the graphically superiorzombie shooting games out there, Dead Target.

Right off the bat, you can expect a heavyzombie shooting experience with a vast arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

It's set in the year 2040 after the eventsof world war 3, right when the zombie apocalypse started.

Your task, as an expert special sniper teammember, is to head to the warfare, collect guns and save the mankind from extinction! It weighs about 400MB in size and just likeevery other game in this list, it can be played completely offline.

Next up we have some action right in the battlefield, Cover Fire by Genera Games.

Its a free 975MB game where you can Face thebattlefield from different perspectives.

You can alternate among your mercenaries inrealtime and find the ultimate combination to put that last bullet in your opponent'shead.

It has an engaging storyline, high end graphicsand a new zombie mode update which lets you fend off mobs and assassin's alike.

The environment here is highly destructibleand along with story and zombie mode there are many offline as well as online challengesto keep you engaged! Moving on, lets have a look at the number1 paid game on the Playstore right now, Hitman Sniper! Its a sophisticated, Suspenseful and stylishgame, ideal for the gamers seeking premium sniper experience.

Here, you'll step into the shoes of legendaryAgent 47 and become the ultimate silent assassin.

Along with recently added zombie hunter mode, There are over 150 missions available in about 10 different contracts where you must tactfullyeliminating your targets without raising the alarm.

You can collect weapon parts and completeblueprints that unlock the most powerful guns.

It's developed by the square enix studiosand weighs around 1.

1GB in size.

Next up we have the latest installment inthe Sci-fi FPS series from gameloft studios, NOVA Legacy! It is specially famous for it's considerablygood graphics provided in a small package size.

At it's initial launch it weighed less than25MB in size but after some major updates and improvements, now the game sits at 47MBat the time of download.

It is set in the same sci-fi environment asits previous games where you play as a veteran Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance marine, summonedto fight against the enemies of the Colonial Administration forces.

Next up we have one of the best alternativesfor counter strike on smartphones, Special Forces Group 2.

It has 9 sick game modes like resurrection, capture the flag and deathmatch just to name a few.

With over 30+ maps and dozens of weapons, it can also be played with friends over the same WiFi.

It's graphics might not be as appealing assome of the other games in this list but the highly competitive gameplay and responsivecontrols make up for the loss.

It weighs around 400MB in size and is completelyfree to download and play! Now lets wrap this video with a slick FPSfrom CanaryDroid studios, Elite Killer: SWAT.

Its a classic Aim and shoot game where Youplay a well trained elite member of special weapons and tactics team.

Equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper riflesand stun grenades, you will navigate secret missions across the globe to eradicate theevil syndicate that stands in the way of a peaceful world.

It has 100+ challenging missions and 30+ weaponsto choose from.

With a download package weighing just under25MB its a cool shooter to try! So thats all for today guys, Do let me knowif if I missed your favorite game and I'll pin it as the top comment.

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