Top 20 Juegos MULTIPLAYER del 2020 | Android & iOS

Hello everyone, I'm Domingo Gomes from Newesc and in today's video I'm going to recommend 21 multiplayer games.

That in this time of quarantine, it will keep you in touch with your friends but also with strangers who might want to (“talk”) to your mother.

And the first game on this list is Asphalt 9 Asphalt 9? Seriously.

What are you gonna say next? Call of Duty, PUBG, Free Fire, Brawl Stars.

Oh, come on.

I won't focus on the usual games because these you probably already know each other, but in others that are less known but just as fun and just as great.

This does not mean that some of them are not popular, because They are, but they're not always in the top 10; and I'm sure more than one will be new to you.

That's why I start with Among Us which is one of the most fun games for Android, surpassing many others with super realistic graphics.

In this one you basically play with other people to find the impostor, who tries to prevent the aircraft from deploying.

It is a game in which communication is essential between all players.

and yes, don't worry, because there are many servers in Spanish.

This table tennis game is one that I will never tire of recommending because not only does it have an offline mode that will take hours to complete, but after enough practice you can play against other players either online or locally via bluetooth.

There are many table tennis games, but this is the only one that has managed to hook me because of how simple and effective it is.

Adventure Quest 3D is a game in the style of World Of Warcraft, but for mobiles.

The graphics aren't the best, but the gameplay is quite simplified and the main story is easy to understand and mixes up some humor.

This kind of online games are not usually my favorite because of how complicated they can be and the grinding you need but in this one it's not so extreme.

We've all played this board game before and the rules are so simple, it's not even worth mentioning.

You can play by yourself against the machine, against local friends or with strangers and for a specific time when you want to spend time, it's always good.

Pinturillo is a game that has become popular on the internet and I have seen it in several streams.

The idea is simple someone draws something and you have to guess what it is.

But be warned, you'll also have to draw from time to time.

There are slightly more complete games that work a little better, but this one is in Spanish.

If you know English you can try Draw N Guess too.

This is a fairly simple platform racing game all you have to do is choose the right path, while using the speed and action boosts to outrun your enemies.

The concept is simple but it is the maps and the different characters that differentiate it from the others.

Fun Run is another racing game similar to the previous one and that at first sight may seem childish, but it's something more macabre I'd say.

In this one you also play against other real opponents and your goal is to reach the goal in the shortest possible time.

It's more complicated than it looks so don't take it lightly.

Critical Ops is basically a mobile counter-strike, like Standoff 2 that many of you have recommended to me.

Come on, even when you start it, it looks like the famous game of Valve.

For a shooting game, its playability seems good to me, as well as the different game modes it has, all of them versus online players.

What I would tell you is that if you can use a controller, since enemies are usually somewhat quick.

This is possibly one of my favorite games on this list, not only because of its graphics and great gameplay, but for the good progress and the incorporation of optional ads.

The idea is simple: it's just a game of tennis, but they've done it so well that even those who don't like the sport will enjoy it.

The only thing that bothers me is that I haven't been able to transfer the progress I had on another phone to this so keep that in mind, if you're thinking about changing your cell phone.

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And now, let's move on to the next game.

Mini Golf City is another sports game, but this time not so true to reality.

Instead of putting the ball in the hole with the least amount of touches, the important thing is to be the first so don't worry about being as effective as possible.

Its gameplay is quite good and with over 245 maps you won't get tired of it so easily.

This kind of games in their offline mode are already fun but if we put the competitive component in, the excitement increases.

This game, just like the previous one, has nothing more to it; it is a simple game of aim but the rpg mechanics and the different maps, they give you extra points.

The only thing I don't like is that it gives me the feeling that when there are no players availablethe system frames you with a Bot and well, that's not cool.

BombSquad in turn is a pretty unique game I would say.

You have 4 types of actions that you can control with your doll and depending on the map you are on, the objectives change.

But come on, you almost always have to eliminate your competition with the bombs.

I think playing it alone isn't much fun, but if you create a server and invite your friends there it can become interesting.

CounterSnipe is the first competitive title I've seen from snipers and they've done it in such a way that every game will keep you focused until the end.

Here you must use your visual skills, to find the enemy and eliminate him.

But beware, the other team will do the same, so those who get the most kills will win.

You can play with your friends, upgrade your weapons and all this without any ads although it does have microtransactions.

This is one of the only games without an online mode but that you can play with other people or with yourself, in case you don't have friends This game is particularly good for tablets, but if you have a big Smartphone it will work too.

Steel Rage is a competitive game in which you must basically conquer areas and destroy your enemies with the different cars you have.

It is completely online and its gameplay is surprisingly good, but its progression is slow unless you pay of course, which is usually the case for free games without ads.

Still, it combines two types of play in a unique and fun way, and that's why it's on this list.

In this one the idea is very simple.

If you play as an accessory you must hide by pretending to be an element of the game.

If you play like a hunter, you must find and destroy them before you lose your whole life or time passes.

Vamos is the classic game of hide-and-seek, but with a clever and special touch.

Best of all, you can create your own server and invite your group of friends, which makes it perfect for this quarantine.

Of all the android games I've tried, this was the best.

The mechanics are usually identical in all of them.

You must survive by repairing things before you escape or you must eliminate the survivors if you are playing the killer.

But the reason why I like this particular one more is because of its more realistic design, than in horror games because it's always a plus.

Sky is one of the most beautiful games I've seen in the Play Store, and being one of the creators of Journey doesn't surprise me.

And it also combines very well its multiplayer look with the story the controls are easy to learn but little by little the game becomes a little more complex and interesting I don't think it's as much fun as some of the others on this list but the overall experience I've had has been great and I can't recommend it enough.

Kick-Flight is a relatively recent game and one of the only games you can play in portrait mode.

I'm telling you, it's not easy to perfect because you have to move in the air, swipe and attack.

But it is an innovative concept with impeccable graphics.

Right now you have a large number of players, so you don't have to worry about the time to get into your games Seriously, if you like this style of play you should try it.

Cyber Hunt is the last one I want to recommend and it's basically a mix of all the Battle Royals that exist right now, but with a more futuristic and colorful design.

If you like this type of shooters, it will take a second to adapt as the settings and options are identical to others like PUBG or Free Fire.

Having unique maps will also take some time until you're bored, so if you're bored at someone else's, here's an alternative.

There are many games I've tried but for some reason I haven't put them on this list Either because they are very popular because they are not fun or because the “people” you play with are Bot and in this last section you'd be surprised at the number of applications that do this.

Anyway I want to know your opinion, so leave in the comments some game that is not very popular and that it's multiplayer and deserves to have more players.

And well guys you know, if you liked this video do not forget to leave a LIKE and subscribe and if you have any recommendations, I've already told you to leave them in the comments.

See you at the next one.



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