Youtube latest tricks 2020 [Android] [Tamil] [English subtitles]


Hello everyone welcome back Today we are going to watch about youtube tips and tricks that most of us don't know You are watching.

Reborn's Multi info Generally, if we open an video and skip it .

It will get skipped by 10 seconds only It can be reduced to 5 seconds or increased to 60 seconds We are gng to watch that only now click icon on top right go to settings- general -click double tap to seek You can select how much seconds to skip, after selecting this you can open video and check it skipping will occurs as per you set If you think, I am feeling lazy to double tap , It would be useful if a forward reverse button is present Go to Settings- Accessibility- Toggle the accessibility player ON Click hide player controls- select 3 seconds, because if you keep never you need to manually disable the controls of the player From now on, Not only Next, Previous button .

You will also get Forward and Reverse button Forward and Reverse button works according to the time you keep on the double tap to seek option We have 360 degree photos in facebook.

Likewise you could watch 360 degree videos in Youtube Some Youtube videos support 360 degree videos Search what you need.

For eg: Now i search trucks Top right has Filter icon- selct 360 from it.

Now you will get 360 degree based videos You can now shake your phone and enjoy the videos.

You will get self drving and viewng experience Next is Privacy.

when we watch a video we get search history and watch history, we can disable all these Go to settings- History and privacy-Toggle on the pause watch and search history You can also clear watch and search history from there Ok.

Let i dont need this, Just i need a simple toggle switch for my privacy For that we have Incognito mode in Youtube Go to settings- Turn on Incognito mode- click this .

Once enabled you enter Incognito mode After this mode is enabled, you could see incognito icon on the top right your search and watch history is not stored untill you disable it click incognito symbol on the top and select Turn off incognito to disable it Many videos has subtitles.

You could see a CC symbol at the bottom of an video Which indicates that it is Caption that is the video publisher has provided subtitles for that video Lets see how to view Captions.

Open any video click three dot- select captions- select language English Auto generated will be not proper in generally By this , You can view other language videos and understand it If you need to view a video faster or slower.

Youtube has a option for it open video-select three dot-click playback speed.

If you want slow select less than 1, For high select more than 1 You can adjust your playback as per you need ok.

Next is Scheduled Digest, Words is looking wierd right!! There are many kinds of people who cannot use youtube while in work time You might have subscribed to channels which you like the most but you can view all those after work time So all those notifications can be scheduled after a specific time to get after i reach home Just You can use use this feauture to get notifications at a specific time same go to Settings- Notifications- Enable Scheduled Digest- select time Hereafter , You will never miss your Notification We generally search for a content, For eg: i search How to create a Youube channel You will be getting old results like 4 yrs ago, 3 yr ago like that click filter -select upload date to today to get videos updated on today, and this month for videos updated on this month by this you will get latest content You might get some unwanted contents on your homepage click three dot of that video select Not interested, If you want further more filter you can enable restricted mode Go to settings – general- Restricted mode to turn it ON, which will block inapporirate contents but there is bug it will stop you from commenting on videos So use it only when you needed You can also set Download Quality Head towards settings- downloads You can select your default download quality over there- either 144p, 360p, 720p Next , is local trending whenever you go to explore – trending , you will get only which is trending in india you can change that Go to settings- general- locations change your locations from india to anyother country- your youtube trending will be updated as per your set location Most important thing is .

You need to get what you search so for eg: if i need to search How to create whatsapp stickers, type allintitle: before your search You will be getting results which includes all the words you typed.

which will make you get your results easier Ok.

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