Why I Still Have The iPhone 2G in 2020


okay so I bought a used iPhone just a couple of years ago not when it was released in 2007 and believe it or not but at the time I was a really intense Windows PC kind of a guy and I didn't exactly like Apple to be completely honest

I hated Apple and everything that Apple stood for but then I got to test the iPod Touch and I was like we're really blown away but that came later in 2007 the iPhone 2g was released but in this video I'm gonna call it the iPhone one kind of

sounds cooler now that I own it it's one of my most prized possessions think about it the first iPhone that not only revolutionized the entire smartphone industry or created it for that matter but it even changed the way people communicated with each other it became the remote control

of our lives but despite that the iPhone 1 means a lot more to me and I wanted to share that with you guys today okay Joyce Hey what is up my name is Tom if this is your first time to this channel don't forget to do a hashtag

new sub so I can properly welcome you I hate to ask but I have to if you can find it in your heart to please hit that like button it wouldn't really help me out a lot ok with that out of the way well let's jump right into

it you know I just I just think that we're also very used to smartphones these days that we don't even notice just how amazing they really are there was this time before smartphones when people use these small tiny flip-flop phones and the only thing they could really do

was to call each other that's it I should however mentioned that they had insanely good battery life now some of you probably don't even remember this time and me like I'm a dinosaur I even remember a time before mobile phones and even Internet's like you had to call

someone on a wired telephone and you could like call a friend and say you want to hang out and you would meet that them all and if anything happened that would prevent you of getting there there was basically no way to contact the other person just imagine how

crazy that sounds that was my reality when I was a kid now I remember when the first mobile phones were released they were impressive I mean it was kind of practical you could call each other wherever whenever but it wasn't as magical as that day in January when

Steve Jobs was on stage presenting the first iPhone that was a completely different experience now at the time as I said I did not feel a lot of love for Apple in fact I really hated Apple and everything about Apple but even I was really impressed about the

iPhone and I remember people were cheering whenever he would show things that you and I take for granted today things like multi-touch the gyroscope even just demonstrating these very simple apps you know like a flashlight lab basically pointless but these apps demonstrated what the future could hold you

know it gave us a little glimpse into the future of all the potential and for those of you who are too young to remember that let me tell you from my experience it was really magical now my first iPhone it was actually the iPhone 4 and I adored

that thing I still own it I love that thing I used to draw a lot on it I used to use an app called sketchbook and I would do these drawings day and day out that was what a smartphone meant to me but of course the idea of

just being able to browse the web and Google stuff and just text people and send pictures in a simple way it was just remarkable now this is one of my most prized possessions is it because it will go up in value someday not so much it's more about

the fact that this thing reminds me about you know the possibilities of ordinary objects like I just remember when Steve Ballmer the CEO of Microsoft at the time there is this really funny video clip I'll link it below so you can see for yourselves where he says something

like nobody is ever gonna buy the iPhone but I mean it just goes to show you that you know you think that technology is at its peak all the time and then something like this happens and everything just changed I mean at the time people had an idea

what what a phone could do nobody could really imagine what the iPhone could do you know what I mean I think that a lot of you are too young to understand what I mean but gosh I mean you just you have to see the presentation that Steve Jobs

did on stage like people were actually cheering when he was showing them multi-touch now the iPhone one wasn't perfect by any means like it had a lot of flaws for instance you couldn't send texts with images you just could there was no App Store really the first iPhone

it was so simple you couldn't even install apps it just had a set of apps that you could use the app store came a bit later and the camera was we bad at the time but it had something something that still inspires me to this day and that

thing was potential not just potential to change the entire phone industry but to change the way that people communicate change the way people live their lives you know the iPhone and I'm not saying just the iPhone like the iPhone was the spark that just changed the entire phone

industry you know now 10 years later I mean all smartphone companies have basically taken what Apple did and just expanded on it and even Apple is still expanding and developing and you know upgrading but but there's still something about the iPhone something inspiring that I still feel every

time I look at it today it's like as a human as a youtuber you can take something ordinary and make it into something extraordinary for instance making a video about a smartphone or a laptop and just being creative just making it entertaining informative inspiring you can really reach

people and make a difference in their lives just a simple laptop review you can move people with it you know what I mean and to me that's magic now the reason I made this video was to remind not only myself but people watching that if we look at

ordinary items too casually we will miss all the opportunities that they offer take your smartphone and take your laptop today and try to see the true potential now you use them every day but have you ever really thought about what you can do with these things that you

couldn't do like 20 years ago the entire human knowledge at your fingertips the ability to create something tastic create music edit videos you can start a business you can create content and share it with the entire world now don't get me wrong I am NOT saying that there

is anything wrong with having these devices and just browse the web watch YouTube watch Netflix making time fly there's nothing wrong with that but what I am saying is that there is another option that instead of making time pass you can actually make time matter so the next

time you open up your smartphone or your laptop to check on social media ask yourself a question what can I create with this device today okay that's all we had for today hope you enjoyed this video and if you did it would again it would really mean a

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so gently okay thank you for watching it's been a blast hope you enjoyed it love you see the next one oh you're still here that's right it's the behind-the-scenes vlog if you new to the channel this is something that I do at the end of every video I

have like a personal little vlog thing it's just a couple of minutes where I share some personal stuff instead of the main thing that I focus on it's mostly for those of you who actually care about me okay so first of all how's the channel doing what's doing

great in June we had like 2,000 new subscribers we're up at 3,000 subscribers it's crazy I don't even know how that happened I am super grateful it's wonderful magical but you know it's it's a lot of hard work to make these videos I don't think that most people

realize just how much work youtubers put into their videos some of you might even think that I'm just sitting in a room just talking and uploading it's definitely not like that like there is so much time that goes into you know editing you know tweaking doing jump cuts

color grading to make you know the colors pop instead of it looking something like this you can make it look like this and then you put in some kind of moving music to give the video a bit of a rhythm and then you know I focus a lot

on making really good b-roll footage also all that takes time and energy it's fun don't get me wrong I love doing it but it's definitely not something that I could do every single day even if I want it to okay so I don't know I I have a

lot of projects right now in my life a lot of different things you know I have some other channels also I don't know this is where minimalism really helps me in a lot of ways I'm gonna do more videos about minimalism but this is a perfect example of

where I use minimalism as a tool so I have a lot of things in my life right and it's kind of hard for me to focus on the things that I really want to focus on so minimalism gives me this opportunity to cleanse to like look at my

life and start removing things that don't give anything you know so that's what I'll be doing I'll be making a list today where I'm gonna start to remove things I think I'm gonna close down some channels and you know I'm gonna delete some apps those I have so

many apps some of those apps are just pure distractions I made a really interesting video about that by the way about digital minimalism on my smart phone and I even have a minimalism video about my laptop you can check that out also and let's see well I've been

reading a lot about iPhone 12 rumors I'm gotta admit you know I'm kind of curious about the iPhone 12 I don't think I've actually been this excited about an iPhone since like the iPhone 5 like some of the rumors I've been reading on had been really crazy something

like 64 megapixel camera 4k and 240 FPS slow-motion I'm really interested in all of that but right now I think that what I'm mostly interested in is actually the selfie camera which on the iPhone 11 already shoots in 4k 60 that's actually something that I don't have on

my iPhone 8 plus I only have 4k 60 on the main camera so to speak I don't know you know my iPhone 8 plus it's a good smartphone there's really nothing wrong with it I could probably use it for another three or four years we'll see I'll watch

the presentation and then I'll make a decision about it anyway that's all I had for today hope you enjoyed this video and if you did you know what to do I'll see in the next one take care you

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