What's new in Google Play

Hi, I'm Milena Nikolic, Engineering Director at Google Play.

Today, I'm excited to share moreabout the latest features and developments in Google Play to help youmake the most of our platform.

Our team's missionis to help users connect with your amazing digital experiences.

In the last 12 months, we've seen116 billion downloads of the apps and games that you created, enjoyed by over 2.

5 billion peoplein more that 190 countries around the world.

That's a tremendous achievement, but we're not going to stop there.

So today, I'm going to talkabout all the ways we're working to power that success even further.

I'm going to start by talkingabout our investment in helping you reachand engage your users.

Then, I'll talk aboutthe Android App Bundle including a quick look at adoptions so farand where we're headed next.

I'll talk about improvements we've madeto help you test and distribute your games on Google Play and then finally, I'm going to unveilsomething our teams have been hard at work on, a new Play Console that I think you're really going to like.

I'm saving the best for lastbut if you really can't wait, feel free to jump ahead.

Time stamps for all the sectionsare listed in the video description below.

Before we jump in, I wanted to take a moment to put these improvements in context.

Developers can only be successfulon Google Play as long as users trust the platform.

That's why we build toolslike Google Play Protect which scans over 100 billion apps everyday and last year, preventedmore than 1.

9 billion malware installs from non-Play sources.

It's also why we've developedPrivacy First policies with strict permission controlsand why we review every app and game for compliance.

But we know that simply providinga trustworthy platform for your apps and games is not enough.

That's why we're also creatingnew programs and features to help users discover and stay engagedwith your apps and games.

In the last few months, we've made more progress to help you capturean even wider audience.

Google Play Points, our user rewards program recently launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We're continuing to invest in Play Pass, our curated subscription service with plans to expand globallylater this year.

And we just launched Teacher Approvedto help parents find kid-friendly apps and gamesfor their families.

A major part of reaching usersis the ability to transact with them.

With Google Play Billing, we want to help you convert users into buyers.

Our Commerce platform reachesover 2 billion people in 150 plus countrieswith over 180 carriers worldwide.

And in the past year, we added 60 new local forms of payments in 15 countries.

In addition to providing optionsfor different ways to monetize and sell, Google Play Billing also gives youthe tools to optimize your selling experienceand make it effortless so that you can focus on buildinga great user experience.

If you want to learn moreabout recent improvements we've made to our Commerce platform, be sure to check out what's new in Google Play Billing Session as well.

The link to this sessionis in the video description below.

And speaking of scale, our other major focus area this year was the Android App Bundle.

The App Bundle is our visionfor modern app distribution.

And we've been so excited to seeso many of you using it already.

By decreasing your app size, the App Bundle has helped thousands of developers increasetheir install rate, especially in countrieswhere device storage is at a premium.

In fact, one in three apps in productionon Google Play right now is published with the Android App Bundle.

That's about an 800% increasefrom this time last year and adoption is growing daily.

Recently, we've seen adoptionfrom major developers like Adobe, eBay, and UC Browser, and there are more new partners everyday.

In the last few months, we've rolled out lots of improvements in next generation featuresbased on your feedback.

For example, the new App Bundle explorerin the Play Console helps you understand how Play optimizes your appand lets you download relevant files and assets.

You can get an installing for any versionyou've ever published on Play for testing purposes, and you can also download Play signed APKsfor pre-installing on real devices.

We've also expandedthe App Bundle for games by introducingthe Google Play Asset Delivery which offers free dynamic deliveryof game assets.

It allows you to package all your assetsalongside your game binary and let Play handlethe asset delivery for you.

It also offers customizable delivery modes, auto-updates and smart targeting options.

It replaces the needto use expansion files which will be deprecated soon.

Our early adopters like Gameloftare reporting great download performance worldwideas well as substantial increase in the number of users retained.

As we continue to improve the App Bundle, we expect it to become a requirement for all new apps, some time in 2021.

So if you haven't made the switch yet, now is a great time to do so.

Play Asset Delivery is only oneof the many updates we've made to help you improve your games.

We've also introduceda new Day-1 auto install feature to preregistrationto help you build excitement before your launchand accelerate early downloads.

Android Performance Tuneris a new tool to help you measure your frame rate performanceand graphical fidelity and to optimize between the two.

This will help you achievestable frame rates at scale across the whole Android device ecosystem so you can deliverhigher quality game experiences to more Android users with less effort.

It's available for integrationfor everyone from today and there is also a new Unity plug-into make it even easier to integrate into Unity games.

Another new feature, native crash symbolication lets you upload your symbol filesso your crashes and ANRs are symbolicated in both Android vitalsand pre-launch report.

This lets you debugyour game stability issues more easily.

This feature is available nowso you can start uploading with your next releaseor even with your current release.

But that's not allwe've been working on this year.

What I'm most excited to talk about todayis a huge update we've made to Google Play Console.

This is a very exciting updatefor me, personally.

I've worked on the Consolefrom its earliest days starting as an engineer and now leadingthe whole engineering team.

Over time, I've seenthe Console grow organically from a few pages to hundreds of pagesand dozens of features to help everyone in your organization.

And it's been so gratifyingto see our developer community grow and thrive.

There are now over 900, 000individual monthly Console users, including developers of all sizes, from one-person shops to companies with literally hundredsof Console users.

The Console has grown with youand in trying to keep up with your amazing growth, the Console became a little wild and disorganized.

So last year, we decided to redesign itfrom the ground up so we could continue to suit the needsof modern Android developers.

It's taken years of hard workfrom our teams but I'm happy to say that today, we can try the beta of your new Play Console.

We think of ourselves as partnersin your success on Play and with the beta preview, we really want your feedback.

Because the new Consolehas been designed for you to be fundamentally more helpful, it helps you find, discoverand understand features to thrive and play.

It helps guide you through policy changes, release datas, user feedback and what you should do next.

It helps your team take advantageof our features while keeping you safe with the new team membermanagement options, and it helps you understandyour performance with brand new acquisition insights.

I'm really excited to show you around.

The first thing you'll noticeis that the new Console is clearer and easier to use.

We've updated the navigation.

So it now groups related features in one place, like all your acquisition setupand reporting tools, or everything you need for monetization.

Over the next few weeks, beta layouts will also be updated with a new responsive design, helping you to use the Console no matter where you areand what device you find yourself on.

Keyflows are now more focused.

For example, the new releases overviewgives you a snapshot of all your tracks.

So now you can see informationabout your internal, closed and open testing tracksas well as your production tracks all in one place.

You can also quickly seehow many users are testing your app or the latest countriesthat you've rolled out to.

You'll find this reorganizationin the Nav menu as well, clearly differentiating betweendifferent types of a release.

We've also rewritten a featureformally known as time publishing into a new expanded flowcalled managed publishing.

In Play's early days, developer changeswere usually published within a few hours.

But the growth of the developer ecosystemand our focus on user safety has meant thatthe publishing turnaround time has naturally expanded.

As a result, we're overhaulingthe publishing flows to make it easier to review a summaryof your updates and control when they're published on Google Play.

So now from your app list and dashboards, you can see the update status of all your apps at a glance.

But your update statusisn't the only place where the new Consoleis more helpful and communicative.

The important informationis now even easier to find with more ways to getthe answers you need fast.

The new policy statusand app content sections make it easier for you to provideall the information Google Play needs to confirm your appsare compliant with policies.

And launching soon, we're addingan inbox to make sure you never miss any important messages, suggestions or milestones from Google Play.

Many of you have told usthat you don't feel like you're using the full capabilities of the Consolebecause you're not aware of what's available.

So we've invested in buildingmore onboarding resources for you.

Every feature in the Console nowhas an education page that tells you what the feature is, how it can help you and the best practices for using it.

And these pages are availablewithout signing in in case you need to share themwith colleagues who don't use Console.

We've also heard that sometimesyou just want to jump in right into the feature that you want.

That's why we're soongoing to be rolling out Console-wide unified searchwhich will encompass all features, help resources and metric definitions.

Okay, so we know that you really value Play Console's role in helping you understandyour performance on Play for acquisition reporting.

So we used the redesign as an opportunityto super charge this area.

You told us that trendsand the story they tell about the impact of your changeshad become a critical resource.

You also told us that you valuethe unique insights the Console offers, such as conversion rates and search terms.

That's why the redesignedacquisition reports make it easy to monitoryour performance trends so you can easily trackthe positive impact of your team's work.

Advanced filters and dimensionslet you drill down by acquisition type and regionto really understand your performance.

For instance, did your campaignto increase organic installs in France pay off? Now you can find out.

Acquisition reports are only oneof the many features inside tools and data that the new Play Console includesto help every member of your team.

From your engineersto your marketing managers to your executives.

But we know that granting broad accessto everyone in your organization could be a challenge with permissions that were sometimeshard to understand and a UI that's made managinglarge numbers of team members difficult.

That's why we've really focused onenhancing team member management with better, more granular controls.

You'll see clear permission namesand descriptions so you can easily understandwhat you are and aren't allowing people to do.

There's also a much clearer differentiation between global and app level permissions.

And we've added full user searchin bulk edit capabilities to make management of your teams easier.

These are just our first few stepstowards giving you more granular controls.

We know you want moreand we're just getting started.

I really think you're going to lovethe new Console and I'm so excited for you to try it out.

In fact, the beta is availableto everyone today.

Just visit play.


com/consoleto check it out.

Because this is still a beta, we would love your feedback to help us make it even better for you.

So try it out and let us knowwhat you think.

We hope you enjoy the new programs, features and updates we've been working on this year, including the new Play Console.

We can't wait to see how you use themto grow your businesses and optimize your apps and games.

We'll share even more next monthduring Play's Week in the 11 Weeks of Android 11.

Until then, thank you for being partof our community.


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