What’s New in Android N

welcome to what's new in and not the real name but we can't talk about all of the new features added in this version of Android for example marshmallow brought you doze and app standby and now in is bring you doze again but it's so much more the goal

here is to coalesce background activity whenever the screen is off and not necessarily when the device is stationary so this brings doze out of the tablet on a shelf model and into the user out and about who needs her battery scenario so shortly after the screen is turned

off doze will be activated and all network access and background jobs will be restricted into maintenance windows that happen every in minutes but in this lightweight mode alarms wakelocks and Wi-Fi scans will all happen normally and all of the other does best practices still apply cloud messaging of

course this is all an extension of doze mode so if the device is stationary then the marshmallow flavored doze will kick in you're actually using your device it's also a ton of cool new features like two apps on screen at the same time that's right phones and tablets

will support split screen windows where two apps are placed right up next to one another now this doesn't change the usual activity lifecycle though there's still only one app that's resumed at a time the other app will be paused but not stopped so it should be able to

update with new messages and keep a video playing for instance there's a new resizable activity attribute you add to your manifest sentry to control how you'll work with multi window mode and also attributes for setting a minimum size it's also a fancy new launch adjacent intent flag to

hint that you'd like the launched activity to be opened alongside the current activity and there's a little something extra for Android TV users picture-in-picture now your app can continue to run in miniature form on top of everything else of course that means you should hide things that are

totally unreadable in picture-in-picture there's new callbacks for when you enter and leave this mode if you choose to support it which you should particularly for video apps out there so yeah multi window wins the day but there are so many new features that have nothing to do with

the UI like data saver which was introduced per app basis a while back so that the user can specify certain apps to be Wi-Fi only and keep their data costs down but within we added a device wide option this means your app really needs to be good at

not wasting data and I'm not failing gracefully if you cannot access the network right now so to help you we added an API call so that you can check if your app is network restricted and maybe try a header to let the user know your app isn't saved

data mode one of the most noticeable things in Android n particularly for end users is going to be the total visual redesign of notifications yep all the standard templates have changed quite significantly you also notice some of the features from Android wear are being expanded upon and making

their way onto other Android devices for example you'll be able to use remote input to send replies directly from the notification shade you also be able to show the sent message history in the notification so you always know exactly where you left the conversation now grouping notifications make

it a lot easier to head handle multiple notifications from the same app by creating a single summary notification not allowing users to expand it into individual actionable and dismissible notifications grouping is enabled by default on all apps but you'll want that customize summary notification to make for a

great notification experience speaking of making things great for users encrypting your phone is a great and secure and awesome but it does mean that you have to be around to help it boot up so if your phone restarts while you're sleeping your alarm clock has died as well

direct boot will allow the device to fully wake up to have alarms and to receive calls this way users won't be stuck in a lurch and then they can put in their password when they go to use their device but it also means that if your app handles

calls or SMS messages uses talkback or triggers an alarm you will now need to be crypto aware which means stated in your manifest when targeting in and you will need to specify which files should be device encrypted or credential encrypted so that you can receive special treatment and

speaking of special treatment marshmallow bot permissions requests to the user in context with runtime permissions but for storage taking it a step farther instead of having to request access to everything apps can now request access to a specific folder such as alarms or pictures with full support for

both internal and removable media volumes also heads up some of your implicit broadcasts are changing as part of our continued focus on projects felt we want to make background activity even more efficient so all apps targeting me in that listen for connectivity action broadcasts and their manifest and

rely on that to launch their process will no longer be woken because a single networks which can result in bazillion apps all waking up when maybe two of them will actually do something and this is horrible for performance and the time has come to fix it because perf

matters however if your app is already running it can still receive this broadcast with context register receiver but as of in+ you will no longer be able to send or receive a new picture or new video broadcast instead job schedule has been extended to trigger jobs on a

content provider update which is a much better way to handle a response to a picture being taken and which means users won't wonder why the camera app keeps freezing time to migrate to job scheduler but if you're still afraid of job scheduler just tweet me we can check

and Royden also allows users to specify multiple locales in settings which means apps can now serve search results in multiple languages or avoid offering translations for languages that the user our honey knows so the full list of locales for user can be accessed via locale list get default

so check out the links in the description for everything I mean everything you need to know about Android not the real name [Music]

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