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The Horus Heresy: Legions – TCG card battlegame Legions brings together the iconic space marinesfrom Warhammer 40K universe for a strategy card game where you choose your leaders andwage war against the Emperor.

It features a full-length singleplayer campaignand as well as a PvP and it receives a playscore of 8.

37 49.

Splash CarsSometimes all you need is a splash of color.

This game uses cars in a wholly differentway.

It's not about speed.

It's all about navigating through the obstaclesthat stand in the way of you bringing color to their blank, gray cities.

It also gets a score of 8.

37 48.

Major Mayhem 2This sequel brings to the Major Mayhen brings us more side scrolling action, letting usreturn to the American Dream of shooting down evil villains with guns and grenades.

There's 50 hand crafted levels and a wholeload of fun bosses, earning it score of 8.

38 47.

Godzilla Defense ForceIf you're a fan of Godzilla on the big screen, you can bring the lore around in your pocketswith NEXON's strategy game.

Defeat the series mighty Kaiju, keep theirskills and buffs for the next battle, and let them fight once more.

It's waves and waves of engaging faceoffs, all for a score of 8.



Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel LinksGreat for fans of the popular card series.

Start out a brand new story with some of theirmost iconic characters and immerse in a world complete with the voices we knew and loved.

Take the journey to the top in story-mode, or show off your skills in PvP battles.

It has a playscore of 8.

4 45.

SHADOWGUN LEGENDS – FPS PvP and Coop ShootingGame Not too far ahead is a game of REAL-TIME action.

One of the Android's Top 10 Games in 2018, Madfinger Games futuristic shooter nails function and form.

Back then it brought a new level in mobileshooting, with great graphics, and enthralling action within its immersive campaign and PvPs.


Clash RoyaleMany of you already know this, and have probably never stopped playing it since.

Converting their addictive COC energy intomedieval 1v1 card strategies, SUPERCELL became the posterboy for yet another mobile format.

It gets a playscore of 8.



Burger Shop 2A sequel to GoBit Games' casual cooking game sees you rising in the ranks of the restaurantworld.

Expand the horizons of your humble fast foodempire, keep the hearts of your loyal customers, and open up new leads about the failures ofyour last venture.

We get another playscore of 8.



Legend of SolgardStill in the same playscore ballpark, a mobile RPG from the creators of Candy and the BubbleWitch Saga.

Using the same match three puzzle formulathey're known for, this adds a layer of epic to the mix with their lineup of awesome heroes, built with the same quality and polish we expect.


Dawn of TitansIf military tactics is your thing, NaturalMotion has some top tier content for you.

Dominate massive titans, build your kingdomand lead your troops to victory.

It's been around since 2016, and there mightbe some greedy monetization to worry about.

But with a playscore of 8.

42, most don't seemto mind.


Heart's Medicine Time to HealCapturing the feel of Grey's Anatomy with time management and hospital duty, it tellsa captivating love story in the confines of the hospital halls.

It's available on the browser, but this one'sgreat for a portable option.

You'll have to pay for all of the storiestho.

It has a playscore of 8.

43 39.

Egg, Inc.

Discover the secrets of the universe, oneegg at a time.

This one's basically an idle clicker likeany other: manage a poultry farm with clicks and upgrades, and go from one plain egg tothe technological future in no time.

Plus, it's fun to see chickens running around.


Asphalt 9: LegendsEverything's fair game on the mobile.

Within one percentile score, you can go fromidle clicker to graphically advanced racers.

Gameloft might not have the best reputationwhen it comes to microtransactions, but when it comes to delicious mobile racing, AsphaltLegends is still the one to beat.

A playscore of 8.



AFK ArenaLilith Game's venture into gacha RPGs gave us the world of Esperia, complete with heroeswith unique abilities and styled in their signature cartoon visuals.

The serious grind of gacha gaming is stillthere, but since it plays more like an idle game, you can sit back and relax as your heroesdo all the work.

It earns a score of 8.

44 36.

ArcheroPretty much a combination of arcade, bullet hell and roguelike, Archero has addictivenessdown to a science.

That is, if you got the competence and luckto make it through their seemingly endless waves of monsters.

But with simple drag and release controls, going for that next round and another is an easy feat.


Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo SafariIf you want the frogger formula, but with a lot more action, this game from Yodo1 gamesis a great choice.

Not only do you get to hop from one animalto the next in a great stampede, you'll also get to round up all your favorite wild animalsinto your very zoo for profit.

It's casual fun for a score of 8.

45 34.

RedungeonCrawl into Nitrome's retro pixel dungeons for endless arcade action.

The studio has never once failed us on theaesthetics, but Redungeon also offers more in terms of hardcore gameplay and complextraps.

Also, with an array of characters to unlock, each with game changing skills of their, stepping into their dungeons are always a great time-killingaffair.


PolyforgeSoothing, aesthetically pleasing, and overall charming, it's just the kind of break youneed from all the action and explosion.

But you'll have to savor those moments ofcalm, because Polyforge actually gets hard quick.

Time your taps to hit each corner of the givenshape, and prepare for all the complexities ahead.

A minimalist time sink with a score of 8.

45 32.

CSR Racing 2For the feel of Gran Turismo on the mobile, we have this.

This drag racer set a new standard for smartphone, taking us to cities and iconic locations with jaw-dropping realism.

And if graphics don't impress you, their lineupsupercars just might.

Get Ferraris and Lamborghinis into your garageand tune to your heart's content.


The FrostruneGet lost in the world of Old Norse mythology in this point and click adventure from GrimnirMedia.

Depicting an isolating and lonely world through2D illustrations, this unique adventure shows its ingenuity through puzzles and Old Norsedialog.

It has a playscore of 8.

47 30.

Dead Venture: Zombie SurvivalProbably one of the flashiest where zombie games are concerned.

Turning the usually dark genre on its head, we get a taste of zombie killing through vehicular voxel action in three thrilling game modes.

Breeze through their 8 story mode chapters, race against time in Time Trial Mode, or put the pedal to the metal in the endless SurvivalMode.


CATS: Crash Arena Turbo StarsThe makers of the adorable Cut The Rope series gets on another level of adorable, this timewith felines building robots.

Be a master engineer and build the most powerfulmachine in the arena.

How they do it without opposable thumbs isanybody's guess.

It has a playscore of 8.

49 28.

SkullgirlsOne of the best known names in the fighting game business is now a free to play titleon the mobile.

Known for their elemental fighters and ArtDeco style, smartphone skullgirls is streamlined and optimized for the platform, bringing intheir tactical choices along with gogeous graphics and fight assist features.


Cube Escape: The CaveDeep into Rusty Lake is a lingering mystery that's been the subject of many of their escapegames.

In this ninth chapter to their series, stepinside the cave and witness a harrowing story in this point and click adventure game witha score of 8.

49 26.

Brave Nine – Tactical RPGAnother gacha game that's packed with the anime artstyle that a lot of us.

Brave Nine might just have everything youneed, with a cute story, an addictive battle system, and a format that makes it relativelyeasy on the wallet.

Earning it a playscore of 8.

5 25.

MekoramaThe mobile is a great platform for videogame developers to experiment with various formsof gameplay mechanics.

Mekorama puts that to the test.

This award-winning puzzle game lets you assumecontrol of a tiny robot making his way home.

Its impressive presentation of 3D dioramasgives players enough room for creativity with its ‘make your own level’ feature.

A playscore of 8.

53 24.

King Crusher – Roguelike GameAnkama’s little roguelike adventure swings his way to the mobile.

Oddly childlike in in presentation, the gameis all about a Kingslayer in an endless quest to rid the world of monarchs.

Assemble a team of assassins and let the medievalespionage handle the rest.

It’s simple and easy to learn and it onlyrequires a single finger to dominate the myriad of procedurally generated kingdoms.


PostknightBeing a Knight has become too common these days, but Kurechii’s adorable role-playingadventure game twists how a Knight should be.

Instead of hunting down dragons and savingdamsels in distress.



you deliver packages.

Meet different kinds of people from variouswalks of life as you journey through its dangerous and quirky lands.

It receives a playscore of 8.

53 22.

Call Of Duty: MobileThe PC, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are already getting enough Call of Duty titles.

Activision enters mobile territory with theirown take on the Battle Royale genre.

Customize your loadout and enter a battlefieldof 100 people and become the last man standing.

Choose from its multiple game modes if you’renot in it for the BR glory.

A playscore of 8.

53 21.

Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard PremiereThis open-world mobile game takes skiing to a whole new level.

Pushing your mobile device to the test, participatein various snowboarding challenges in the alps.

Perform tricks to rack up some scores withmultiple challenges including Slalom, Slopestyle, Ski Cross and more.


ANOTHER EDENHeralded as one of the best games for the Android and iOS’ last year, this JRPG isan ensemble of Japanese videogame developers from the likes of Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasyand Luminous Arc.

Save its lost future and embark on a questacross space and time.

It has a score of 8.

56 19.

KnighthoodThis vibrant new adventure from Candy Crush creator, King.

com, ventures into the realmof Role-Playing Games.

Take on the clanking shoes of a brave youngknight with only one objective in mind: to fight and conquer.

Fight your way to the top and battle foesof unique stature.


Burrito Bison: Launcha LibreKonregate’s iconic Luchador is now on Android and he’s in need of some launching.

Strap on his rocket belt and watch him launchhis way to retrieve his missing cookbook.

In addition to its mobile version, BurritoBison himself has invited a few of his friends to join in this colorful title.


Alto’s OdysseyA sequel to Noodlecake Studios’ spellbinding sandboarding game.

In Odyssey, Alto and his buddies continueto set off in thrilling canyons, hidden temples and windswept landscapes.

Like the original, the controls are easy tolearn but difficult to master.

With your finger, perform tricks and grindyour way across the endless sand sea.


Bushido BearPlay as a sword-wieldingbadass bear in this action-game from Spry Fox.

Defend your beloved forest from a swarm ofevil demons.

Hack and slash your way to victory with yourtwo sharp swords.

You can also call a few of his friends asyou unlock new ninja characters with unique abilities after each milestone.

A playscore of 8.

61 15.

Bubble Witch 3: SagaKing.

com dominates the Android market with their easy to learn puzzle games.

Bubble Witch Saga is the third installmentof their magical Bubble Shooting series.

It still has the same mechanics but with theaddition of new levels, difficult challenges and more powerful spells in store for players.

It receives a playscore of 8.

61 14.

Old School RuneScapeTake a trip back to memory lane in this MMO game that shaped our childhood.

Enter a digital village where you and a groupof other players strive to become rich and powerful.

Make new friends, or create some enemies inits risk-it-all PvP modes.


Tap Titans 2The sequel to the stylish clicker game from Game Hive.

Become the chosen one and lead your hero inan endless quest to tap and tap his way to victory.

Use your finger to strike the hearts of ferociousbeasts and legendary warriors.

Maximize each second and upgrade your warriorto his full potential.

A playscore of 8.

62 12.

Dan The ManBy the power of his fists, Dan the Man returns and he’s itching for more brawling action.

Save your kidnapped girlfriend from the clutchesof an evil organization and scuffle your way to its 12 action-packed stages.

It has a playscore of 8.

65 11.

BTS WorldHang out with Bangtan Boys in this Mobile Simulation Game built solely for their hardcorestans.

Take on the Managerial mantle and help thesetalented young dreamers achieve their goals.

Get to know each of the boys in its individualstory modes and extra Behind The Scenes content.


Super Cat Tales 2Feline fun awaits you in this action-platformer game from NEUTRONIZED.

A sequel to their already adorable cat-ventures, save Cat-Land after a mysterious evil army has invaded their cozy domain.

Jump and slide your way to its numerous levelsand expand your cat collection after every level.

A playscore of 8.

68 9.

Big Bang RacingTraplight’s game explodes from the PlayStore with a charm of its own.

The game is simple: Outrun players from allaround the world or collect treasures in its various racetracks.

With a playscore of 8.

68, it’s a racer thatfleshes out the galactic scale of competition! 8.

Super Cat BrosGo on a fun-filled adventure with these adorable feline brothers.

Roam around with Alex and go on a quest tosave your fellow brothers from danger.

Optimized especially for the mobile, playerswill be able to jump, swim, and fly all with a single tap.

If you love cats and platforming games, youcan't go wrong with this one.


Blade Of BrimAn epic endless runner from the makers of Subway Surfer.

Embark on a noble quest and take control ofa humble knight as he takes on the realm of medieval fantasy.

Rendered in mesmerizing 3D and chock fullof satisfying combat, it's no doubt one of the finest runners on the mobile with a playscoreof 8.

73 6.

Lost In HarmonyA hybrid of rhythm and platforming, take control of the star-crossed lovers Kaito and Aya, or follow the story of the robot Mirai in a gruelling escape from fate.

It's a remarkable masterpiece that not onlydelivers in its visually striking stages, but also with its compelling stories and atmosphericmusic choices.

A playscore of 8.

77 5.

LONEWOLF (17+)One of Android's best shooters.

An action game that covers the life of a sniper, step into its 5 hour long storyline and complete contracts in over 30 missions.

Packed with immersive storytelling, realisticsniper mechanics, and gorgeous hand-drawn cutscenes, it receives a playscore of 8.

80 4.

DATA WINGA story-driven, neon-soaked racing adventure.

Deliver critical data throughout the mesmerizingcomputer systems using the game’s intuitive two-touch controls.

Make your way to the objective as fast aspossible and own the leaderboards with its competitive Crown System.

Accompanied by an amazing soundtrack, it’sa fantastic Android game with a playscore of 8.

83 3.

Alto’s AdventureWhile Alto’s Odyssey is a great game on its own, none can beat the original.

Alto is a stunning snowboarding odyssey thattakes you across the beautiful alpine hills of Alto’s native wilderness.

Its fluid controls and procedurally generatedworld makes for an addictive experience.


GrimvalorDirelight’s hack and slash title is considered as one of the finest action games for themobile.

This Souls-like game is FREE for Android, but only for its first chapter.

Enjoy its visually stunning dark dungeonsfull of dangerous monsters.

How long can you last? It has a playscore of 8.

87 1.

OddmarMobge’s mobile adventure-platformer takes you to the life of Oddmar as he finds a wayto prove himself worthy of Valhalla.

Step into a fun Viking story as you journeyacross its 24 hand-crafted levels.

Discover the true power of yourself by obtainingmagical imbued weapons and shields.

Face foes, encounter bosses, and achieve aworthy death.

A playscore of 8.


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