Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 10 Update Review – Is It Stable Or Full Of Bugs / Lag Issues?!

if you only show me me III you might have seen this updates if not you're going to eventually my name is Eric and I'll be share my experience after updating the me IIITs Android 10 while it restarts and let's do a quick recap shall we it's been three

months since I've been using it as my secondary phone and me eighty-three has been shaping up to be the best overall well-rounded compact smartphone that I've used complete with four thousand milliamp hour battery and ChiCom works so well on this guy unlike the ninos 10g comm is always

icing on the cake when it's stable yes the display is a corner and every 1080p display will probably save you entertainment needs better but as far as 720p display school it is not bad at all it all went wrong when the first updates hit in early March and

was quickly retracted but not without disturbing the good piece of Android one believers fingerprint stopped working amongst other issues xiaomi pushed updates three subsequent times to fix reported bugs and now we are here we finally have the Android 10 locked and loaded the first thing I noticed is

that we lost our Wi-Fi connection and this isn't something I thought was an issue but as it turns out Wi-Fi signal loss is a recurring one and what this means is that I suddenly lose Wi-Fi signal even in relatively close proximity and then I have to turn off

Wi-Fi and then on again in order to reconnect this used to bug me out in my redmi note 4 X that I used some years ago and it's here again the icons are big and too close to each other as the new default but that's easily fixable just

go to settings display display size and reduce it voila back to how it was on Android Pi well spaced icons if you preferred this way we must be kindred spirits at this point I could actually feel the temperature go up kind of like how it would while playing

pop G for 15 minutes and the battery temperature is too high for a phone that isn't even connected to the Internet we'll keep an eye on it let's look at some of the new features the dark theme is more extensive on stock Android 90 dark theme would only

cover a few interfaces and it wasn't dark enough here we have our notifications quick settings Instagram and YouTube etc all in dark mode the kinda deceives battery life on OLED displays even by a teeny bit now let's try face unlock [Music] yep that works and fingerprint sensor works

too some of you are just here for this this is your major concern know that there are no longer a fingerprint sensor issues now let's take a look at the gesture navigation we have the traditional three button navigation su button navigation which isn't fully gesture based man this

is fully gesture based you control the sensitivity to this is the one that utilizes most of the screen and with a compact phone like this it's something you may feel compelled to use for me I'm not a fan of gestures on Android phones cause it doesn't feel as

fluid as it does on iPhones lastly we have privacy the security conscious folks out there might want to give it a second look I have to say the heat is really really common on strong but the good thing is this is the only time it happened in over

72 hours since updates and the me 83 I put the phone down for a couple of minutes right after this video and it stayed cool while in use for four to five hours straight after that I played pop G and I felt the heat again which is normal

for gaming the battery backup is just about the same no issue there ultimately I did not experience life-threatening bugs that render your phone unusable so I think you should install update because it's inevitable and that's why you got an Android one device to begin with of course all

of this is just my experience please make your way back here to share your own experience and possible fixes for update issues with me in the comments surely other users will benefit from your feedback are you still wondering if the me III is a good phone to buy

in 2020 do check out my review I'll be leaving a link up above and in the description if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and share it also follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I'm up to do subscribe for more videos

like this has to mean a lot to me and I'll see you in the next one peace you

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