Why This Camera Is Better Than Your iPhone

as these ever happened to you you go through your phone's camera roll and all you see is endless copies of the same photos and most of them are just random things that you've seen the street or maybe you're just trying to get the perfect selfie and and there's

nothing wrong with that but when I look back at these photos I don't feel the same as for example when I look at old photo albums that's real nostalgia this this is not so it got me thinking why do we take so many photos this was my grandfather's

camera he gave it to me a few years ago and in fact he gave me two and since he gave me this they they have been sitting in a box and they're my back I mean they look good and everyone looks at me if I walk around like

this taking photos don't worry there's no filming side but they're not really practical to use why would I want to use a 70 year old camera when I can use this the archetype of photography there are result of endless years of research and developing why in the world

would I change this for this seems like going back to the old Ford model-t where now we have all these Tesla's that can drive by themselves faster is better right well that's that's what we're going to find out [Music] Oh so when I was planning this video I

did some research online and I found this experiment that I thought was really cool imagine a museum full of different pieces of art and a bunch of people that had never seen that museum before the experiment was pretty simple there were two groups of people the first one

was directed to just observe the different pieces while the second group was told to photograph every piece in the end the participants were asked how many pieces they could recover and the results were pretty obvious if participants were taking photos they remembered fewer objects and remembered less details

about them then if they'd rather only observed the objects and did not photograph them now think about all the moments that you photograph instead of actually living them look at that tree that deserves a photo what I think that is happening is that we treat this gadget as

sort of an external memory device we have this expectation that the camera is going to remember things for us and so we focus more on photographing and capturing physical copies instead of actually engaging in real moments also oursa means this mural this one this one deserves a photo

this means that we will look at those photos in the future if we do because let's be honest most of us never look back at all the photos that we have in our camera roll and we will try to remember something that we didn't live fully in the

first place and that's why I think film photography can help with that it might not be perfect but I think that's what makes old albums so satisfying to look at let me explain but first I need to tell you about a company that played a major role on

my filmmaking career because as you guys know I never went to film school actually I have a degree in computer science and so all I know about filmmaking I learned online and so that's why I love to work with skills here to give you guys the same opportunity

Skillshare is an amazing online learning community especially for creators and they offer more than 25,000 classes in topics like photography video freelancing and the Premium Membership gives you unlimited access so you can join as many classes or communities as you want I would recommend you to watch this

one that goes deeper into film photography and also this one about how to tell travel stories it's also incredibly affordable the annual subscription is less than $10 a month but since Skillshare is sponsoring this video the first 1,000 people to click the link in the description will get

two months for free so you can take this as an opportunity to learn a new skill while you're stuck at home and maybe you'll get to 100k all right that's it for this pond sir back to the video so first of all it's way more fun to photograph

there's there's something about loading the film and putting the right settings and pressing the shutter I mean just wait I mean just first of all look at the camera and then the shutters just listen to this so yeah I think it's way more fun to photograph and by

the way we should load some more film so curious to see if these cameras actually work because I've been taking photos but I have no idea if the photos are there or not I think this is this is not 120 so apparently this camera doesn't work with 120

film because I I was trying to put the roll here but it doesn't fit it's too big alright so this camera doesn't work with this film so I'm going to use the same camera let's see if I'm better now loading the film can you imagine having to do

this every time you want to take 8 photos right did you see that it took me less than a minute let's go shoot some more film then it's expensive I know it might not make sense but if we're talking about medium format which is the case every roll

costs about 10 euros and then you also have to pay for the developing which is another 5 or 10 errors and you only get 8 exposures so every time that you pressed the shutter you're here paying like 3 bucks so you really need to be intentional in in

the moments that you decide to capture our are moments that really deserve to be preserved and that's why being expensive is is bad but it's also a good thing by the way I'm in Porto which is in the north of Portugal and this is not my first time

here but can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this cities dude my country is beautiful and and lastly it's not immediate I know it might also sound strange but when you have to take the time to put the right settings and turn this small sliders

to get the perfect settings in some way you immerse yourself even more in the world because you have to pay attention to so many details like the light and Composition or even interact with people if you want to take a portrait of someone and also having to wait

to see your photos because obviously there's no screen might not make sense nowadays but it's just so amazing when you receive the photos from the lab and you get to relieve those moments again I don't know why but it's it's just an amazing feeling oh look I have

my own restaurant here in downtown Porto aren't just kidding my name is a fish is a very famous fish in Portugal that's why I see my name everywhere so Indy and I think that analog photography is a good exercise because with your phone it's so easy to take

photos to everything and fill hundreds of gigabytes with meaningless photos and I'm not saying that analog is better than digital or the opposite my work relies on digital so I'm obviously very thankful but I think that with this video I can conclude that even with digital sometimes the

best option is to not photograph at all Indiana I think we still have a lot to learn from film as carlos beltran said maybe our love for film goes beyond photography itself it's more than the cameras be used or the stocks we choose in a world where everything

seems to passes by in a split second the process behind film photography reminds us that sometimes it's ok to slow down to acknowledge everything and everyone around us and to take in every moment one frame at a time Thank You grandpa for reminding me that faster sometimes isn't

better thank you for watching in I'll see you soon [Music]

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