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Two weeks ago on SmackDown, we saw WWE reachtrue equality for how it presents its women wrestlers.

Because now not only are they frequently maineventing Raws and getting long TV matches, now, just like the men, they’re also beingbooked in terrible in-ring skits.

The offending segment was Karaoke Showdown- featuring Tamina attempting Triple H’s theme song, Dana Brooke legit going for it, and Lacey Evans legitimately turning heel because she lost.

American hero, Lacey Evans.

But it seems Naomi’s bad booking enragedfans the most.

And following her two minute loss to Evanslast Friday, the hashtag #GiveNaomiAChance began trending on Twitter, even garneringattention from outside the wrestling industry.

However, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has saidon his podcast the hashtag is for suuuuckaas! “They can go to hell with all these hashtags, I’m tired of hearing about them.

Don’t nobody ‘deserve’ a chance.

You have to earn a chance and your spot onthe roster, this is not some kind of movement just to pull somebody up just because.



If it happened tomorrow, someone blessed Naomiwith the World Championship, trust me, it would not feel like she did it on her own.

” Naomi herself responded on Twitter: “Willdo Booker T THUMBS UP EMOJI” with a gif of Jim Carrey in the movie Yes Man.

Sasha Banks, however, had much stronger wordsfor Booker, quote tweeting Naomi and saying “Don’t feed into useless opinions, nomatter who they come from.

Keep glowing and shining like you always do.

You ain’t got nothing to prove to anyone#teambad” What do you think of the #GiveNaomiAChancemovement? Let me know in the comments because I’llbe replying to people FROM OUTTA THE KARAOKE SHOWDOWN! But, like I said, true equality is WWE bookingeveryone equally as bad – and several wrestlers released from the company back in mid-Aprilhave called the promotion out for it.

Following their IMPACT returns and debutsat Saturday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view, Tommy Dreamer posted a photo on Twitter withEC3, Eric Young, Heath without the Slater, Brian Myers and Gallows and Anderson all flippingWWE off with the caption “Opportunity came a knocking and they kicked the FN door in.

It’s about to get real.

” And it did, with Eric Young shooting hardon his former employer on Busted Open Radio: “The system is broken, it's hard to geta word in.

Even when you're doing nothing it feels likeyou're fixing people's mistakes all day.

There was no creativity, they want everyoneto do things the same, and be the same, and bump the same, and sell the same.

And there is millions of rules.



those changedaily.

It's really hard to understand what's goingon and why it's going on.

The system is flawed and I would say thatto anyone there, I would say it to Vince himself.

” Yeah, but I’m sure Paul Heyman booking Rawwas a much better experi- The Heyman Community? AJ Styles has continued to rip into Paul Heymanon his latest Twitch stream: “I can’t be around Paul Heyman.

I just can’t stand him.

You wouldn’t believe how many people thatI worked with despised this guy because of his lies and he’d find ways to throw themunder the bus when he screwed up.

It was kind of hard to find someone who likedhim.

” Tony Khan, now there’s a wrestling bookerwe can all get behind.

(Thanks for the money, Tone, wink).

Because now it’s time for a review of AEWDynamite in about 5 minutes! The show opened with Cody and Arn Andersonalready in the ring for the latest TNT title open challenge match – which had been revealedas Vacant.

I love Vacant, they only just lost the IMPACTWorld Championship and now he’s coming to AE-Oh right, yeah, it’s Eddie Kingston, who was really, really good.

The top indie wrestler, most recently seenin NWA – not a good sign, considering rumours last week the promotion might be shut down, although that has been denied by its owner, Billy Corgan – cut a great promo about howhe wasn’t born into a wrestling dynasty like Cody.

He grew up around drug addicts.

He got out of that life.

He’s a grown-ass man, and now he’s hereto say Cody sucks eggs like a bitch – our second reference this week to Terry Funk’s‘Dusty Sucks Eggs’ shirt from the 80s, after Tommy Dreamer’s Slammiversary t-shirt.

This sucked Cody into accepting a No DQ stipulationin what is arguably the most immediately engaging open challenge there’s been so far.

Kingston’s ability to get us immediatelysucked into who he is, why he’s there and what his dramatic conflict with Cody is wasincredibly effective.

And the match itself was really exciting, showing a hardcore side to Cody usually only reserved for pay-per-views – complete withtaking a brutal powerbomb onto thumbtacks, which stayed lodged in his back while he madeKingston tap in the Figure 4.

MJF then took on Jungle Boy impersonator GriffGarrison, beating him up through the commercial break, and came back screaming how he hasnever been defeated and never submitted, after Garrison brought up MJF’s tag match loss.

A fun near fall from Griff aside, this wasmore angle than match to get over MJF’s character, and it worked very well.

Britt Baker has had nose surgery after itwas injured a few months back, so she said she’s Michael Jordan, don’t count herout – as her comedy sidekicks Rebel and Tony Schiavone tip toed around her ego.

Taz then explained in the ring why he threwin the towel for last week’s main event: it was a business decision.

He needed to protect the injured bicep ofBrian Cage, and couldn’t have him out of action for another six months.

But mark his words, they’ve learned fromthis, and it will never happen again.

It’s a genius sleight of hand.

Despite losing his first real challenge, Taz’spromo made Cage feel more dangerous than ever – which was enhanced by going straight intoa feud with Darby Allin, and forming a faction with Taz’s other new client Ricky Starks.

The two jumped Allin when he came out, includinganother awesome powerbomb from Cage onto the stage, which had Jon Moxley make the savewith a barbwire bat, returning Darby’s favour from last week.

Previously, I wouldn’t have been that intocontinuing the Mox vs Cage feud, but adding in Darby and Starks is enough to keep it fresh.

AEW then ran a video package announcing theWomen’s Tag Team Cup Tournament to determine the best women’s tag team in the world:The Deadly Draw for this Summer.

Hopefully this means they properly book theirwomen’s division now.

The Young Bucks and the Butcher and the Bladethen had a brilliantly fun Falls Count Anywhere match – starting in the kitchen, with Butcherand the Blade just preparing some meat (I love their act, they’re like side villaincharacters in a Grant Morrison Batman story), moving to the outside area, where The Bladewas superkicked onto an escalator (only the Bucks could defy physics and have someonefall upwards), and concluding in and around the ring, which saw the Blade not only missthe Bucks with a top rope senton to the outside, but also seemingly the randomly set-up tablehe was supposed to go through.

The Bucks won with stereo splashes off thetop of the entrance ways onto both the Butcher and Blade through tables.

This was a wickedly exciting hardcore match.

And somehow it didn’t even contain the spotof the night, which came next.

Rather than have an interview with Alex Marvezusing words, Lance Archer chose actions instead, storming into a locker room, beating up everyonein there, and throwing some dude through the roof.

Presumably only now realising they don’thave enough women wrestlers for the women’s tag tournament they just announced, both Ivelisseand Diamante made their Dynamite debuts after previously appearing on All Out and Dark respectively.

And they had a pretty decent match, with Diamantepicking up a surprise cradle win – which begs the question, why haven’t AEW been usingthem in their main roster women’s division until now.

Hangman Page then took on the Dark Order’sAlan 5 Angels.

The great thing about the Order, is that theyactually fulfill their cultish promise.

Join us, and you will get ahead.

Just by being associated with them, this turnedAngels from a Hangman squash match, into a larger looming threat – especially when EvilUno led them onto the entrance to watch on before the break.

But Page is the best, and with our third beautifulpowerbomb of the night, he picked up the win.

But while Angels lost the battle, who’sgoing to win the war? As Brodie Lee pointed out, Hangman is outhere all alone, where’s his tag team partner when he’s so obviously in danger? Page turned down an offer to join, so theOrder attacked him – where he was saved by not the Elite, not his tag team champion partnerKenny Omega… but FTR.

What a fantastic twist in an already verymulti-layered story.

Kenny did come out afterwards, but he wastoo late.

And it was announced the Dark Order wouldbe challenging them for the tag titles next week.

After Chris Jericho told Marvel earlier thatLuchasaurus isn’t even a real dinosaur.

Whoah, whoah, whoah, Chris, we know wrestlingis predetermined, but there’s no need to blatantly lie about stuff like that – Jerichoand Jake Hager took on Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy for the main event.

Hager vs Luchasaurus provided some good bighoss work – where Jake once called him a “stupid dragon”.

Stupid Dragon clap clap clap clap clap.

And then Jungle Boy got worked over for themajority, recalling him going 10 minutes with Jericho last December.

But the Inner Circle’s numbers overcameJurassic Express, where despite Marko Stunt getting involved, Ortiz clocked Luchasaurusfor Jericho to win.

At this point, the masked wrestler Ser Pentico, who had been shown throughout the episode in the crowd, got into the ring and joinedin the beatdown, to reveal himself as the returning from suspension Sammy Guevarra! The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy chasedthem all away, and we’ll have a Jurassic Best Friends vs Inner Circle 10 man tag nextweek.

That was this week’s Dynamite in about 5minutes.

Let me know what you thought of the show inthe comments down below, because I’ll be replying to people FROM OUTTA NOWHERE CHANTINGSTUPID DRAGON! This was an absolutely brilliant episode.

Every match was incredibly fun, storylineswere progressed in a big way, the characters are compelling.

And, lest we forget, Lance Archer threw adude through a roof.

This week’s Dynamite was a very enjoyable4 out of 5.

WWE is refusing Rey Mysterio a raise.

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