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Those reporters are pressuring Ting Yi She's losing her endurance a bit.

In the next part, she might attack fiercely, or try to incite you to attack.

At that time, you have to.



Oh right, does your hand hurt? Let me get the team physician Speak of the devil.



Let me see.

Thank you.

Good Luck! Don't let others affect your own rhythm.

Part 2 will begin now.

Ready? Go! Bai Cao seems to be able to see Ting Yi's attack position She has already improved this much? Ting Yi is attacking so fiercely why isn't she earning any points? Maybe the competition before made her hesitated.

Even when she is attacking, she is reserving.

You mean Ting Yi is scared of Bai Cao? How can that be? He might not be scared.

I think he's shocked.

Bai Cai seems to be able to read Ting Yi's intentions She's ready even before Ting Yi attacks When did you become such a scaredy cat?! I remember when we used to compete against each other, We were like newborn bulls, not afraid of anything.

Where's your spirit? Why are you dodging? You've finally got a match with me.

Show me what you've got, don't be a scaredy cat! You only know how to dodge and defend? I know you want to provoke me to attack You have your strategy.

I have mine.

End of Round 2.

The score is 2:0.

Ting Yi, what's wrong? Your score hasn't increased.

Is it because you haven't trained in so long? Your skills have deteriorated.

How can you compete with En Xiu like this? Different opponents.

Different tactics.

All that matters is who will win in the end, not what the score is.

You're right, Ting Yi.

We believe in your skills.

But you have to help us too.

We need an exciting battle.

Good luck in the third round! Mm.

Don't worry.


It'll help replenish your energy.

What do we do? Ting Yi is getting more and more aggressive.

Bao Cao's behind by two points.

Aiya we can't even say anything because we don't want to put pressure on Bai Cao.

It's so suffocating! Bai Cao's improvement is huge.

I didn't noticed that before she competes with Senior Ting Yi.

Now it seems like They're more like two nip and tuck.

Ting Yu is the most outstanding female Yuan Wu Dao athlete in China.

She's also the national champion, and competed in so many competitions worldwide.

Bai Cao was always her defeated opponent.

How would they be the same? That's because Bai Cao wasn't allowed to compete in a lot of competitions.

Did you forget? Starting from last year, Bai Cao won all the competitions she competed in.

It's just that the competitions were kind of low level.

If Bai Cao had the same opportunities, there's no way she would do poorly.

These past two years, although Ting Yi was overseas, but whenever there is big competition, Teacher will let Ting Yi compete and wouldn't let Bai Cao compete.

It's kind of unfair.

How's that unfair? Ting Yi's the strongest, of course we would send her to compete.

We don't know that.

Perhaps today Ting Yi will lose to Bai Cao Are you kidding me? If Ting Yi loses to Bai Cao, I'll walk backwards! You think Ting Yi could become the long-standing national champion with such little ability? If Bai Cao can see through Ting Yi's tactics then Ting Yi can definitely see through Bai Cao's I think Ting Yi has other tricks.

Right, Yi Feng? Yeah.

Bai Cao's has improved a lot, but in terms of skill and experience, Bai Cao loses to Ting Yi But if Bai Cao only defends against Ting Yi and doesn't attack the best she can do is get a draw.

It all comes down to this last round.

You can use it now.

Use it? Use what? Is it a secret weapon? Tell me! You're not competing, why should he tell you? Why are you everywhere? Bai Cao seems different this round.

I think it's weird too.

It's already the last round.

It's the last round, but she seems so tireless.

She's too anxious.

It's already the last round, she has to be.

The more anxious she is, the more openings she has.

I think Ting Yi will grab onto her openings and KO her.

She finally can't hold back anymore This time, I want you to remember never try to steal anything that belongs to me.

Look! Ting Yi looks like she's gonna- That's right.

You don't know it.

Although Senior Ting Yi didn't attack aggressively, she's waiting for a flaw to use her special double chop kick.

So she can wait and give her a fatal hit.

She is still my Senior Ting Yi.

Bai Cao is going to lose.

This height.


this is not double chop kick.

Finally, I've waited for so long.

Bai Cao.

It's right now.

Bai Cao! Bai Cao! You're too amazing! Don't be too excited, it's just an internal match.

It's not over yet.

Bai Cao 2 points.

Can you continue? I can.

Aiya, there's only 20 seconds left.

Look, Tian Yi got hit silly.

Bai Cao will definitely win.

Stop! Today's competition will end here.

The score is 2-2.


What? Why? That's not right.

Time isn't up yet.


There's still more time.

Why is it ending early? Fellow reporters and media, today's competition will end here.

For those who want individual interviews, you can come up.

We still have night training in fifteen minute.

Please cooperate.

Thank you.

Coach Shen, what are your opinions of today's competition results.

Ting Yi, were you too proud and took a step back? Ting Yi, do you have something on your mind, why are you currently in this state? Right, Ting Yi, today you made some mistakes.

There will always be a few mistakes in every competition.

This is normal.

Everyone doesn't need to worry.

I really made the kick! I know.

You were great! It wasn't easy.

Please say something, Ting Yi.

I can't believe this.

Bai Cao's triple kick is so strong.

Bai Cao, you're really amazing.

You actually kicked three times in the air.

Bai Cao, how did you do that? You jumped so high.

We really underestimated you.

It's not a waste to train for a long time.

After suffering comes happiness.

Ruo Bai, I still can't do it.

Other people can't but you can.

You jump almost 17 centimeter higher than others.

If you want to defeat Ting Yi, you must give full play of your potential.

Let's try something new.


Ruo Bai, is this ok? Begin.

Eh, it just came to me.

That three kick mid air, we should name that move.

Since Bai Cao created it, then we'll call it Bai Cao Consecutive Triple Kick, how's that? Doesn't sound good.

Sounds terrible.

Then what sounds good? Bai Cao's Flying Kick? Tornado Bai Cao Kick? No.

Whirlwind Triple Kick! This one's good.

Whirlwind Triple Kick.

This is very powerful and catchy.

-Of course, it's my idea.

-So you can be helpful.


If Coach Shen didn't stop it abruptly, with Bai Cao's whirlwind triple kick, it definitely won't be a tie.

Don't be too show-off.

I think even if Coach Shen doesn't say stop, Bai Cao won't beat Ting Yi.

Bai Cao was definitely going to win today, okay? Didn't you see how robust her movements were? Qi Bai Cao.

Your secret weapon is this so-call whirlwind triple kick? Your ears are good, you heard us from that far.

You didn't use this hard-earned move until the last round, are you that scared of me? Scared that if you used it in the first round I would be able to solve it? And defeat you right? Knowing how to use these tricks, you definitely improved.

Only people with skills and knowledge are real champion of Yuan Wu Dao.

Do you think winning two points using those tricks meant that you really won? Bai Cao used her skills, it's not luck.

Besides, it doesn't matter when she uses that technique, it's her freedom.

That's strategy.

Strategy, ok? So you indeed put some thoughts into this.

Not only you spent all your time on the competition, you also found someone to swash about it after the competition.

But it makes sense.

If you didn't use these wicked ways, you wouldn't have scored.

It seems that it ended well for you.

At least before you weren't able to get any points.

Now you're able to get a few points.

Should I congratulate you? Ting Yi I think I should be congratulating you, if Coach Shen didn't say stop if Bai Cao won, with so many people present won't you be embarrassed? Exactly, exactly, I think Coach Shen is more biased towards you.

Be humble.

What random stuff are you guys talking about? I want to announce something.

Fang Ting Yi.

Qi Bai Cao.

In towards competition you guys were tied.

Maybe I will give you another chance in a month.

Use all your strength to compete again.

Whoever wins will decide who will represent our school to compete in City Youth Competition.

City Youth Competition has a long history.

Its full name is Yuan Wu Dao International City Youth Competition.

Every year many cities apply to host it.

Almost all Yuan Wu Dao masters have participated in it.

So it's also called the incubation competition of Yuan Wu Dao top masters.

Incubation competition? That's right.

Hello reporters.

To prepare for the City Youth Competition, Chang Hai from Korea is hosting an international training camp.

Many contestants across the country wil join it.

There will also be many great teachers to guide.

Of course, we also received invitation.

As the sponsor for this international training camp, I'm inviting all of you to join.

Wow, we can all go to Korea? That's so great.

So everyone can go? All of us? Yes, everyone has a chance.

Fangs Group is willing to provide this opportunity.

I will review the final list.

But if you didn't pass any one of the subjects this semister, you can't attend.


Let's rest for five minutes then continue training.

Coach Shen.

What is it? Why did you call out stop in the climax? Is it because Ting Yi's grandfather was once your coach? So you're more favoritism towards them? You really are brave.

Yes, Ting Yi's grandfather is my teacher, so I take care of her in particular.

Ting Yi's performance proves that she's worthy.

Is there something wrong with that? If it deprives other students' chance to participate fairly, then it's wrong.

Ruo Bai nothing is definitely fair in this world.

Just like that competition early, how can you be sure that Bai Cao will win until the last moment.

If I remember correctly, Bai Cao won all the internal competitions at Song Bai, but at the end you didn't pick her either.

How did you think? Reality proved me wrong.

After that, Bao Cao kept on winning.

Past everyone's prediction.

Even thought TIng Yi has been the world champion for these few years, but her best performance is only fourth in international competitions.

She won't have much breakthrough in the City Youth Competitions.

So Bai Cao will if I let her in? What if she gets knocked out in the first round, that's more of a overwhelming shock.

Coach Shen, Bai Cao has skills, her energy, speed, jump and rebounce and reaction including this triple kick.

Apart from her, who else can do it domestically? I already said it, maybe in a month I will give Bai Cao a chance.

If she can win Ting Yi then, I'll leave her with the spot for City Youth Competition.

What do you mean maybe? At the last Korean training camp, Ting Yi won the best camp member.

If Bai Cao can get the title for best camp member, then she will qualify to fight with Ting Yi one last time.

If she can't get the best camp member title, then she can't compete with Ting Yi anymore.

Do you still think this is unfair? Are you worried that Bai Cao won't get the title? No, Bai Cao can definitely get it.

Coach shen I hope you can keep to your promise.

Trust me.

Fan Xiao Ying! Where are you going, huh?! It's almost finals, you still want to go out? You already failed one course last semester and needed to retake the test.

How many courses are you going to fail this semester? Come over here.

Xiao Ying, Xiao Ying.

Look, your dad and I work so hard for you and pay for your college.

What are you doing every day? Look at Bai Cao, she does good at school and Yuan Wu Dao.

You're with her everyday, can't you learn anything from her? You're so big now, what are you going to do in the future? What is this all about? Your daughter is pretty.

Everyone loves me.

Nowadays, a good look is very important.

As the saying goes, at home, rely on parents; while outside, rely on your face.

Depends on your face? Seriously? Let me tell you this.

If you fail this semester, you're not going anywhere for holidays, stay at home and study.

I heard about it.

The summer camp helded by Chang Hai in Korea, your training center has a few spots.

If everyone is in Korea, you will be at after-school program.

Wait a second.

I have to do the advanced math exam next week, but when have I ever passed math? Also, what college student does cram school.

You can't do cram school? If anything, I'll take you to learn the diggers.

At least you'll have some skill in the future.

Mum, mum! Mum what? Stay at home and don't go anywhere.

Mom! How can a broken I, fall in love a broken exam? Look at you.

What have you turned into.

What have you been doing overseas for these two years? Apart from fooling around with the Yu boy, buy clothes, go on tv, what else have you done? You have no spirit of Yuan Wu Dao.

I've seen it through.

You might as well quit Yuan Wu Dao.

Be the rich girl that you are.

Grandfather no, it's not like that.

Don't call me grandfather.

Our Xian Wu doesn't have a useless heir like you.

Grandfather I know I'm wrong.

I did waste lots of training time before.

I didn't win in this training.

I am sad too.

It was just an internal competition.

But we needed to rely on Ning to end the match, so it became a tie.

What if Ning didn't do it for my sake? Aren't you humiliating yourself then? How are you going to join the City Youth Competition? Look at Lee En Xiu from Korea, what is her training attitude, and yours? Last month, I went to Chang Hai and saw En Siu.

She's young.

But whether in terms of wisdom, reaction or leg technique, she's in the top master rank.

After your mom's accident, grandpa put all my hope on you and your brother.

Especially you, you are obedient and sensible since childhood.

You're not just my hope but your mom's.

If she's still awake, Grandpa, I know my fault now.

In every competition, it's not just for the glory for ourselves, but it's for the glory of our country.

Your mom was so close, just one more step.

What a pity!.

Just a bit more.

I hope you can take the responsibility.

Get further glory for our country.

I will, grandpa.

Starting from now, one month, you're forbidden to leave Xian Wu.

Do enclosed training with your brother.

Throw away all those irrelevant things.

Understand? Yes, I understand.

Also, don't slip out to meet with Yu.

But grandpa, I.



You heard me? Yes.

And watch out for Qi Bai Cao.

She might be your biggest opponent domestically.

Understand? Yes.

My superwoman! Drink some juice.

Why are you working? I told you the training competition is going to be on television today.

Your whirlwind triple kick wll be on tv! What a historical moment! Don't exaggerate so much.

I want to see that embarrassing moment when arrogant Ting Yi getting kicked by you.

Look at the things she said today.

She couldn't even stand after your triple kick, but she had to say you waited to use it at the end.

It was like we did something wrong.

Why didn't you talk back to her? She wasn't wrong.

If I used that in the beginning, she might really think of a way to handle it.

Oh, you mean.


you didn't attack in the first two rounds on purpose.

Yes, the first two round our scores came to a deadlock.

Ting Yi would be anxious because of all the reporters there.

So when I kicked on the third round, she rushed to strike back.

It's more effective to use the triple kick that way.

How could you think of such tactic? It wasn't me.

Senior Ruo Bai taught me.

Oh my.

Senior Ruo Bai.


so awesome! Based on your character, how could you be so calm? No matter how Ting Yi threatened and lured you, you didn't attack.


Why isn't Senior Ruo Bai here yet? It's starting.

It's starting.

Let's go.

Yuan Wu Dao City Youth Competition is near, How's the preparation? Please see relevant reports by our channel.

What is this? Why is it all her? They said they would show the match.

Ting Yi, do you have confidence in the City Youth Competition? What's going on? Of course I have.


We believe in your success.

I will do my best! Thank you! Thank you? This is a shame! You saw it? This is the difference between you.

With your current strength, you can't shake Ting Yi's status at all.

You must work hard.

Use every win in the future to make everyone unable to neglect you.


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