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Hey whatsup guys its kaustub here in today'svideo going by the title guys this is basically a Whatson my phone video and it is a June2020 edition just for your info and this is basically a video in which I will be showingyou all the apps I use on my daily basis on my smartphone and will also give a brief ideaabout each and every as to why thisapp why that why not other apps so without waistinany time lets role intro and let's get the video started this is my phone ok this is the oneplus 3T for those of you don't know this is a 3 yearold device and have been using this from Jan or type of 2020 because a tragedy happenedwith PC with my old phone so this is the power off and I doubt it is not running on OxygenOS it is running on Android custom rom namely called as the CR Droid urgent.

NBC it is anAndroid firebase from its working quite well for me me and only folder on my home screenis this this is the social folder that I have my social FB Sili to fetch first step is theTwitter app then Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Snapchat on YouTube this is a modded versionof YouTube those of you don't know this is the YouTube vanced APK then this is Telegramand Tik Tok so social apps which are used and here are sale of basic acid is phone messagein Gmail Chrome and Google camera yes it's quite handy and it is quite to the point homescreen I should say which I like it and also Kaise you might have noticed that there areno any name like icon tables have turned it off because I am using Nova Launcher bi sothis is the launcher of my choice my hidden all the icon labels if you can see the appdrawer also I really like just because there is no it doesn't make sense to have labelseparately below the icons as the heat and identify the icon we will go quickly to allof them so this is the My Airtel App on the list of those of you know Airtel has its ownapp and I used to pay my monthly bills then the next step on the list is Airtel extreme3D platform FIR usse and extreme feature like it comes P bundle with my sim card plan soit's a prescription service so it's a great with as a lot of movie collection list usselike you can watch your life TV TV shows as well as the movies so it is a great futureI use it quite a lot so that that then next app is Amazon that is produced self explanatoryI don't have text in a lot than ampere so this is extremely helpful app because I havebeen a tech geek electricity rate at which battery is getting discharged so what is thedensity for charging because when I plug in the people I get to see how much current mydevice is consuming then next about the latest app lock with fingerprint AppLock becausethis from the and have any inbuilt app lock features and I feel that we like sometimesyou need an app lock because if you give your phone in somebody's and it is better to besafe so that this app then next office audio effects and this company bundled with thisor so it is basically and Equaliser should save it which are some various song to visitnext on the left is Google Authenticator for my Google accounts and this app is calledas Black wallpapers quickly open it up so guys this is basically an app to Blow Yourexisting value Presidency the blood levels are increasing as I take the spider down ifit it it it becomes transparent and if you get it done it becomes your pic so this isquite handy guys if you have any wallpaper that is highly destructive in the backgroundespecially when you can't reply of bit of Blood on top of a lecture upon the left isBookMyShow it is also your self explanatory I will I will not go into it is basicallyfor watching booking tickets to your movies or TV shows or any com aeroplane that kindof talk that's that then is the calculator app than Google Calendar is what are usedas my calendar app in this is me camp it is gcam virgin or 6.

2 then the list is Camscannerand it is also fighter explanatory now that it is locked down and Vice Chairman engineeringstudents who have to submit my assignment so I use Camscanner a lot to scan documentsoff my feet assignment for that matter then the next upon the latest Google Chrome that'syour self explanatory alarm clock contacts Google Drive and this app is quite controversialthis is the years File Explorer unfortunately Google had removed 8007 remove Google dueto some privacy reasons but I still you that I can find it quite helpful and at I stillfeel that I really love this app then this is as whales and this is basically an applicationto monitor my CCTV camera in the next top of the list is Facebook that's your self explanatorythen this is instant interesting about responsive can I download Instagram photos for Instagramphotos aur videos also for that sends it is given your copy link of Post and then it willautomatically download in high quality so why use it basically for getting some wallpapersFlipkart it is an E-Commerce all of you know then the next tab 2 Flipkart follower analyserwhat is the great Apple should say if you are into Instagram a lot so basically it analysesyour profile and tell you how much followers you have how much friends you have how muchcan we have as well as who follow you unfollowed you on a daily basis of the list price isthe gallery this is simple gallery at is available on the PlayStore.

Simple gallery should seethis this my wallpaper collection so it works 512 I should say it has all the basic featuresadded crop and all the basic features you might need them Gmail Google Google pleaseyour self explanatory then comes #zee5 so this is an app where you can get hashtagsfor Instagram post basically this use it like Wizard uses which is artificial intelligenceto can you post and then give it gives you basically related hashtags do it then thereis Instagram Google Keep and basically It's A Notes app which I used to take notes ortake any important text messages are copy them which I might need in the future sourcefor tell because it directly sync with Google ecosystem service and you can access it onyour laptop suites by tunnel full app if you are into notes then come Adobe lightroom thisis for editing photos I don't use it on regular basis I used to sometime because I am gettingthe angle of 120 messenger lite.

apk messenger Lite because stop messenger is quite heavyguys it is a huge m-Indicator show all the Mumbai Ka Joda you guys must be knowing whathave indicated Airtel all the Global Services which operate in Mumbai basically show allthe Mumbai weather update you if you don't have this object install it a7x upon the leastprice is a magics manager so distance like and alternate super s u i should say the leastis Google Maps it is 3 then messages between stock SMS app then MX Player for watchingvideos than this is my fitness pal do guys if you are 12 fitness and if you really loveto track your calories which I do a lot so what is this is excellent app you can trackyour Calories of macros and everything like from your fruit in your fat your curves solvethis micronutrients and fact very well and you can reach your goal is it is also thenOLA cabs for booking cab office leave then Paytm It is involved at this is the phoneapp which is sprinkled with this from then this is Photo Grid are used for my Instagramto put some grade if you want to make a collage then there are a lot of options presidentand prime video show all of you know it is cell explain with this app is next to Primevideo oficial building basically this is an app to connect to your realme buds are thereI which I have as well as Academy Bandra have prices recorder voice recorder for ScreenRecorder this is what I found it helpful let Screen Recorder is also coming included withthe voice recorder sweet sweet good morning wishes Google rewards I have made a dedicatedvideo on Google reports haven't checked it out you can check it out a link my corporatesettings it is self explanatory shareit all of you might know about it then next app toshare it is star job I don't know how to spell it works as the name is a light is what happenwhen using so this is basically an app to recognise music so listen Tu lot of musiclike a lot of YouTube videos also it creators use a lot of music so to track that musicyou can basically just type it and it will listen and detect this song and tell you thename of Snapchat which is a social media app is already told about them Snapseed Snapseedphoto editing app just like light room on the list guys is SoundCloud artist in it whichmake really great music Pitache basically this is Internet speed test app test my internetspeed that solid after speed test is 45 45 is really creative I should say because themusic recommendations and the yew why is so screen and music that I recommend is reallygreat so I have recently purchased AP my prescription also this is the music player of my choicethis is what I used to listen music and Nexus 3K swiggy food delivery app support for myphone was off because there are a lot of Telegram groups out there which are mode in Androiddevelopment group site for custom rom to my college principal and some of them so that'swhy I am using Telegram is messaging apps like WhatsApp then the next app on the listis TP link so this is basically an app to manage my router so I have one Archer C20or TP link router for this is necessary to manage my router to block to see you keepan eye has to is using it introducing next tour district ok I am not going to take outoil kaise use it is just because this trend you do this trend which started about YouTubeassistant of I started to use it but it is OK it is OK it is OK it is act on the listis Truecaller which is also a self explanatory app basically it I use it to detect any fakecalls or like it shows you caller ID of unknown numbers which is really helpful in X intoa then this is urban vehicle and basically when I will I go for hiding in that this isbasically an app to track your whole cycling start it is upgradable should say if you area cyclic guys just immediately download this app which tells you what speed you are doingwhat distance have you done the current time as well as the duration for which year inriding and this is the altitude and this is the calorie sperms create Apple ID se theyou are is great disturb mode right how you can also go in light more so it is a greatApple next app to earn by is ups and UPS is basically a ticket booking app if you arefrom Mumbai and you use Mumbai local daily basis per square Deadpool you can book airtickets from your phone and skip all the long queues the next to it is whatsup which wealways use then WPS office is an of astute format of documents and it like it is liketo open order and documents PDF Word Excel PowerPoint all of it can be opened throughthis one app so I really love that it is YouTube banned guys this is a modded version of YouTubein which basically you can watch youtube videos in background yes it is a great app like ithas complete features especially you get the main feature which I like really is the volumecontrol the brightness control that is that it has so if I go full screen right here inthis video I can just increase the brightness or decrease the brightness tips that is equalsand the volume just wasting my finger is great app for this one feature I'm using this appStudio is Zomato Zomato food delivery app or I should say a restaurant in AP it hasa lot of restaurants in it which detailed information and reviews about how the referencesa lot of people use it in post reviews about various restaurant's we can definitely checkit out if your food that it is like the video if you like it I like button down below andanswer to get subscribe to my channel for more contact and this video is better butit is completely Rao and I hope you understand this is a boy goes to hear from to assigningof you guys have a great day.

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